30 Jan 2013

Ba Ba Black Sheep...

Hello All…

As I had already expressed my cravings to make ‘him’ shave for the date, an idea struck me this time… why not I let my man express his cravings for me… or how about I do a voice over for him, for a change, with a lil wit… :P and here it goes… have fun reading… :P

I recommend you to read this in a soft husky manly voice.. no girly girly stuff allowed… ;)

‘I was too excited to return home from work cos we had our lil weekend plan…. and yeah, I have been looking forward to this very day this whole week. But reaching home and seeing her, made me a complete turn off. Gosh! She is with un-waxed arms… I wish she had opted for her hair removal today. But how come she dint do her waxing, I wonder, of all days why today? This is certainly not her… What happened? Is everything alright? Or is she trying to say something with this?? Or was she too busy to pamper herself?? So many things rambling in my tiny head…

There was no enough time to simply ponder over my thoughts. So I hurried to the super market next to my home and bought her the Gillette satin razor and hid it in my pocket… cos I needed the right time to point it out and that too to make her feel special for the evening…. She is a cool and a sporty woman but you know, I must make sure that she doesn't feel any awkward about my irked feelings…

You may think I am bit selfish or greedy… what ever you call me, I don’t care… and that too when it is to make my girl look like a beauty queen to my eyes…

Well… well, I bet you should know how she persuaded me to sacrifice my stubble, why not I take some time now to tease her back… hmm, but still without spoiling our evening mood ;) I am all set… and the scene goes…’

Dreamy me… Oh… she is my darling,
I wanna wake up with every morning…
Creamy her, hmm... the one I crave
Who brings me the tidal wave.

For tonight, I waited all day
To be with her in every way
Just to hold her hands
And hug her to dance.

But oh… oh, my bad
Gosh, she isn't that fad
Sigh! My eyes turn blur
Oh no… this is not her…

How come she doesn't shine?
I wonder while I pour down my wine…
You know, she is too cool
The only one who makes me drool.

Today she let me confused
Here I sit like a bulb that is fused
All these time, I ponder why…
Uff, she is making me a fish fry.

Oops… is this a punishment…
To point me out what she meant?
Dazed and touched my cheek
C'mon, there is nothing to eek…

Yeah, today I was brave
And I did have my shave
But hey, this isn't like my stubble
She is no way to blast with a bubble

I can only think of a scary jungle
Where no time to merry a jingle…
Here comes my time to tease her
Baby, why wrapped in fur?

Yeah, I did sing the rhyme
To which she would never chime
Ba Ba black sheep have you any wool?
Oh Ma’m, fill my empty bags full.

Grrr, she went mad at me
Ha Ha, this ain't funny
She pushed me back to fall
Making her face, she rushed to the hall

I laughed and pulled her close
To smell her beautiful rose
I winked and touched her puffy lips
And kissed them to give her beauty tips

After all, she is all mine
If not me who else will entwine?
I slid in my pocket to hand her the Gillette
Hoping she wont fry me in the fillet.

Cos that’s the only way I let her rush
To become the painting I like to brush
Now she understood…
And ready to do what is good

She kissed me with romantic mood
There lies the candle lit table and the food
Thank God, everything fall in place
I give a nod as it goes in its own pace

Earlier, I did bravely what she asked for
Now comes her time to do what I craved for
We both had a big smile and gale
Indeed it is a happily ever after tale…!

‘Do I need to tell you the aftermath scene?? C'mon… Its Censored, Buddy…’ ;)

The Curtain falls…!!!

27 Jan 2013

My Little Talk To A Stranger

You meet a random person and start talking… what happens next?  Anything could happen, right…? Perhaps it could be a life changing one to you.. That person could have become your best friend for life or your better half… or could have made you happy or otherwise in that small moment… Or you could have learnt a value for life from that random person… or at least with the amount of talk and interests, you could have added them in your facebook friends list… Or just a passerby with no effect at all...

