26 Dec 2012

Be Brave To Shave

Darling, be brave
Nothing is there to rave,
Of course, I am in love
And you are my only dove.

However you look
On you, my eyes hook.
But not today, you amuse
Do I have to say you look blues?

All I am asking is just a shave
The only thing I crave;
I bet it is not too much to ask
C’mon, get ready finishing your task.

Oh please, don’t look at me that way,
I will surrender all day;
Baby, no time to check your luck
Don’t sit like a lazy duck.

Okay, I admit your look is rare,
But trust me this is more hair;
No wonder you let it grow
Now it is too much, you know.

The stubble has grown more
Like the thorn, I don’t adore.
Hmm, I give you no hug and kiss
Don’t think I am making a big fuss.

Oh, you are not being tricked
It is just to avoid my face getting pricked.
Running my fingers over your cheek
Eek, letting me go shriek;

Man, what if I look stubbly
Will you see me happy and bubbly?
Remember, we have plans for the eve
It is already time to leave…

So please understand
It is safe, the razor in your hand.
Shave them, it is a must
If only it’s me, you trust.

Personally I find unshaven look suits to most of the guys nowadays. (though not to all..) But when he is going out with me, well, I prefer him having a clean look or at least with a neat trim. And here comes, my time to express him my cravings and his time to impress me with his shaving or let him crave for the evening. Whether the ticket to Paris or the voucher, I don’t mind as long as he gives me what I ask for just to make me happy.

Happy Shaving. Happy Dating.

Merry Christmas and A HappNew Year J


  1. Beautifully penned Rat!
    Wish you a Happy New Year :)

  2. Haha.... while the poetry is so peppy and engrossing, that thorny pic of that cactus-like plant had me rolling in laughter :))

    1. Hehe.. that's the point, Rats. To get the job done, I have to act lively and also I must mention how prickling it is, well, like the thorns in the cactus.. ;-) Not a bad idea, I guess.

    2. That reminds me of an old Hindi adage 'chor ki daadi mein tinka'. It means that the guilty has a thorn in his beard (do you understand Hindi?)

    3. Hmm.. No. I don't understand Hindi.

  3. A winning post for sure.. very well captured.


    1. Thanks so much, Manjulika. Welcome to my space :-)

  4. A poem is worth a hundred prose, I say. (for I can't make words rhyme even at gun point!!) Well written... all the best!

  5. i ll keep that in mind.... may be ma gf likes tat way...god knows :P

    1. haha ye, better go clean shave when you about to meet her next time. I pray for she wont call you 'kiddo' ;-)

  6. even if i didnt she calls me tat way :(

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