12 Dec 2012

Happy Birthday Thalaiva...

Looks like this year this month holds more dates to make it special and in trend. First it was with the help of Mayan’s doomsday hoax 21.12.12. Regardless of our beliefs, 12.12.12 comes along with some rather amusing facts due to the coincidence of times and dates, we have a unique combination of numbers representing today’s date: 12.12.12.

And today being the century’s last sequential date, it carries more significance. For most people looking it as a lucky day. Most couples are waiting to get married on this date and mothers looking forward to give birth to their offspring today even with caesarean. Because for yet another date like this, we have to wait one more century.

But this day is rather something special for Tamil Cinema. Cos today is the celebration of Super Star’s birthday. His ultimate birthday is celebrating with special tv programs and movies of him.

Rajnikanth with his  daughter Soundarya

 Two books on Rajnikanth being released today –

1.        My Dayswith Baasha: the Rajnikant Phenomenon  -  written by filmmaker Suresh Krishna, who worked with Rajni in three films.
2.       Rajinikanth– The Definitive Biography  -  written by London-based film journalist Naman Ramachandran.

Raghava Lawrence and Vijay Anthony rendered a special song to mark this occasion, with ‘Idhu Rajni Song’ being launched as his special birthday gift. And Shankar directed blockbuster, ‘Sivaji – The Boss’ is re-releasing in 3D today, as a mark of tribute.
My favorite Rajni Intro Song..... 

Happy Birthday Thalaiva… J


  1. Awww one of my most fav actor since childhood..I loved the way he acted in hindi movies. Happy birthday Rajini :)

  2. Now i know why there was so much hype about 12-12-12 ...it was Rajnikant's birthday...!!!

    1. haha yeah very much true. :) and am glad you dropped by, Anjan. welcome to my blog.


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