One sunny afternoon, I was sitting in the reception of this hospital for special illness. All alone and bored, as my friend went in to meet her relative who has been admitted there in its hostel. While I was fiddling with my phone, a lady came out of the office room and sat jus opposite to me. A nice woman must be in her late 30s, with a nicely draped saree and with jasmine flowers on her neatly braided hair. We smiled at each other. Then I continued with my angry birds… She was sitting there waiting for someone and guess as bored as I am in that post lunch time.

She initiated the talks with me…  ‘Hi are you here to visit someone..?’
I said.. ‘Yeah… I am with my friend here… she has gone in to meet her uncle. What about you?’

‘I work here…’ She came and sat beside me.

She continued to complaint about the hot weather…

Then suddenly she grabbed my hands…  ‘Please can you do me a favor?

I was perplexed and in my own thoughts… Whats she doing…??? Before I could utter anything out, she started weeping…

‘I live with my parents after my girl is born. Now they sent me here cos they feel I am a burden to them as my mother in law is trying to separate me from my husband... Here they are not letting me to make calls. My 6 month old girl is with my husband now. No one comes to visit me and no calls either. I wanna talk to my husband. Please can you help me…?’

Her grip got tighten. I was bit scared. I dint know what I should do then… I wanted to release her hands off me…

‘Can you lend me your phone so I can talk to my husband…?’ she literally begged me with her pitiful eyes…

I started getting doubts that she might be an in-patient…

Tears rolled down her eyes… I was confused and stared at her… then I gave her my phone not knowing if I was doing the right thing. And she tried calling a number but that was not in reach. She gave me back wiping her tears off, ‘It’s not working…’

After that she sat silent for sometime… and went inside without a word… But in a few minutes she came back again and sat next to me and handed me a slip and whispered.

‘Please call this number and ask him to take me back… I believe you’ll help me get back to my family’  While she was thrusting that slip in my hand, a woman who looked like a warden came there and took her inside the room gently… she went with her without any fuss, talking to her something in low voice, hoping I would help her, I guess.

Later through another nurse working in the desk, I got to know the hospital rules that they do not let family members to call or visit the patients often so that it helps the patients act independent and to manage their illness, Schizophrenia. I was in a state of… I really didn't know… what to feel for her… sympathy or empathy?? Poor soul…

Then my friend came and soon we left the place. We started discussing something else and I almost forgot that woman and continued my day… later at night when I was emptying my bag, I found that slip… That number in the slip and the number she dialed are one n the same…

Suddenly her schizophrenic illness came to my mind, I didn't know what to assume or what to conclude… I was in a dilemma whether to make that call or not… ‘Ok’ I said to myself ‘let me dial one time. If it works, ok fine. Let me talk. Else no need to worry about it…’

I was about to dial the number but then a thought came in… Doctor knows better. If she was not letting her making calls then it’s for her own good only… so I made up my mind not to make the call. That crumbled slip is still in my cupboard… It’s been almost 6 months now and that woman’s pale face is still fresh in my memory.  I feel bad at times for I couldn't be of any help to her if she really needed it then… I didn't know her name. And I didn't even know what she said was true or merely a hallucination, out of her illness…

I was least aware that day… those few minutes talk to a stranger could make me feel guilty this long…

But one thing I realized then... Whatever their illness is, the patients should be treated in a friendly way and utmost care by the family, even though we are supposed to let them act independently without our help…

Do you think what I did was a right thing?? Or should I have called that number??

Almost everyday, I pray for her to get better and reunited with her family. That’s the only thing I can do to her as of now… to this woman who is still a puzzling stranger to me… the woman who still haunts me with her pitiful eyes…

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26 Jan 2013

The Minaret And The Moon

Meelad un Nabi

This month is the birth anniversary of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  and is celebrated all over the world amongst the Muslims with special prayers and Mowlood recitals. This picture was taken last year when me and my family went for Umrah Pilgrimage and visited the holy mosque Masjid-al-Nabawi in Madina, where our Prophet resides. It was one very special and unforgettable moment to us.

