13 Nov 2012

Love Actually

They say love is not just a word but  an eternal feeling. I dint realize it until I fell in love with. When I realized that I am being loved to the fullest, for the first time, I felt all the biology physics chemistry going on inside my body n soul, which helps me to gain back my renewed self confidence and the pride and making my life more colorful. I slipped into a totally different world. Thanks to you for showing a new perspective of my life, my love!

The more you give the more you get. Or even if none at all, that feeling itself is certainly something nice and long last memories to cherish.

It doesn't always have to be a love at first sight. It could be on your second or after so many talks or with whom you think your best friend. Or even with someone who you haven’t even met or you never going to meet at all.

We fall in love with someone not only because of who they are but because of how they make us feel about ourselves. The moment we realize we make an impact in them, whether it’s our looks they got impressed with or our personality they admire- no matter what, we feel attractive even to our own self and so lots of happy changes inside us. The more they are attracted, the better we feel about us.

Similarly, they share the same feelings and emotions like us because the moment we reciprocate, we started making them to feel good about themselves too. We become the world to them. We are simply great… J

Thus the smile and laughter we share. The admiration we hold for each other. The joy we bring in to them. The possessiveness we have. The hours we spend in front of mirror admiring our own self and thinking on what to wear. Those little fights and even the tears we shed for them… are really the nicest moments to cherish for long.

Btw, I wonder can love happen more than once? However it is so, I realized that the feeling itself is simply wonderful which makes you special in every way. Open your eyes… Love is every where around you…

So love actually..! 


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