26 Dec 2012

Be Brave To Shave

Darling, be brave
Nothing is there to rave,
Of course, I am in love
And you are my only dove.

However you look
On you, my eyes hook.
But not today, you amuse
Do I have to say you look blues?

All I am asking is just a shave
The only thing I crave;
I bet it is not too much to ask
C’mon, get ready finishing your task.

Oh please, don’t look at me that way,
I will surrender all day;
Baby, no time to check your luck
Don’t sit like a lazy duck.

Okay, I admit your look is rare,
But trust me this is more hair;
No wonder you let it grow
Now it is too much, you know.

The stubble has grown more
Like the thorn, I don’t adore.
Hmm, I give you no hug and kiss
Don’t think I am making a big fuss.

Oh, you are not being tricked
It is just to avoid my face getting pricked.
Running my fingers over your cheek
Eek, letting me go shriek;

Man, what if I look stubbly
Will you see me happy and bubbly?
Remember, we have plans for the eve
It is already time to leave…

So please understand
It is safe, the razor in your hand.
Shave them, it is a must
If only it’s me, you trust.

Personally I find unshaven look suits to most of the guys nowadays. (though not to all..) But when he is going out with me, well, I prefer him having a clean look or at least with a neat trim. And here comes, my time to express him my cravings and his time to impress me with his shaving or let him crave for the evening. Whether the ticket to Paris or the voucher, I don’t mind as long as he gives me what I ask for just to make me happy.

Happy Shaving. Happy Dating.

Merry Christmas and A HappNew Year J

21 Dec 2012

A Separation

Reflection in the mirror
Depicts what my life is-
Looking feeble and pale
Unlike a fable and a fairy tale;
Tied up with complex relationship
With him not likely to worship,
Life becomes a compromise
When no word of promise.

With all my strain,
I left alone with agony and pain-
With the flavor of life
All sour and bitter.
Going gets tough all day
I try to shove them away;
But my loneliness is killing
Let me pour down my feeling.

I wish I have a rewind button,
Coz I don’t want to dwell
In a prisoner’s cell.
There was a time when I was a bird,
Stretched with mighty wings
With no attached strings;
Ready to fly away from pain
No matter if it rains…

High away with a cry
Far in to the beautiful sky;
Now my life is wrath and dry
Where am I going to fly?
With no more water
In my eyes to splatter-
Let me kick off my worries
It’s no time for bedtime stories.

Life is a challenge,
Full of mélange
More things to learn
Further a lot to move on.
Living ends at a point,
Death is final but
Life is full of possibilities-
Let me make use of it.

A lifetime to give
So please let me live.
Waking up from my dream, 
Hoping with a gleam...
But there is such a little thing,
I am the bird without wings -
Cease to look melancholy,
Life is full of these ironies.

16 Dec 2012

Black And White Magic

This is my second perfect festive look idea picked from the shopperstop.com. Black n white weaves the magic here. Looks like I am fond of the color black. Yeah, you can call me woman in black. J  Have a look at my first perfect look here. I think I subconsciously letting myself to choose the theme ‘Color Me Black’

One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress -Karl Lagerfeld

Black and white is always in trend, no matter what occasion or season it is. I see these colors are beautiful that holds all the emotions within. When it comes to dresses it gives a classy look even to a simple outfit, either Modern or Traditional. And i always loved checkered materials cos i feel it has something very attractive in it, be it a baby dress or a shirt or a top or a scarf.

This is the one I picked from the store. I simply love, this gorgeous little black n white checkered dress, at first sight.

Now with this absolutely fabulous dress, lets see how we can cast the spell around, where one can’t wait to wear it to any upcoming party. You may be wondering about the right way to accessorize the dress, like whether we should stay monochromatic or go bold. But there is no one simple answer to guide us. On the bright side, that means we can freely use our creativity to personalize our outfit without worrying about breaking any hard and fast rules of the fashion.

As part of my second entry to this league of fashion and shopping idea, I for a change decide to go chic this New Year. But I am not a party person. So no, I am not going to wear it for a party. And I never have worn short dresses either. oops. But simply I love this checkered n chic dress. Since i want to get a striking monochromatic look, I picked my accessories in the shades of black, white and grey.

And here is my second set of attire picked variedly from the very Shoppers stop.