The minaret and the clear night sky with the 2nd day of the moon... I found it quite fascinating and deeply divine. And this picture was my brother's click... hope you like this view.

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25 Jan 2013

CoCo…CoCoNuT aNd Me

COCO'S NUT - A Small Poetic Story

Once there lived a little girl, Coco, with her messy hair and bumpy skin, she has no friends. She reached her teen, all guys treated her so mean. Coco grew sadder and prayed…

‘Pimple pimple go away
Never come back as I say
God! Help me this day
Make me special in every way.’

God landed in blue Parachute… handed her the hairy brown nut.

‘A genie inside
Stay by your side…
Wish for health and beauty…
He will grant as its his duty.’

Wished for beautiful hair… She got it…
Wished for a silky skin… Yes, she got it…
Wished a healthy figure… She got that too…

Now looking for a friend to play,  
She went out one bright day
Her new look
Kept the town hooked

Charmed with her smile
News spread every mile
They asked for the secret
She showed her wonder nut…

Cast with spell,
They called it ‘Coco’s nut…’
She lived merrily with friends
That’s where Coco’s story ends…

That’s how the Coconut story begins… :)

My memory sprang to those days when I dint want to wake up on Sunday mornings especially for one messy ritual. Sitting in my backyard with coconut oil applied from head to toe… it was such a boring time… then I realized how it worked wonders to my complexion.

My granny says coconut oil is the healthiest oil on earth. Its minerals & vitamins make the best medicine for attaining blemish free skin… At 78, she has a good skin J  I owe her big thanks for introducing me to those oil marinades ;)

When I stayed in boarding school, my seniors used to admire my hair and wanted to braid it everyday and they were awed with my clear skin… With no exaggeration, I even had a fan club then… lol… When my friends treated me like a princess, what more could I’ve asked for? :D

Coconut is not only best for skin n hair but also good to reduce your weight healthily.

My Granny’s Tips

Coconut milk is a good rejuvenating moisturizer. Mix it with honey & powdered almond. Apply on your face for 15mins. Rinse with coconut water for a glowing look.

Drinking coconut water immediately after exercise or illness helps to regain the energy. Also helps treating kidney stones and improves the functioning of thyroid gland.

Massaging with oil provides relief from sore nipples occurred due to breastfeeding. Oil prevents blood sugar.  An excellent detoxifier that cleanses & nourishes body cells. Helps to restore health and guides for natural weight loss.

If you’re healthy inside naturally your skin glows outside…

Nowadays we have wide variety of beauty products. But with their chemical ingredients it may even cause side-effects or no difference as they advertise… In all these years, Parachute maintained their reputation. As we see they give us the products nothing less than natural…

Parachute’s body lotion - Skin’s best friend in any season…

20 Jan 2013

Crazy Guy's Rambling

I asked my crazy friend to write a story with the same prompt I tried earlier.. the write over weekend. To be frank, I dint nag him this time cos he made a deal with me… that is with the same prompt, we both should write… I posted mine earlier today and well, here he rambles about his worry. or a story (?!). Btw, again he asked me to remind you of all the 'statutory warning'.. lol.  if you're reading his rambling for the first time, well here it is.. a preview for the warning.. click me... have fun reading and leaving your comment is a must… ;)


Lazy Sunday morning, I was woken up by my frantic alarm sound… It was a pain in the neck…  ma head was too heavy to lift and ma body was aching due to the soccer game last evening ….so I felt like catching a cat nap…but was again woken up by a phone call from ma girlfriend…. She started trouncing me as I was supposed to meet her and it was already time…. Damn How could I forget it…. I hung up and was lying on bed staring at the ceiling idly, whew….what a tough day this is gonna be L… I woke up lazily dragging myself to the bathroom… I freshened up and I found myself staring at the mirror…. My reflection… pretty unshaven and draggy… the mirror is my very good friend coz… when I cry it never laughs… then I remembered about rat’s nagging me to write a story for WoW…. my face grew grim L so was my friend’s… Today is the day and so I seek for his idea… he asked me better to tell her that you are a not a story writer but only a rambler… so here I am reciprocating my friend’s thought J  Somebody please save us from this ratty creature... L because you know, we are longing for our happiness :P 

Phew! finally I am done with this for now and escaped from the rat.But going to trap in my girl's fish net... I have to start thinking of some good excuses to pacify her for going late for the date... somebody help me again.......pleaaaassee! 

