5 Aug 2012

A day for friendship..?

I wanted to scribble about my friends when I first thought of some random things to pen down after the first post. Coincidentally or ironically, the world celebrate today for friends..

So it is the first Sunday of the month. Every year, this week the only topic in trend will be ‘The Friendship day’.  What a big hype in it. Facebook will be flooded with ‘happy friendship day’ wishes. Exchange of gifts or a card or least an sms. (and that too a charged 1 re/sms..)  Mobile companies and gift shops making good business… and so it is their day too.

Honestly I do not believe in choosing a specific day for a reason to celebrate, unless otherwise its for a very personal occasion. Well, not because I just don’t have a good outlook on it but because I don’t know why we should wait for a day to arrive to express our friends that how much they mean to us.

Hmmm.. People like me may not appreciate picking a day for a so called tribute to friends, but certainly nobody can deny the role of them in our lives. Not many of us forget our very first friend in our neighborhood with whom we wanted to go out to play with. And then a long way traveled with friends from school to college to work and to where else.

Frankly speaking, lately I am less frequent in meeting with my good old friends. Some busy working abroad, some got married and they all moved on with their lives and so do I. but whenever we get to talk… we never miss to mention our tagline… ‘Those were the days’… yeah those were the days really… sigh..!

The friendship we shared, the care we expressed, the pranks we played, the fights we had, the meaningless laughter we enjoyed, why leaving the exams we copied and the days we stood out of the classroom together giggling and also with a bit of tears.. hmm, every moment we spent was always special throughout, as a well cherished memory.

Living far away makes it less easy for an often get together. We may have lost their contacts in our busy lifestyle too. Though time constraints or distance may separate a friendship, true friends will be friends forever. Who knows one day we may bump into each other in a shopping mall or a restaurant or a train station and explore that nostalgic emotions.. Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?  Ye ok. I don’t like to get surprises but these... well, we can’t simply ignore it, can we?

This happens to everyone… but still.. new environment.. new people.. and new friends... old or new, yeah, friends are always there with us to make it special and life moves on.

First Sunday of the August comes once a year…

But for those who know the essence of having friends, every day is a Friendship Day, isn’t it?


  1. Totally agreed :) Best of all is that even if I happen to talk to my old buddies after ages, it still feels like we just spoke yesterday and that the distance/time have not changed anything..

    1. Thanks for the comment, X.. next time, don't forget to leave your name in some corner of your comment :-)

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