Picture 1 - Shoppersstop.com

Alternatively, we can also decide on one bright color to accessorize the dress. Mostly we choose to combine red with black and white, but there is a wide option to choose from. We can also go with yellow, teal, emerald green, hot pink or simply any color because there is no restriction at all in here with the colors, to stay in trend. One may not get THE perfect look. But whatever we pick, we can turn it to look simply gorgeous by just a little twist n tale.

Let’s say we can choose shoes, handbag and the jewelry that all involve in a contrast color. There is no need to get the matching shades or to be the exact same shade, but they should be related enough that they all go well together, something complementary from the color cycle.

And when it comes to enhance the beauty, apply somewhat toned-down makeup. If you need to bring the bright color from your accessories into your face, do it very subtly. See, for example, bright yellow/pink/orange accessories can be fashionable, but with a matching eye shadow that will be a turn down. There is where the perfect looks lie in.

And with this one dress, I also tried a different look with a lil twist in the accessories. Matching it with this black jeggings, now I too can wear my choice J Here, the color cranberry pink makes the entire look bold n beautiful.
Picture 2 - Shoppersstop.com

Black n white gives a pleasing sight. No other colors can come to fight. White shows the ray of light. And black resembles a good night. Splash of red makes the outlook bright. And the entire outfit reaches its height. Oohh wow.. What a rhyme.. hehe.. J Hope you like my taste and the idea. And do let me know how is it.

Lets go black and white this season :P 

This post and the attire are particularly designed for the Shoppers stop perfect look contest in the Indiblogger.in.

My Perfect Festive Look

Online shopping is in trend -
So don’t fall behind.
   No more traffic.
   No more buzz.
   No more queues.
   No more blues.
Shopping is just a click away,
Enjoy in your own way.
   Sitting in the luxury of home
   Reach the perfect store,
   Where your eyes stare
   Glistening with the glare.
Where every shopper wants to hop
And it is the only Shoppers stop.

Here, Lets start something and everything new..

Fashion and shopping (and now blogging too) always go together. We can always make an impact with our own style. And when it comes to style, the taste differs. Some like it rich. Some like it chic. Some goes with tradition while others like fusion. Be it Indian or western, I always prefer to keep my dresses casual yet stylish. But still it depends on where we go n what to wear. So my wardrobe does have equally traditional zardosi n jigu jigu dresses too J

They say beauty lies within but still the way we dress up matters to bring out the beauty in ourselves. There goes a tamil saying.. aal paadhi aadai paadhi. Dress makes a man complete. Yea, mostly it is the outfit that helps to define our personality and to mark an impression. Whether it is grand n ornate or simple n elegant, the way we present ourselves matter a lot. Even a plain outfit can give an eye catching effect when it is rightly accessorized. But whatever expensive and stylishly we wear, it looks good on us only if we know how to carry ourselves. And that’s the key thing for the perfect grooming.

I love window shopping. I won’t get tired easily to eri erangify egapatta shops and try out different dresses to find one perfect outfit. But lately I started enjoying to shop online from the very luxury of my couch. And here goes my pick from the shoppers stop for this festive season after a lil hahoo.

Well, time goes when sarees were confined to moms and aunties. Now with the change of trend, they are equally the biggest craze amongst the youngsters. I even went to learn different types of saree draping when I first started to wear it, because it always interests me as much it used to puzzle me. I feel it is the only attire that hides our flaws and brings out the best in us, giving the traditional classy and sexy look in one go. Be it ethnic or trendy, sarees always do the justice when it is tied with neat drapes.

Here I keep my choice is as simple yet elegant which is suitable for anyone from 20 years to… umm, till one can hold the drapes of the saree in their hips (perhaps not with the heels I used here.. J ). Be it any occasion from daily work to party to any festive season, I bet this would do the trick and gives more confident to present one self.


I picked the colors black n red with splashes of silver, keeping in mind to go well with any complexion. And the jewelry, I picked this because I found it as an elegant dangle accessorized with the crystal bracelet and my favorite fast track watch, which I bought earlier this year, made an interesting ensemble to the whole outfit. Sarees always go well with small heels and so here are the maroon slippers to uplift to the entire look. And the handbag is one of the cool accessories I always fond of.  With my lil collection of bags, I am adding this one too. I always wanted a red handbag…

Without a make up, the grooming will not be completed. I always prefer a subtle make up. And I personally like to enhance the beauty of my eyes. You don’t have to be ‘made up’ to beautify you, but the right touch of kohl helps to lift the whole you up in the air. Lakme eye pencil is for the quick defining of the eyes, even in a hurry your eyes speak well and altogether it is quite suffice to get one perfect look for any occasion in any season.

