30 Nov 2012

The Stopover - In Search of Me

Courtesy : The Stopover

Under the clear blue sky I see
Soft white clouds,
Brown dusty mountains
Spreading their arms;

I wait,
I stand still,
Neither could I walk front
Nor I could turn back;

I am a Tibetan
But I am not from Tibet,
I was born in India
Yet I am not an Indian;

A stamped refugee
From a lost country;
With my home just a yard away
And yet I feel it's far away;

I have got no choice,
But to stay back with despair;
I know for sure now,
This is beyond repair;

Every night I dream
My never seen home,
Lost in tears,
Engulfed with fear;

I survive, I wander
My heart grows tender
To get a sneak peek
Of my unseen land;

There is so much to see, to meet
And much more to feel;
I wish I could
Smell my earth

Till my field,
Rear my yaks,
Build my home,
As I try to fit in this foreign land;

I know I am not any nearer
In grabbing my nation back;
I have my courage,
I have my strength.

They say
My country,
Roof of the world -
Has now left us under no roof;

I wish I go home
To weave my dreams,
For it is my only realm;
While I still wait...

For the stopover -
To soothe my soul,
To mend my mind,
To see where I belong;

And to find who I am...

This post is part of the contest Tibet: Roof of the world. Its people : Roofless.. on WriteUpCafe.com inspired by the Photo Fiction book The Stopover


  1. Very beautifully penned, ratnibbles. It makes us sad to see what these refugees are going through since decades...living with no identity can be such a curse!
    Loved this...:)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ankit. And your brick tea is a nice serving.. :)

  3. Ohh ... Beautifully penned ... the agony nicely brought out ...

  4. i really loved this poem...
    ur thoughts are universal and that makes it good...i really like when you write in this style, having this tint of philosophy ...cool

    1. Hey Sid, Thanks so much :) and sorry for the delayed response.

  5. "With my home just a yard away
    And yet I feel it's far away;"

    A lovely write-up to depict a refugee's feelings. Loved it. Congrats on the win :)
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

  6. a refugee's emotions come outs very well in this poem very well written

  7. This was beautiful, Meera. Loved it :)

    1. thanks so much Jyotsna. :)
      you know, it feels so good when people reads one of our old posts and let us know what they feel.. now, you made my day. xx :)

  8. Is this really your first poem? Wow, so deep and meaningful ... loved it :-)

    1. Glad to see your comment in one of my first posts. Thanks a lot, Amrit :)

  9. A very meaningful and sensitive poem describing the state of mind of a refugee and an apt title.Applause for the First poem, words being picked up so well.. My first poem was horrible, to confess.. Well written..

    1. Thank you for bringing back a fond memory of writing my first poem. :)

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