14 Aug 2012

I Me Myself

It’s been already 10 days I scribbled in my blog. Well this post, I can say I am inspired from various people saying about themselves. So I couldn't help penning down mine too. But with no big thinking, I am jus going to type the first 50 random facts that comes in my mind right now. It can act as my little intro as well.

So here it goes! Yeah, but read them if you really don’t have anything better to do!

1. Having nothing much to do at this late hour and not yet sleepy, I decided to make this list.
2. I grew up in a small town.
3. I have 3 brothers. And 17 first cousins.
I am more like my mom. Except that she is a busssy bee. 
I am a sweet tooth who craves for chocolate cake.  
6. I often get a reading block.. Or will I ever come out of it?
7. I love to travel but sadly dint get much opportunity.
8. I keep my room messy.
9. I don’t like surprises.
10. I eat a lot when I am upset.
11. I love peanut butter.
12. I think I can cook well.
13. I am pretty sensitive.
14. I have frequent mood swings.
15. I over pack for every trip I go.
16. I am bad in remembering faces.
17. I am putting on weight lately.
18. I dream more often as if I lose my front tooth.
19. I can never make up my mind easily.
20. I like attending weddings.
21. I don't like to share my problems with others, if any.
22. I prefer to stay backstage.
23. At times, I lie for no reason.
24. I am afraid of confrontations.
25. I love watching movies.
26. Many a time, I had taken more than a week to finish a film. My bro teases me that series end sooner than the film I watch.
27. I like to draw henna on others but not on me.
28. I like posing for the pictures.
29. I have a thing for ball room dancing.
30. I like wearing sunglasses.
31. I am a good listener.
32. I plan lot of things but never get around to actually doing them.
33. I’m practical... except when it comes to me.
34. I tend to be a jack of all trades, master of none.
35. I am allergic to mosquitoes.
36. I can’t pick one song or a film or a book to be my favorite.. I have lots.
37. I love putting babies to sleep, with a soft humming.
38. I enjoy blowing bubbles.
39. I love window shopping.
40. I started developing an interest in photography.
41. I like lilies.
42. I don’t like washing the tea flask, which is the only duty I am forced to do daily since childhood.
43. I like to chop onions.
44. I like watermelons.
45. I mostly tie my hair uncombed.
46. I like to play lexulous almost all the time.
47. I started liking tea more than coffee, lately.
48. I never wrote anything apart from my lessons before this blog happened.
49. I am a late to bed late to rise, creature.
50. I am learning the rules of rummy ryt now, to play with my best friend.

Whoa! Reached 50 already. It was fun actually and i did enjoy writing mine. Hmmm I am lil hungry and so I am going to have a nibble now.... 

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