30 Nov 2012

The Stopover - In Search of Me

Courtesy : The Stopover

Under the clear blue sky I see
Soft white clouds,
Brown dusty mountains
Spreading their arms;

I wait,
I stand still,
Neither could I walk front
Nor I could turn back;

I am a Tibetan
But I am not from Tibet,
I was born in India
Yet I am not an Indian;

A stamped refugee
From a lost country;
With my home just a yard away
And yet I feel it's far away;

I have got no choice,
But to stay back with despair;
I know for sure now,
This is beyond repair;

Every night I dream
My never seen home,
Lost in tears,
Engulfed with fear;

I survive, I wander
My heart grows tender
To get a sneak peek
Of my unseen land;

There is so much to see, to meet
And much more to feel;
I wish I could
Smell my earth

Till my field,
Rear my yaks,
Build my home,
As I try to fit in this foreign land;

I know I am not any nearer
In grabbing my nation back;
I have my courage,
I have my strength.

They say
My country,
Roof of the world -
Has now left us under no roof;

I wish I go home
To weave my dreams,
For it is my only realm;
While I still wait...

For the stopover -
To soothe my soul,
To mend my mind,
To see where I belong;

And to find who I am...

This post is part of the contest Tibet: Roof of the world. Its people : Roofless.. on WriteUpCafe.com inspired by the Photo Fiction book The Stopover

22 Nov 2012

English Vinglish

When I was a kid, I used to try figuring out in the English class, why there were words with different spelling and meaning but to pronounce similar and those Ks n Ps to remain silent in certain words, which I then felt difficult to follow. Well, sometimes I feel I still do.

There I have a friend from France, who often comes up with some harebrained ideas that make me laugh n wonder at times. Every time we have our chats, it’s like you teach me French, I teach you English kinda deal. But it never worked even once in the past 2.5 years. But now finally she started taking English lessons and one of her so called ‘such’ moments happened last week. And this time it was with this language and the pronunciations. The rhymed confusion. Like for example if one says ‘Can you get me flour?’  How do we know if they mean it for a cake or a rose? And with another friend same week, I ended up little embarrassing but a funny one. I was telling him that I mourned n he thought I moaned. Pretty confused. Rest i leave it unsaid.. hehe

So mind your language… :D

13 Nov 2012

Love Actually

They say love is not just a word but  an eternal feeling. I dint realize it until I fell in love with. When I realized that I am being loved to the fullest, for the first time, I felt all the biology physics chemistry going on inside my body n soul, which helps me to gain back my renewed self confidence and the pride and making my life more colorful. I slipped into a totally different world. Thanks to you for showing a new perspective of my life, my love!

The more you give the more you get. Or even if none at all, that feeling itself is certainly something nice and long last memories to cherish.

It doesn't always have to be a love at first sight. It could be on your second or after so many talks or with whom you think your best friend. Or even with someone who you haven’t even met or you never going to meet at all.

We fall in love with someone not only because of who they are but because of how they make us feel about ourselves. The moment we realize we make an impact in them, whether it’s our looks they got impressed with or our personality they admire- no matter what, we feel attractive even to our own self and so lots of happy changes inside us. The more they are attracted, the better we feel about us.

Similarly, they share the same feelings and emotions like us because the moment we reciprocate, we started making them to feel good about themselves too. We become the world to them. We are simply great… J

Thus the smile and laughter we share. The admiration we hold for each other. The joy we bring in to them. The possessiveness we have. The hours we spend in front of mirror admiring our own self and thinking on what to wear. Those little fights and even the tears we shed for them… are really the nicest moments to cherish for long.

Btw, I wonder can love happen more than once? However it is so, I realized that the feeling itself is simply wonderful which makes you special in every way. Open your eyes… Love is every where around you…

So love actually..! 

4 Nov 2012

My November list

So here goes my personal favorites. Not all but few.. 

Muhammad (pbuh), His life based on the earliest sources by Martin Lings -  I read this book in tamil translation. It was simply great and moving. 

The Help by Kathryn Stockett- A fast-paced, well-written and engaging book, with splashes of humor. A smooth narration makes this one in my favourite list.

The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer - One of my favorite story tellers who can take us on a journey where there are no stop signs, no cul-de-sacs and no dead ends.

The Firm by John Grisham - A writer who am really impressed with. You wont regret reading this book.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - Another author whose work am looking forward to read more. Simple yet effective way of narration. A ‘could be’ life changing book for many among us.

சில நேரங்களில் சில மனிதர்கள் by Jayakandhan a Sahitya AcademyAward winning novel. I read this long back. A controversial emotional drama. A fantastic read. 

Hit and Run by James Hadley Chase – This one was my first non children’s novel to read during my college days. A real thriller. I remember it did have some interesting plots. So try it.

2 states by Chetan Bhagat A galatta kalyanam. I read it in one go after a long tym. 

Have Fun Reading...!

Book Worm

Books - one of my hobbies. Used to be my passion. But ever since this often getting reading block happened, it resists me from continuous n a happy reading and puts me into a nice sleep. I am jus trying to get over it and started reading more. Recently, I started buying books from online stores, esp flipkart n landmark, where they have a varied collections to choose from and giving good discounts plus cash on delivery, which is quite convenient to me. 

I decide to label it 'Book Worm' particularly no big reason but the above picture. Cute, isn't it? Here, no reviews but only share the list of the books I found impressive and also the ones I feel possibly a good read, based on the reviews n recommendations. I know with our tight schedule, not everyone gets tym to sit for a book but none calls it a bad idea either. Let me update this column every month, with some hopefully interesting books. I wish I read more.

Last month I get to read few well written books and I did finish it off less than my usual time taken. But as this is my first update in this label, i better list down my personal favorites.

Click on the books’ titles and see if that interests you in any way. Not necessarily you should be 'worms', but your suggestions in books, are very much welcome. So contribute, and make it more interesting read to all of us.

Happy Reading….!

Coincidence, err, is it so?

Last night my uncle passed away. Mourning tym. He is been hospitalized for a while. So we actually kinda prepared to accept whatever comes our way. May he rest in peace. But yday, sadly, it was his wedding anniversary. ‘Same day around the same tym 30 years ago’, my aunt says, ‘he left the house as a groom with flower garland and the Baith (blessing poems in arabic) singing by the guests while today he leaves home with the wreath of flowers and with Shahadha, the Arabic blessings chanted for the dead’.  A mere coincidence should i call it or simply a fateful event? i wonder.

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