3 Aug 2012

My scribbling starts here…

It’s been a week since this blogging idea occurred to me. And since then I am asking myself only one question..

And I am still looking for an answer. Well, let it wait till I taste the flavor of this writing thingy, which is a complete stranger to me.

Hmmm.. to pen down something is like to prove the fact that I want to express myself with the words.  And with those random thoughts flying around.. phew, I remember yet again writing is a tough job, well, to me.
Here, I am totally clueless of what I am going to blog about. Perhaps for now I do some scribblings here and there. Or always will I.. hmmm? 

Lets wait n see how far I’ll go with this rat nibbles, shall we?

I welcome you to my world of insanity.. with a toast  and a smile  J

Cheerzz.. Good luck to me, Rat..!


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