Shabba... what a day!! One thing I realized... Sundays should be allotted for - Only sleep. No date. No Write ups... But can I make it? I have to wait till next weekend to get to know of it......

Au Revoir,

Its me... Crazy Guy... signing off.

A Dreamer

You wake up, go to the bathroom and look at the mirror… This is a daily ritual to you, me and to everyone before starting our day… but today, I want you to know how my ritual changed my day or… my life? I am still dazed... is this a dream? Or is it really happening???

I woke up. Went to the bathroom. Looked at the mirror. ‘Hmm, I must shave today...’. Had a quick shower. In my best outfit, I kick started my pulsar. Mom’s voice sounded at a distant… 'Rahul.....' I was too excited to hear what she said... With a super fast ride, I reached the college road… Spotted my angel at a distance in a stunning white churidhar… she waved at me and flashed her charming smile. I felt like flying up in the air. All went blank but her beautiful face… A happy dream, I never want to wake up from…

But I wake up. Go to the bathroom. Looking at the mirror, sleepily. :-o Shocked… there’s no reflection… Rubbed my eyes and gazed, but still empty. Tried to wipe the mirror but seeing my hand goes through it, ‘Eek..!’  I let a shrill cry. Scared to death, I pulled my hands and hurried out bewilderingly… Wish I get up from my sleep and end this eerie nightmare. Feeling a sharp pain inside my head, I stare down at me lying in the hospital bed with injured head after the tragic bike accident… Its too late to listen to my mom's words…

 '......Wear Your Helmet'

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10 Jan 2013

Yet Another Rambling...

'Hello all… Here is one of my rare Eureka moments… I come up with my harebrained idea where I think I should invite you all my lovely, yet bonkers friends to send in posts to my blog, to make it active and cheerful, especially with some cool things happened in your lives, yet coincidental or happening or anything at all interesting. I have herewith provided a platform (?!) for those posts which define both epic and funny. So find some tym to write to me and ‘more’ :D'

Well, when I was spreading the invites to my friends… two of them sent me their post. But ayyo, sadly both of them wrote about me. L And the funny part is… they say kinda goody goody things about me, lol, to save their asses, I guess :P anyways, let me share one with you here, as a guest post. And while continue reading, don’t forget to remember that I don’t like publicity at all but after all it is gonna be little that way. or maybe a lil damage (?!) hehe… Here it goes my first guest post or another scribbling from my crazy friend… :P This is actually a random post just like my ramblings. So don’t bother about the continuity in it and looking for a message. You won’t get any…


Hi there!! Guys and girls…. Im thereby gona write a guest post here… actually Im not used to this writing… im out of place here L… …im gona scribble ma random thoughts (tis actually is rat’s dialogue and yeah I didn’t get any copyrights from her to use it in ma post) :P
(Are you still doing this, Rat? lolz)

Im doing this because after reading this rat would never ask me to write again, lolz… What im gona scribble about is what no one had ever posted about…guess what… im gona write about this blogger herself Meera, who is calling herself a Rat.. ye she is such a ratty person… lolz.


Im a serious follower of this blog and I could see her improving which im really happy about it. I could see the comments from other bloggers out there appreciating her and now she is transforming into a budding poet too. lolz :P

Btw, she has already talked about me a lot of times here though not directly lolz. We came to know each other through a social networking site. She then becomes my good friend and now, she is really an important person to me, the only one who knows my good, bad n ugly.

