17 Oct 2012

Is it really a…. Coincidence?

Something's been happening last few weeks and I actually started thinking about this great entity called Life. Which has been discussed many tyms with hypothetical questions and people have written a million novels on it, beautiful poems to read, and songs to sing, and even countless blogs on this very embracing subject. Of course, I am not going to ask the regular question ‘oh.. why is life so unfair?’ but I started thinking about those little things called coincidences or some people call it accidents and how these things define life.

Lately I encountered some coincidences to remember, happy and otherwise, which made me go ‘okay lemme write this down somewhere cos I want to remember it ten years later’. These incidents are nothing big but something makes them memorable. After all, now I started seeing that life is full of coincidences.

So....Coincidence! Yeah. Thats what I wanted to write about. Small, everyday and insignificant ones which you feel lyk ‘Wow, what a coincidence…’ and you forget all about them the next minute. Uno, its lyk when you are thinking of your friend and just then the phone rings and its him/her on the phone and you say ‘I was just thinking of you...’. And your friend says ‘Me too’. You squeal and say wow and then move onto talk about something else, forgetting all about it. It happens all the tym to every one of us. Can we deny it, huh?

Well for instance, lemme share my going to this networking site and finding my now close friend, who shares the birthday with me, same interests, same car and our boarding skool lyf, and what not? Oh how could I forget the tyms we ate the bourbon without even realising it was a coincident? Even at this very moment, when I was typing a message to a friend for some purpose and exactly the same tym am receiving her message to remind me of the same work :D

Is it really a coincidence? Or a miracle? Or a think alike mind? Or this is what they call it as the ‘Maktub’?

Many a time being color coordinated without actually planning to, is also coincidental, especially when it happens more than once. Well very recently I get to see this coordination when I went to meet my friend for the first tym in years. First day, we were both going purple (very same shade too). And the second day, turning red. Wow.. I guess when we go to our wardrobe to dress up to meet each other, our brains become one and we think ‘colorfully’ alike. What more explanation could I give, hmm?

At times am confused about these coincidences too. Are these simply events which have no connection to each other or does it have more meaning to it, huh? Whatever it is, I like the fact that these lil things make my lyf more colorful today and happy for here I get a topic to blog about which will certainly make me remember these random but truly nice moments…


  1. I love when coincidences happen! Feel like its magic! But, you know...they wont happen every time and with everyone. When the frequency of our thoughts match with theirs, such coincidences happen!

    A very good post :)

    1. yeah true but sometimes I have also encountered such experiences with some random people.. who are not exactly connected to me. life is a surprise package.. well coincidence are one such..

      Thank you, Valli.

  2. Just a small suggestion, please turn off captcha, it will be easy for readers to comment :)

    1. oops i dint know the captcha is turned on.. well i l see to it. thanks for the tip again. :-)


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