21 Dec 2012

A Separation

Reflection in the mirror
Depicts what my life is-
Looking feeble and pale
Unlike a fable and a fairy tale;
Tied up with complex relationship
With him not likely to worship,
Life becomes a compromise
When no word of promise.

With all my strain,
I left alone with agony and pain-
With the flavor of life
All sour and bitter.
Going gets tough all day
I try to shove them away;
But my loneliness is killing
Let me pour down my feeling.

I wish I have a rewind button,
Coz I don’t want to dwell
In a prisoner’s cell.
There was a time when I was a bird,
Stretched with mighty wings
With no attached strings;
Ready to fly away from pain
No matter if it rains…

High away with a cry
Far in to the beautiful sky;
Now my life is wrath and dry
Where am I going to fly?
With no more water
In my eyes to splatter-
Let me kick off my worries
It’s no time for bedtime stories.

Life is a challenge,
Full of mélange
More things to learn
Further a lot to move on.
Living ends at a point,
Death is final but
Life is full of possibilities-
Let me make use of it.

A lifetime to give
So please let me live.
Waking up from my dream, 
Hoping with a gleam...
But there is such a little thing,
I am the bird without wings -
Cease to look melancholy,
Life is full of these ironies.


  1. Awesomely written! Beautiful poetry!

    1. An appreciation from a poet herself. Thanks so much, Valli. I am glad you dropped by :)

  2. Hello Rat. M bacck to haunt you again. This poem is good but not good enough for you. You have done better. I was looking for something more to happen :)
    PS- From where did u get that pic above? I'm very bad with pictures and I don't know how come you guys get all these excellent images.
    Please tell na.
    *looks at you with puppy eyes*

    1. Hi Rats. Thanks for your valuable comment. I just started tasting the flavor of writing. I will try to improve my standards. Well, the pictures I use here in my blog are mostly from Google, unless otherwise it is mentioned. :)

    2. Oh no.I don't mean to say that it's of low standard. Actually, on 2nd thoughts, it's quite good and something which I could never achieve till now. I just said that I was expecting some story (you know like some shocking revelation towards the end). But that's just me. Too much of thrillers & horrors can do that to a person. :))

      PS- There's so much to learn from you. For the time being, can you tell me the meaning & usage of this word 'melange' that you have used.I'm not in the mood to check it on the dictionary right now (the lazy me, yes I can be like that).

    3. Hmm.. I cant think of a contradict ending, as the title says it all. Moreover I am only 2 poems old. Even I have to wait n see how am I going to improve with my newly found hobby, writing. :)

      Btw, Mélange means 'A motley assortment of different things'.

    4. Oh got it...thanks much....
      And don't worry, you don't like a 2-poem oldie... Besides, i have seen that in the writing world, your first or second post may be your best...experience doesn't necessarily bring out the best...

  3. Hi Meera( A rat- as you like to be addressed:) ),
    This is for the first time I'm reading your poem and it is simply awesome.. And yes you are definitely a poetic person.. Don't underestimate this gift of poetry writing... beautiful depiction of inner reflection by using appropriate words..


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