16 Dec 2012

My Perfect Festive Look

Online shopping is in trend -
So don’t fall behind.
   No more traffic.
   No more buzz.
   No more queues.
   No more blues.
Shopping is just a click away,
Enjoy in your own way.
   Sitting in the luxury of home
   Reach the perfect store,
   Where your eyes stare
   Glistening with the glare.
Where every shopper wants to hop
And it is the only Shoppers stop.

Here, Lets start something and everything new..

Fashion and shopping (and now blogging too) always go together. We can always make an impact with our own style. And when it comes to style, the taste differs. Some like it rich. Some like it chic. Some goes with tradition while others like fusion. Be it Indian or western, I always prefer to keep my dresses casual yet stylish. But still it depends on where we go n what to wear. So my wardrobe does have equally traditional zardosi n jigu jigu dresses too J

They say beauty lies within but still the way we dress up matters to bring out the beauty in ourselves. There goes a tamil saying.. aal paadhi aadai paadhi. Dress makes a man complete. Yea, mostly it is the outfit that helps to define our personality and to mark an impression. Whether it is grand n ornate or simple n elegant, the way we present ourselves matter a lot. Even a plain outfit can give an eye catching effect when it is rightly accessorized. But whatever expensive and stylishly we wear, it looks good on us only if we know how to carry ourselves. And that’s the key thing for the perfect grooming.

I love window shopping. I won’t get tired easily to eri erangify egapatta shops and try out different dresses to find one perfect outfit. But lately I started enjoying to shop online from the very luxury of my couch. And here goes my pick from the shoppers stop for this festive season after a lil hahoo.

Well, time goes when sarees were confined to moms and aunties. Now with the change of trend, they are equally the biggest craze amongst the youngsters. I even went to learn different types of saree draping when I first started to wear it, because it always interests me as much it used to puzzle me. I feel it is the only attire that hides our flaws and brings out the best in us, giving the traditional classy and sexy look in one go. Be it ethnic or trendy, sarees always do the justice when it is tied with neat drapes.

Here I keep my choice is as simple yet elegant which is suitable for anyone from 20 years to… umm, till one can hold the drapes of the saree in their hips (perhaps not with the heels I used here.. J ). Be it any occasion from daily work to party to any festive season, I bet this would do the trick and gives more confident to present one self.


I picked the colors black n red with splashes of silver, keeping in mind to go well with any complexion. And the jewelry, I picked this because I found it as an elegant dangle accessorized with the crystal bracelet and my favorite fast track watch, which I bought earlier this year, made an interesting ensemble to the whole outfit. Sarees always go well with small heels and so here are the maroon slippers to uplift to the entire look. And the handbag is one of the cool accessories I always fond of.  With my lil collection of bags, I am adding this one too. I always wanted a red handbag…

Without a make up, the grooming will not be completed. I always prefer a subtle make up. And I personally like to enhance the beauty of my eyes. You don’t have to be ‘made up’ to beautify you, but the right touch of kohl helps to lift the whole you up in the air. Lakme eye pencil is for the quick defining of the eyes, even in a hurry your eyes speak well and altogether it is quite suffice to get one perfect look for any occasion in any season.

My shopping list

1.        InfinityNecklace - Rs. 1960
12.     Ashika Designer Art Silk Saree - Rs. 2400

Happy Shopping and at the Shoppers Stop with more discounts and with more variety to choose from  J

This post and the attire are particularly designed for the Shoppers stop perfect look contest in the Indiblogger.


  1. Hey...You selected the black saree I'd almost selected but didn't,or we'd end up looking like saree sisters :P
    Liked this look :)
    Do check out my blog too if you can :D

    1. Haha.. they say wise people think alike uno ;) saree sisters, cool.. that sounds fun.. lol but lets be unique in this league of shopping spree :D and certainly i will check your collection :)

  2. Girrrl...u r truly painting the town red!

    1. Black and white, but with more splashes of red spilled here after seeing your red wine :)

  3. Lovely and Classy ensemble Rat!! <3 Congratulations to you on winning :) :)

    Even I donno where to collect the voucher, but I'm just guessing - they might send it to our address. Update your address at your indiblogger profile and keep checking your email :)


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