My shopping list

1.        InfinityNecklace - Rs. 1960
12.     Ashika Designer Art Silk Saree - Rs. 2400

Happy Shopping and at the Shoppers Stop with more discounts and with more variety to choose from  J

This post and the attire are particularly designed for the Shoppers stop perfect look contest in the Indiblogger.

12 Dec 2012

Happy Birthday Thalaiva...

Looks like this year this month holds more dates to make it special and in trend. First it was with the help of Mayan’s doomsday hoax 21.12.12. Regardless of our beliefs, 12.12.12 comes along with some rather amusing facts due to the coincidence of times and dates, we have a unique combination of numbers representing today’s date: 12.12.12.

And today being the century’s last sequential date, it carries more significance. For most people looking it as a lucky day. Most couples are waiting to get married on this date and mothers looking forward to give birth to their offspring today even with caesarean. Because for yet another date like this, we have to wait one more century.

But this day is rather something special for Tamil Cinema. Cos today is the celebration of Super Star’s birthday. His ultimate birthday is celebrating with special tv programs and movies of him.

Rajnikanth with his  daughter Soundarya

 Two books on Rajnikanth being released today –

1.        My Dayswith Baasha: the Rajnikant Phenomenon  -  written by filmmaker Suresh Krishna, who worked with Rajni in three films.
2.       Rajinikanth– The Definitive Biography  -  written by London-based film journalist Naman Ramachandran.

Raghava Lawrence and Vijay Anthony rendered a special song to mark this occasion, with ‘Idhu Rajni Song’ being launched as his special birthday gift. And Shankar directed blockbuster, ‘Sivaji – The Boss’ is re-releasing in 3D today, as a mark of tribute.
My favorite Rajni Intro Song..... 

Happy Birthday Thalaiva… J

Life of Pi

            - a magical journey
I actually started reading the book when the film was yet to be released but couldn’t finish it. After few chapters, I started to wonder how all this can be visualized in the big screen. But after watching the movie, the answer is simply asstttounnndding.

Life of Pi is an adventure film based on Yann Martel’s novel of the same name. The story is about this young boy, Piscine Patel alias Pi, son of a zoo owner living in Pondicherry, India. The family decides to move the zoo to Canada, getting a ride on a huge Japanese cargo ship. On their way, the ship wrecks. After that, Pi finds himself adrift in the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a wounded zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a huge Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, all fighting for survival, with a notebook n pencil to jot down his experiences, and few supplies of drinking water n biscuits to feed him.

How did he survive the sail with the wild animals on board? This is the basic storyline, where director Ang Lee adapts the novel so beautifully with amazing visual effects what Yann Martel did with words. As finally when Pi and Richard Parker left to struggle for their survival, they are pushed into a grand adventure and a spiritual voyage. We almost wish that the journey never ends with an entire spectrum of terrifying storms, scary lightning, thundering rain, dazzling rainbow added with those flying school of fishes, sharks, dolphins and those million cute meerkats carpeting the floating algae island, and all those colorfully glowing creatures of the dark sea. Wow. If the imagination through the novel was a fantasy, then the filmy version was magically realistic. It is such a tale that all the innovation feels right at home in a story where dreams and reality blend into one.

An excerpt from the novel…

‘Then the elderly man said, ‘I have a story that will make you believe in God’ ‘Does your story take place two thousand years ago in a remote corner of the Roman Empire?’ – I asked. ‘Was he some sort of Muslim evangelist? Does it take place in seventh-century Arabia?’ ‘No, no. It starts right here in Pondicherry just a few years back, and it ends, I am delighted to tell you, in the very country you come from.’ ‘And it will make me believe in God?’ ‘Yes.’

This is how n where the actual story of Pi Patel begins. Infact, I completed reading the final parts of the book after watching the movie. I wasn't very much into it for the first few chapters but only after the part 2, with its ceaselessly clever narration, I started to involve with the book. And when I reached the island with the meerkats, wow, I was in an awe state already.

