9 Dec 2012

My Cooking Delicacy - Mango Ripple

                Mango Ripple

Cooking is one of my passions. And so I thought of sharing here some easy and my favorite recipes. As a first recipe, I share here a dessert I made today for my guests.

This is one of my favorite recipes. And I call this as Mango Ripple cos the final result will get a rippled effect as its topping. This is quite simple yet delicious many times tried n tested home recipe. Every time I make this, it is a success. Try this and get caught in the mango splash.


1 ½ cups mango pulp
½ tbsp gelatin dissolved in ¼ cup hot water
1 cup mango pieces (finely chopped)
A few drops of mango essence or 1 tsp vanilla essence
1 cup whipping cream
1 tbsp gelatin dissolved in ¼ cup hot water
½ cup sugar


Add ½ tbsp of the dissolved gelatin into the mango pulp and keep aside 1/3 of the mixture for the topping (to give the rippled effect). Separately, add 1 tbsp of the dissolved gelatin to the cream and whip it well. Whisk in sugar, 2/3 of the mango pulp and the essence. Fold in the mango pieces. Finally pour gently the remaining 1/3 mango pulp and gently mix in with a thin spatula to form the rippled effect. Refrigerate until set. Serve chilled.

Enjoy the Mango Delight… J


  1. perfect rat! You picked well when you opted to have me look at this, archiving it for the future when it's mango season (i can't stand fake mango flavors), and you will see the recipe referenced to yourself of course, on the blog!!

  2. Our country is blessed with the abundance of mangoes so I can easily make this. On checking the ingredients and the process you enumerated, this made me think of a mango pudding. So, is this mango pudding but the top portion just have the "ripple effect" because of the swirling technique? Will try to do this at home.

  3. Yes this is a pudding with a rippled effect. Do share if you try this recipe. :)

  4. For me, this mango dessert is a godsend. Prepared this unusual treat for the festive table. Enthusiastic reviews knew no bounds. Everyone really enjoyed it.


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