When Rat was telling me that she was gona start a blog… at that time I had no idea about it. all I know was that it has something to do with the internet… so I was wondering what was it all about? …. but what I told her was… wow !!! great idea. you are best person for it lolz…. Later she found that I know nothing about it … I got embarrassed and I thought she is gona get angry on me but instead she started teasing me (which is way worse than scolding me L) .Then she told me all details and asked me to follow her. And so I did. In fact it was the only way to escape from her nagging - follow me- follow me – oh god she is worse in nagging L well, that’s the history of me following her blog. ;-) (Sshh… Don’t tell her this, she will kill me.)

One day when my dad was advising me about ma career (which happens almost everyday lolz), Rat called me and said I need your help…. so I asked what kind of and she told “me” that she need “my” help to write a poem on Tibetan people because it’s a kind of contest in some site and I need your help and I started thinking again…. is she teasing me or is she serious?  Because I used to skip poems from ma schooling so I told her that you are asking a wrong guy I can’t help you and she hung up.

A week later, I saw the poem on her blog… wow!!! not bad after all. I started wondering is this poem written by her…. I called her…… before appreciating…. I asked her who wrote the poem lolz…. She told ‘I did…’  I was shocked (or was I taken by a surprise?!) because she was like… me making lot of mistakes in grammar and kill the language :P…. later that night I was lying on my bed thinking hard how did she? Then I wondered perhaps poem doesn't need a grammar… hehe (well that was my idea at that tym) and poems are not difficult after all and that’s why she chose to write it on the topic rather than a fiction lolz… I assured her don’t worry you will win. :P and eventually she got noticed in her first poem itself. J

And the days started moving and I got busy with ma life and she with hers and we couldn't stay in touch and then a few weeks later I visited here to know how she was doing….. Whoa!! She changed a lot she started writing more poems, facts n recipes. Her poems are cool (?!)  (if am not saying all this, she may even kick me.. so don’t bother about all these praiseworthy words. its after all to save my butt) and I could see her vocabulary has really improved and that I underestimated her…  poem now became a difficult thing again L lolz…

I wish her to keep on improving from her better to the best and explore her new self and would find what’s in store for her… lolz. And I’m really proud of her J. Thank you people, for reading ma post with patience hope u didn’t feel sleepy. :P

PS- Not bad, Crazy Guy, now you manage to write too. How modest you are. That too when you pretend as if you don’t know the language. lol. (thevaya unakku?) How about writing your travel experience, next time?  Cos till you write better, I will make you write, whether or not am gonna share it in my blog. Punishment for you. Cos now I know the reason why you started following my blog.. grrrr. :-/ conditions apply…

8 Jan 2013

Nachhnu 46..

AR Rahman, the man who redefined the contemporary Indian music and holds the pride of the entire nation and an idol for many... A legendary musician, who takes Tamil Cinema to the National level and then Indian Cinema to worldwide, needs no preamble. This modest guy who introduced more fantastic singers and opened the path to totally new dimension of the music. And those music is gonna last forever n ever n ever.

We call him The Oscar Nayagan or Isai Puyal but he doesn't like to have a nickname at all. Rahman, the one who reached his glory is an example for the modesty. My brother, who has seen him few times in the mosque where he comes to pray whenever he stays in Bangalore, said although being a trend setter he is such a down to earth person and we have a lot to learn from him. Maara cool guy, he is. :-)

Well this week it is his birthday celebration.. He turned to his 46th year on this 6th of January.

It was when he was 4 years old, he got introduced to the music. His young memories were like accompanying his father to the music studios. He is a school quitter after 9th std to support his family. Later when he started his career, by assisting the Maestro musician Mr. Ilayaraja, he supposedly composed a few short pieces of music in his movies, and a notable one being the theme music in K.Balachander’s ‘Punnagai Mannan’. Listen to this here, a wonderful evergreen theme music, which was a huge success then.

