22 Nov 2012

English Vinglish

When I was a kid, I used to try figuring out in the English class, why there were words with different spelling and meaning but to pronounce similar and those Ks n Ps to remain silent in certain words, which I then felt difficult to follow. Well, sometimes I feel I still do.

There I have a friend from France, who often comes up with some harebrained ideas that make me laugh n wonder at times. Every time we have our chats, it’s like you teach me French, I teach you English kinda deal. But it never worked even once in the past 2.5 years. But now finally she started taking English lessons and one of her so called ‘such’ moments happened last week. And this time it was with this language and the pronunciations. The rhymed confusion. Like for example if one says ‘Can you get me flour?’  How do we know if they mean it for a cake or a rose? And with another friend same week, I ended up little embarrassing but a funny one. I was telling him that I mourned n he thought I moaned. Pretty confused. Rest i leave it unsaid.. hehe

So mind your language… :D


  1. it happens with everyone actually. i remember once i heard one of my roommates saying fool and became angry cauz i thought it was about me but it was actually something about a foul smell or something ....hehe...btw you wrote well eventhough this is a small post..cheers

  2. thats y i never speak english :P

    1. but i have heard you singing in the language. not that worse thou.. :P

  3. :) short and sweet...happens in other languages too... :)

  4. nice funny English :)


  5. Yes, happens a lot.I often wonder why spell the words the same if they are to be pronounced differently?In that case regional languages are way better :P

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