The final chapters were more powerful. There was certainly a sad feeling, but at the same time there was definitely an uplifting sense to it. Dealing with a serious subject on screen and still being able to make the audience laugh is something truly admirable. The spiritual questions rose about the beliefs based on religion are philosophical and thought provoking. Does God exist? This adventure of Pi leads him and also us to the knowledge of God’s existence.

The story teaches us how to survive even at the worst situation. God's will is always unpredictable. Just when we lose hope, He makes us assured He is watching and is there to help us, thru human or animal or something else. God never gives us challenges which we can not face. And in this story, God never left Pi alone even when he thought he was abandoned. God gave him all the strength and courage to move on and survive the trial, in the form of the tiger, his only companion throughout the journey.

The film’s casting was perfect. Irfan Khan with his subtle and awesome acting as always and the way he delivers his dialogues takes on a journey thru out was cool and Tabu was brilliant in her role. The actor who played the father role was also really good. Suraj Sharma who played the young Pi, can’t ask for a better debut. He made use of it so well. We have Gérard Depardieu in a minor role as the ship’s cook but it made the point at the end what this role can do to Pi’s story.

The visual effect of Richard Parker was simply cool. It should be noted for the best supporting cast in Oscars. J The cinematography is a delight to watch with the places and sceneries, especially with the 3D effect.

For me, it’s usually hard to read a book especially after seeing the movie, but in this case, I wanted to complete the book and I think it’s worth it. Both the book n the film made me speechless even after it ends. The movie may not be like Avatar as they said. But this film in its own way is a masterpiece filled with humor and sorrow that bring tears to eyes.

The book is a good read. And the movie is a must watch. Preferably in 3D. and more than once.. my rating.. 4.7/5

Very few castaways can claim to have survived so long at sea as Mr. Pi Patel, and none in the company of an adult Bengal tiger. A visual treat to watch plus certainly a clever rendition of the supposedly unfilmable book. 

9 Dec 2012

My Cooking Delicacy - Mango Ripple

                Mango Ripple

Cooking is one of my passions. And so I thought of sharing here some easy and my favorite recipes. As a first recipe, I share here a dessert I made today for my guests.

This is one of my favorite recipes. And I call this as Mango Ripple cos the final result will get a rippled effect as its topping. This is quite simple yet delicious many times tried n tested home recipe. Every time I make this, it is a success. Try this and get caught in the mango splash.


1 ½ cups mango pulp
½ tbsp gelatin dissolved in ¼ cup hot water
1 cup mango pieces (finely chopped)
A few drops of mango essence or 1 tsp vanilla essence
1 cup whipping cream
1 tbsp gelatin dissolved in ¼ cup hot water
½ cup sugar


Add ½ tbsp of the dissolved gelatin into the mango pulp and keep aside 1/3 of the mixture for the topping (to give the rippled effect). Separately, add 1 tbsp of the dissolved gelatin to the cream and whip it well. Whisk in sugar, 2/3 of the mango pulp and the essence. Fold in the mango pieces. Finally pour gently the remaining 1/3 mango pulp and gently mix in with a thin spatula to form the rippled effect. Refrigerate until set. Serve chilled.

Enjoy the Mango Delight… J

8 Dec 2012

21 December 2012

                     - The Doomsday Conspiracy

Is the world really going to end on 21st December 2012? This is perhaps the most frequently asked question today. The short answer is most likely no.

What you all think about it? So is that true the Armageddon is already on its way? Or still have chances to survive? Or are you preparing yourself in advance to survive the so-called end of the world?

It was not very long that we came across this supposed significance of this date - the last day of the calendar of the Ancient Mayans. Apparently yes, they did really a good calendar system. But they did not predict the end of the world or any disaster coming. Personally it just seemed obvious that the Mayans did not have any calendar system beyond 21st December 2012. Well, it is true because they had to stop somewhere and they probably hadn't worked it out before their civilization came to an end. After all they are humans too and humans cannot predict what comes next, but only God. These doomsday predictions are only a modern hoax. Some suggest that the date marks the end of the world or a similar catastrophe while others say it was the date for the beginning of the new era. Oh, it is pretty skeptical.