As he turned 46, I decide to list down his ‘Nacchnu Naapathi Aaru’ (46 in tamil) songs with my brother's help J Thanks Sul, for helping me out making an interesting collection of songs. I know the best of the legend cant be shrink to a number 46. Each n every song is a masterpiece. Be it a background score or the songs he walks like a cake. Even if the movie flops, his music never fails. More n more are there but today, I am listing the top favorite 46 Tamil songs of him. It is not in order of 1 2 3 but a random list I came up with. Tell me your favorite number of the legend. And let’s make it a tribute to him. 

Nachhnu Naapathi Aaru…

Enjoy listening to these...

Celebrating his birthday, we should forget that he increased a number to his age but, I think, it is only fair if we let him live immortal with his ever lasting music.

Many Many More Happy Returns Of The Day, Rahman Ji… May Almighty showers His blessings on you.

PS - I actually prepared this list on his birthday 6th Jan, and then i completed it by yesterday getting the links. but unfortunately, I couldn't post it cos of my net problem. however, it is now going to be a couple of days belated wishes to him...

6 Jan 2013

Oh, it never happened…

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A poem in the voice of a raped victim…

It was another ordinary day -
Started bright and happy in every way,
But what happened next
I don’t have the guts to put it in text.

Oh, it never happened…

I am embarrassed to share
While they harassed me for I never dare;
Sinking in the ocean of despair
I am totally shattered beyond repair.

Oh, it never happened…

I feel very dirty and used
Walking around so dazed and confused;
Alas, I am still alive
Still gaining the will I need to survive.

Oh, it never happened…

Why am I a woman?
Is it to face this kind of demon?
If a thing is there to live
Its only learning how hard to strive.

Oh, it never happened…

Wish I forget what was done
Cos I don’t want my story spun.
Showing my emotions fully transparent
To let you know it is apparent;

Oh, it never happened…

That I have a secret to say
Only to hide until my dying day,
Morning till night I crave
With me, I take it to my grave.

Oh, it never happened…

I wish to bury the wound
Cos I never want to turn around;
Can I just forget and pretend
That everything is so fully mend?

Oh, it never happened…

Feeling very hurt and dumb
I lie down with my heart turns numb;
Oppressed with rage and fury
I know they tear me if I go to a jury.

Oh, it never happened…

I have got no choice
As they subdued my voice;
Who they are, I have no clue,
So I let myself believe its not true.

Oh, it never happened…

Trust me with full mind
At all, it never happened -
My mantra is to believe
To put away what I grieve.

Oh, it never happened…

How far it helps us to protect
When marching with the board, you protest?
Even if I get the justice,
I am left hapless with prejudice.

Oh, it never happened…

Surrounded with my past
Here, I feel as if I were an outcast;
It is tough being victimized
There is nothing left to be compromised.

Oh, it never happened…

Presuming every day, I die,
Under the tomb, they let me lie
With my scars that still remain...
And the world was silent again.

Oh, it never happened…

When I sit alone at night
Having all the thoughts in front my sight,
Fully awake in my empty bed, I mourn;
When you are the victim, you are never truly alone.

Whatever happened has already happened…

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4 Jan 2013

2013 - what’s in store for me?

Jan 1st, 2013 – It was actually wonderful to see people getting excited about the day with more greetings and cheer plus most importantly, the hope and the optimism for the future. Whatever I am going to type down now, don’t think I am talking bit of philosophy suddenly. Or maybe am I gonna do that? Well, it is going to be just another scribbling with my random thoughts rambling inside my head.

I wonder why we can’t greet each day with the same cheer and optimism. Why this day alone is something special? It could be not more than just another day we lived or possibly a group of days yet to follow. Well, so don’t you think waking up each morning gives us a reason to celebrate, to be grateful and happy and thank to God?

I started wondering about these things last night… What is so newness in it that makes us celebrate that particular day? Will my family become new to me? Will my society is going to change for the best? Can it grant us what I desired for? How the yet-to-come days are going to be? What is in store for me? How am I going to present myself new this year? Puzzles, unanswered yet.

