7 Oct 2012

Killing them softly – a slow n subtle thriller

My first tym to write about a movie I watched. So I keep it as not a sole review but my added movie experience too.

Though the traffic was heavy, we managed to reach the theatre on tym.  Collected our booked tickets, the popcorn, and nachos n coke and entered the cinema hall in a rush. It was fully packed. We found our seats in the dark n settled there finally. 

Movie started and 45 mins passed already with more talks and less action. People started leaving the cinema, getting bored I suppose. And I also saw a guy, who was sleeping in the front row till the end.

This film of my favorite actor’s dwells on a story line when Americans needed a political change from Bush to Obama and the economic crisis during that period. A thriller of its own kind, plus dark comedy entwined.

With continuous meetings throughout, the dialogues were good. But in many parts I was confused n couldn't follow too. Being an average audience I think, I didn't get the grip of the story in the first half while the latter one was awesome especially the way it ended, which was one of the best scenes in the movie. Claps...!  Another scene I enjoyed was the way Brad Pitt coolly threatening one of the hoodlums in the bar and its aftermath killing scenes too. On the contrary to the Clown from The Dark Knight, here the killer’s desire to kill his victims ‘softly’ and at a distance to avoid the embarrassment in getting touchy feeling gives the meaning to the title. This so called action film shows the violence in a very subtle way .

Brad Pitt was cool as always. The casting was good but to me the character Mickey didn't make an impact with his presence except dipping his olives in the martini. The script could have been more engaging. And i liked the graphics.

It’s not a must watch film I’d say but a well crafted one. If you don’t get the point of the story, never mind, cos the final dialogues of the protagonist not only will leave you in awe but makes it clear too. With Obama’s election campaign going on the TV in the background, the protagonist condemns n says ‘America isn't a country. It is a business. So give me my f** money’. The curtain falls.

Bottom line - With awesome performances, the movie only occupies us in parts. It kills us softly too. My rating 3/5.

Slip, I think you may be interested to watch this film. I bet more than once… :D


  1. hey you.... d movie deserves a better rating... wat r u a dad of critics??? even they gave 4/5.... which s very rare... haha...anyways d last line s true...i will :)

  2. oh c'mon that was my opinion. you better watch it first before you rate it. but i know you are a very lenient critic :)


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