16 Dec 2012

Black And White Magic

This is my second perfect festive look idea picked from the shopperstop.com. Black n white weaves the magic here. Looks like I am fond of the color black. Yeah, you can call me woman in black. J  Have a look at my first perfect look here. I think I subconsciously letting myself to choose the theme ‘Color Me Black’

One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress -Karl Lagerfeld

Black and white is always in trend, no matter what occasion or season it is. I see these colors are beautiful that holds all the emotions within. When it comes to dresses it gives a classy look even to a simple outfit, either Modern or Traditional. And i always loved checkered materials cos i feel it has something very attractive in it, be it a baby dress or a shirt or a top or a scarf.

This is the one I picked from the store. I simply love, this gorgeous little black n white checkered dress, at first sight.

Now with this absolutely fabulous dress, lets see how we can cast the spell around, where one can’t wait to wear it to any upcoming party. You may be wondering about the right way to accessorize the dress, like whether we should stay monochromatic or go bold. But there is no one simple answer to guide us. On the bright side, that means we can freely use our creativity to personalize our outfit without worrying about breaking any hard and fast rules of the fashion.

As part of my second entry to this league of fashion and shopping idea, I for a change decide to go chic this New Year. But I am not a party person. So no, I am not going to wear it for a party. And I never have worn short dresses either. oops. But simply I love this checkered n chic dress. Since i want to get a striking monochromatic look, I picked my accessories in the shades of black, white and grey.

And here is my second set of attire picked variedly from the very Shoppers stop.

Picture 1 - Shoppersstop.com

Alternatively, we can also decide on one bright color to accessorize the dress. Mostly we choose to combine red with black and white, but there is a wide option to choose from. We can also go with yellow, teal, emerald green, hot pink or simply any color because there is no restriction at all in here with the colors, to stay in trend. One may not get THE perfect look. But whatever we pick, we can turn it to look simply gorgeous by just a little twist n tale.

Let’s say we can choose shoes, handbag and the jewelry that all involve in a contrast color. There is no need to get the matching shades or to be the exact same shade, but they should be related enough that they all go well together, something complementary from the color cycle.

And when it comes to enhance the beauty, apply somewhat toned-down makeup. If you need to bring the bright color from your accessories into your face, do it very subtly. See, for example, bright yellow/pink/orange accessories can be fashionable, but with a matching eye shadow that will be a turn down. There is where the perfect looks lie in.

And with this one dress, I also tried a different look with a lil twist in the accessories. Matching it with this black jeggings, now I too can wear my choice J Here, the color cranberry pink makes the entire look bold n beautiful.
Picture 2 - Shoppersstop.com

Black n white gives a pleasing sight. No other colors can come to fight. White shows the ray of light. And black resembles a good night. Splash of red makes the outlook bright. And the entire outfit reaches its height. Oohh wow.. What a rhyme.. hehe.. J Hope you like my taste and the idea. And do let me know how is it.

Lets go black and white this season :P 

This post and the attire are particularly designed for the Shoppers stop perfect look contest in the Indiblogger.in.


  1. Hello. Best of luck for the contest....I hope you win (i.e. if I don't, and I am unlikely to win) coz you are my namesake.
    I'm called 'Rats' :))

  2. Hey Thanks Ritesh. Rats, my namesake, i am glad you dropped by and good luck to you too. why unlikely to win? Everyone has their own taste. we already won with our collections. :) cheerz.

  3. O, they never give me any award :'(
    I tell myself , 'don't worry rats, the best film never gets the Oscar.' :P

    PS- Following you now, simply out of fondness for your name.
    PPS- I like the jumping bunny-cum-rat you have put up on the left-bottom corner.
    PPS- Na....nothing

    1. haha.. ok thanks for becoming my blog buddie and for all those PSs. hey, rmbr we Rats shouldn't be crying out ;)

  4. Yup, not crying....Just it's my duty to add some melodrama :/

  5. very nice, chic and fashionable. Good ensemble girl!

    I particularly liked the second one where u chose to experiment with pinks and all.

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