3 Aug 2020

Turning Eight and Happy

Even though I'm on a blogging sabbatical, it still feels great to celebrate the 8th birthday of A Rat's Nibble. Thank you all for sticking around with me.

And yea, I tried some lettering style.. that's my new lockdown hobby. Hoping to share some of it in coming days, Inshaallah.

Happy Birthday, A Rat's Nibble. 🧀🐀🧀 

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20 Feb 2020

How Emotionally Intelligent Is Your Child?

Shuuuaaiibbb, put your toys away and go do your homework. I’m warning you for the 100th time, otherwise you will end up in the naughty corner again”. Play this dialogue in your head as spoken by a mother who has been working all day and tired, coming to her child's bedroom to see that he has spread the toys all over his room sporadically and completely forgot about his homework. Now, you know why I put those extra Us and As and that stress on his name, to start with.

This is almost a daily life scenario for most of the parents with children less than 10 years of age. You will all agree that this method of shouting at the kid works 8 out of 10 times, if the behavior has been repeating for the 100th time. 

But have you ever thought,

>> What goes into the brain of my child in this situation?
>> Where are the neurons fired in his developing brain?
>> What experience he records in his memory?
>> Above all, what is the emotion that my child goes through at that exact moment?

These are some critical questions that every parent needs to ask themselves, especially standing in front of the mirror and making that exact same face when we discipline our children when they are not at their best behavior.

Do not be surprised with what goes through your child's brain:

>> When you stand tall and shout (I know you are disciplining but remember we are seeing the situation through the eyes of your child) - the child experiences a threat.
>> Reptilian Brain which is the oldest part of the human brain, is engaged. This part records a threatening experience in the memory and only gives flight, fright or fight reaction which will be nowhere close to the disciplined outcome you are expecting.
>> And the emotion that comes out is either anger or sorrow or fear in most of the moments.

We, as parents, should invest our time and energy to understand our child’s emotions and brain development right from the early stages. The child’s brain is like a house under construction and we need to be extra careful in what emotions and memories we put in there. Modern age parents focus mainly on developing the intellectual and learning part of the brain and the care for emotional part slips through the cracks.

While you build the bridge to connect to the house of emotions of your child, it is very important to educate your child about their own emotions and also others'. This will feed their curiosity, improve their learning and help them regulate their emotions, with your support. 

Kayal Kids Klub (K3), a club exclusively for children missioned to facilitate learning for children through creative methods and fostering emotional intelligence, is conducting a Mindfulness Workshop for Children (7-9 years) in Bangalore on 1st March 2020 at Enerjuvate Cafe & Studio, Koramangala.

This one of a kind workshop will facilitate your children:

>> To understand the science behind emotions.
>> To embrace various emotions and befriend them.
>> Tot obtain skills to regulate their emotions using creative methods.

Through this workshop your child will embark on a journey of emotional well-being and develop skills to make better decisions in life.

I’m reaching out to all my fellow bloggers to spread the word about this mindfulness workshop for children and be part of this initiative.

Book your child's ticket for an idiosyncratic experience with Kayal Kids Klub at Eventshigh and Kidengage.

Know more about Kayal Kids Klub at https://www.facebook.com/kayalkidsklub/

PS - This is certainly not a sponsored post. :)

21 Aug 2019

The Light

Lost in darkness.
Familiar scenario, but pitch black to see.
Voices were floating around.
‘LiiZz… CoMmE hEeRrE…’
Confused. Stumbled. Isolated.
Her hands stretched, she was determined to see the light.
With careful steps, she followed one voice.
Few minutes after, she grabbed a hand.
Removing the cloth, triumphantly.
‘Heya… Johnny's out!’
Kids playing blindfold game!

3 Aug 2019

Seven Years of Blogging and My Success

The definition of success in blogging can be more subjective, as it is often a changing target.

Some days, success is simply writing and publishing a blog post, some days it is getting comments for our write-ups and likes to our photos. And some days, success is getting noticed by a reputed brand for collaboration. Some days, it is winning a blogging contest. Some days, it is to get featured on a bloggers' directory. Basically, success change as per our goals and it doesn't stop at one point. It means different thing to different bloggers. I have learned that well in my seven years of blogging journey.

To be honest, after a point of time I even lost track of the contests I participated or won and which brands I have collaborated with. I never got listed in a bloggers directory as well. In fact, on some days, I have felt that my success is just maintaining my blog, even with a minimum activity.

I don’t remember setting up a blogging goal on day one. But in a few months time, I ended up having one. After a few years, that too changed. Many times I have wondered whether I have accomplished any of my goals. Other times, I was aware the goal I set once are no longer relevant. Maybe because I have achieved them partially or I keep changing my blogging goals every now and then. With all of this and that, I ended up with a handful of experience, with little knowledge and exposure. As a matter of fact, I am going to call it my success.

Thank you for sticking around with me this long and making it a really delightful journey.

Borrowed this image from Google.

Happy Birthday, A Rat's Nibble. You rock, even when you idle. :)

On my successful 7th year, I have an announcement to make. I recently stepped into a new venture. I have opened a small dress boutique in my town. Its been like a few months now and going on well since day 1, Alhamdulillah. I am trying to set up a separate website for my collection. If you want to know more about our boutique, let’s catch up through our social networking sites. You are connected with me there, right? Connect with me, if you are not.

While you read this post, plan to do some shopping with us. A beautiful collection awaits you, this season. :)

10 May 2019

Ramadan Kareem

Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah, hearts are assured. [Al-Quran,  13:28]

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. It's time to reflect and increase our prayers, patience and good deeds. May the Almighty guide us in the righteous path and accept our duas, fasting and grant forgiveness in this holy month. Aameen.

Ramadan Kareem! 🌙

Lately, I'm doing some Arabic calligraphy and trying my hands on acrylic and watercolors. I feel much happy to share my painting with you all. Will share some more in future. May the Almighty bless us all!

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