4 Nov 2012

Book Worm

Books - one of my hobbies. Used to be my passion. But ever since this often getting reading block happened, it resists me from continuous n a happy reading and puts me into a nice sleep. I am jus trying to get over it and started reading more. Recently, I started buying books from online stores, esp flipkart n landmark, where they have a varied collections to choose from and giving good discounts plus cash on delivery, which is quite convenient to me. 

I decide to label it 'Book Worm' particularly no big reason but the above picture. Cute, isn't it? Here, no reviews but only share the list of the books I found impressive and also the ones I feel possibly a good read, based on the reviews n recommendations. I know with our tight schedule, not everyone gets tym to sit for a book but none calls it a bad idea either. Let me update this column every month, with some hopefully interesting books. I wish I read more.

Last month I get to read few well written books and I did finish it off less than my usual time taken. But as this is my first update in this label, i better list down my personal favorites.

Click on the books’ titles and see if that interests you in any way. Not necessarily you should be 'worms', but your suggestions in books, are very much welcome. So contribute, and make it more interesting read to all of us.

Happy Reading….!


  1. have a clarification.... did u choose d quote for d picture or d picture for d quote ??

    1. Perhaps both.. :) a book worm idea in a sleeping baby. both could be me, well, a lil grown up 'baby' of course :P


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