Lots of ‘maybes’ in my life earlier and still… Whether or not things going to be the way I wished for, well, my outlook on life should change for the better. My hope, my desire, my attitude, my thinking, my what not…

With so many things happened to me in 2012, having seen the best and the worst, I feel now it is the time, for my attitude to change radically. But can I do it with an urge? If only I have the guts to say ‘No’ to my life-denying passion, then comes the possibility for everything to get bathed in the sunshine of blooming new life and caring relationships.

Well, I got the point. I shouldn’t be expecting the world around me needs to change, but the world in me has to change. The way I think. The way I reason. The people I love. Them I trusted. The way I look at those who betrayed me. Sometimes it is like we are forced to adapt the situation the way it is, without a change. But when it contradicts our ideals, it becomes really hard or takes more time to get used to it or perhaps never at all… but still we live within, compromising it.

For the first time in my life I had one serious regret last year and wish I could go back and rectify my errors. But then, as they say mistakes and regrets are memories made. Sometimes we can’t help but to live with that. I had times when I was badly in need for an alternate life. Then I traveled places. I made more new friends. I tried to amuse myself with what I longed for. I am not the old Me. Not anymore. I may not voice my emotions loud here or anywhere but I believe I do have the courage to decide what I want. And now I feel I am already a different person.

Certain things that happened in my life and my loved ones last year helped me to realize what it was like to resent a feeling and how it is to be a stranger under my own skin. Then at the end, it made me see how very much strong willed I am and emotionally capable of anything worthwhile. It even taught me how to stop expecting completely, even from myself. That’s one good thing, I guess.

I started exploring the other side of me lately, since 2012 has shown me some very good things indeed, even though it did hurt me in a different way. However, I am glad with what I have seen the past few months. Yeah, see for instance, I never knew I can write. But here that’s what I do and it interests me now. Perhaps I am not that good with words, but still am glad I can manage to write something readable. And to help me see this new Me, I must thank those who turned me down in matters and them who supported me throughout. If at all that happened, this is not happening either.

Life is such a journey with surprisingly more new and unexpected twists and turns everyday, where we get to travel in both the tough and the smooth road. But once we reach the destination safe, well, what more do we expect for? Stay happy and just relax, right? Like the mother during the labor hour. All the pain she went through will be forgotten at the very moment she listens to the baby’s first cry. All those months she survived the agony to watch her baby see the world, safe and sound.

Like the mother protects her child with the utmost care and devotion, God, the One who created us, is there to protect us all and cater our needs in the best possible way. Every human being comes into this world by the decree of God. And with them, carrying a life journey that has been pre-ordained and endorsed by God, Himself with a unique path which is filled with obstacles, challenges and plenty of rewards.

Whatever it may come, I surrender all my wishes and decisions in front of God and let him grant me what is the best for me. We have the ability to plan so well with our lives… but you know, God is the best planner of all planners. It is Him who tests us with those trials and also the One to give us the courage, patience and will to withstand them. Those testing period are nothing more than to prove how strong we are. And, that is what we are destined for. So I worship and I pray for the Almighty to look at us with His compassionate face throughout.

May all of us are blessed with what we prayed for, what we earnestly desired for and see the New Heaven in this Duniya we live!

And one more thing I should mention here. Coz I dono if I can talk to this person like I used to be again but I take a chance to apologize to that someone I hurt badly last night. I am really very sorry thou I never meant to hurt you but then I had to say something harsh to point out that I felt really bad about your idea. I know you will be reading this sometime if not today. And I hope you will understand me.

You know, often it happens that I mess with my thoughts and so does with the words. This is jus one other post like that. My random blah blah blahs. Hope my blabbering today dint push you into a complete boredom.

Thank you everyone for journeying with me, for being part of my life, including you, the reader of my writings. Without you, I never can see the enthusiasm in me to write even a single word, and attain this new side of my life that I never ever dreamt of. In fact I can’t wait to find out how this year is gonna treat me and what my blog is gonna offer you. Or still my random scribbles continue, I wonder…

Let me see what’s in store for me in the yet to come days of the year, 2013.

Be good. Stay safe. Keep smiling and Enjoy your blessed days ahead...!!!

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