Well, I see these time lapse are no more the end of the world than the winter is the end of the seasons. After the winter there will be yet another spring. At the end of winter everything looks dead. But with the first ray of the sun, everything becomes rejuvenated and new life springs up all over the planet. Just like the end of winter means the beginning of a new spring, there will be a new beginning of era and everything in the universe will be rejuvenated again. Like a new day, a new beginning. Life is a cycle. So does our planet. But we can also put it the other way… everything that lives should meet its death. In that way, we can presume the very much alive world is still there waiting to meet its end.

Anyway, whatever we assume, I believe only God (if you don’t believe in God, count on whatever you believe in) knows when and how to end the living, just like He created it. We can also take it this way that the beginning of the ‘end’ may start on the 21st. But if you still believe the apocalypse, for what are you studying? Why are you going for jobs? What’s the point of earning more money and buying the stuff we need? After all, the end is not far. See, survival does matter. Everyone wants not the death even though we are aware we will meet it one day. But are we ready for it?

Ok, long story cut short, the world will not end on 21.12.2012. And if it does, well, you can’t catch me… And I have read this one liner somewhere, and so is the moral of the story, either the world will end in 2 weeks or the rumor will… Whatever comes, May we all live good and in peace. J

1 Dec 2012

A glimpse of Tibet in Coorg

When I first saw the writeupcafe contest with the topic of Tibet regarding the novel The Stopover, I thought of writing down my travel experience to this Tibetan Monastery in Karnataka. But then I thought it is not fair to write only about their tradition because the title demands more and I felt it was indeed very much emotional and painful.  Tibet – Roof of the world. Its People - Roofless.

Well that’s why I tried to type down an anguished feeling of a Tibetan in my so called poetry - Here. Hope it was not that bad for a first hand. Well, here is my little experience out there, visiting Tibet in India.

Coorg, situated in Karnataka, is a beautiful place to spend your weekend with a pleasant weather throughout the year. It is famous for its scenic marvel and its beauty of hill and the coffee and pepper plantation plus interesting places to spend your time; it’d be worth your trip.

After our day of fun boating and at Nisargadhama park, on the way back to Bangalore, our final stopover was the Tibetan Monastery, the second largest settlement in India, called Bylakuppe. The Tibetans settled here engage themselves with their spiritual practices, agriculture and a variety of small enterprises.

As little road took us to Bylakuppe, we felt that we just entered the gates of some wonderland. The road meanders through the well-kept fields. And those prayer flags fluttering from the top of the trees and the fences remind us that we were indeed among a different people who have a unique culture. We saw some old people walking along the roadside. We soon spotted the gold painted roof of a Buddhist temple, little away in the distance and it is found to be the heart and soul of the settlement.

My first time at a Buddhist monastery and i found it was simply beautiful. With a long walk down to the temple, passing the monastery, seeing those monks from old and serene to bubbly and young in their maroon and gold vestments, they were absolutely pleasant to watch. On the sides of the lane, were the grass beds with flower bushes and trees under which the birds like ducks, geese, peacocks and turkeys were idling merrily.

Inside the temple, there were 3 large golden statues of Buddha and other deities. We can experience the tranquility here as much as we smell the sweet incense wafting from the altars. We spent some time sitting on the floor gazing at the incredible art work and murals with which the interiors were created and came out mesmerized. The paintings on the walls outside depict Buddha’s life but each colorful. There was a big bell in front of the temple for the prayer. Since that was their prayer day, the monks were chanting their holy verses. Hearing it was yet another wholly new experience to us. It was also nice to see the old Tibetans prostrating and worshiping there. 

At the end of the day, we saw few young monks playing cricket and badminton for their amusement. There was this little monk who was following us but when we turned to see him, he went on to hide behind the big pillars shyly. We tried to take pictures with him. Not only him but with few other little monks too. We got the impression that the children were really shy and it wasn't that easy to make them speak.

Outside the monastery, there were many restaurants serving tasty Tibetan food and more shops selling collectibles representing Tibetan art and craftsmanship. We bought Coorg coffee beans, few Tibetan scarves n trinkets and herbal incense sticks and left the place.

This was one of my most favorite and memorable trip. Still I feel the ambiance of this place. If you are visiting Coorg then do not forget to keep at least half day for a visit to this Tibetan town.

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