6 Oct 2012

Going Purple..

It’s been more than a month I scribbled here. And today my friend was talking about my ramblings. Lol he was bit too curious to read my thoughts again, I suppose. Thanks Slip for the wake up call. At least you are there to read my writing. And the time n place I was in when we were talking about, I thought it 'd be apt to write about my newly found gym experiences. While I was pedaling there, I started scribbling in my mind too. My new lifestyle begins…

One not so fine day, I felt like as if I was losing my stamina. I know that happens if one stays at home more and doing no big work. ‘’Vetti ah irundhale ipdi than pola..’’ I am either way too lazy or too demotivated to do it on my own. Sigh…! That’s me, for now, on a long vacation.

After giving it a thought over, over and over again, I finally decided I should go to the gym. And that’s one reason I am in the city now. Whenever I talk about losing fat, my cousins were lyk ohh u wanna go to gym :-o aft all you’re not fat. Hmm maybe I'm not ‘that’ fat but still am not happy with my weight lately. To be frank I don’t have a serious target n all. But lemme stay fit.  Imagine what will happen to me if I have no energy to run like a hell when a dog is chasing me behind?  Ufffff… Scary no?

I started surfing for the women’s only gym in my locale. I am not comfortable in front of men and that too when my tongue out at the end of every session. That’s when Jamie helped finding me the Purple, my gym, which is almost close to my home. I made the inquiries and rest… the story.

I am.. oops.. was not that fatso for you to imagine me. I couldn’t remember when I looked chubby. Ever since my childhood I was a lean and a lanky kid. Unfortunately I am putting on nowadays but not shedding the fat. After all these years, WHYY now?? Back at home, I even tried starving, cleaning the house, and even climbing up n down the stairs and yoga too. But nothing helped me. So here I am enrolled in a gym for I can get someone to drive me to get back my previous self. Will see….

The gym carries variety of packages. But I chose for a month even though it was bit over my budget. Coz for one reason, I can’t stay longer in the city and chances are there to travel a bit in the future. And there, it’s my problem that I couldn't continue anything for long. Hey, I have my reasons. Ok? So don't think that I’m someone who gives up easily. Well at least not in this one, I hope.

I think in comparison to some, my gym is relatively small and wall to wall mirror to make it look big and also to view ourselves enjoying our ride there. lol. I was bit nervous on my first day there but then the welcoming people n the ambience made me feel relaxed. Seeing all sorts of people from college goers to middle aged women, I eased up a lil. After all I am not alone with a mission..!

My trainer was good n friendly. She asked me not to force myself for the first few days. They let me use different machines with 15 - 20 mins each. I felt dizzy at the end of my first day that I remember I couldn’t even walk then. I stood there by the treadmill and relaxed for almost 5 minutes before I took another step. Oops I was wondering what happened to me. Am I growing old? L  I felt soo much heat being released from my body that day and sweated out like a pig.

Now I am on my 2nd week and they started teaching me new floor exercises to tone my body that are supposed to help me lose some inches here n there. It is quite easy and fun to do the exercises lying down. hehe. I can even rest in between. Phew! Man… I get tired easily. There also is this room where one can bathe in the steam, twice a month. I am still looking forward to enjoy the hot steam bath. No big changes made in my diet regime. That means I am already eating healthy, which certainly is good news…!

Everyday I go there, I see new faces along with the familiar ones. Thou we don’t talk much, they are my silent motivators. Inshaallah, these workouts will bring back the flexi n energy I carried a year ago. I wish I could continue this throughout, with not being lazy at home in coming months. No pain no gain someone said. But here it is no pain, no loss. I think I should buy a machine at home. Hmm, let me see what my budget says again.

Honestly, who will want to look shapeless anytime in the future, hmm? Well if not for the shape, fitness n stamina deserves a better consideration. But if you are fit, then that means you are already getting back your curves. So here I am looking forward to indulge in my new healthier lifestyle.

All I can say now is that I am so.. so tired ‘naaku thalling’ after an hour n a half session and a 10 minute walk back home. I feel like sleeping now but today we already have a weekend plans going for the new released movie, ‘Killing them softly’ casting my favorite actor Brad Pitt. I will review it afterwards... off I go now. But I ll be back sooner than before this tym.



  1. good post... dont worry u ll get more readers in future :) ur story isnt tat bad.... stay fit ratty remember health is wealth lolzz

    1. Thanks Gowtham. i guess yeah, as u said, more than one buddies in my blog now.. :)

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