30 Jan 2013

Ba Ba Black Sheep...

Hello All…

As I had already expressed my cravings to make ‘him’ shave for the date, an idea struck me this time… why not I let my man express his cravings for me… or how about I do a voice over for him, for a change, with a lil wit… :P and here it goes… have fun reading… :P

I recommend you to read this in a soft husky manly voice.. no girly girly stuff allowed… ;)

‘I was too excited to return home from work cos we had our lil weekend plan…. and yeah, I have been looking forward to this very day this whole week. But reaching home and seeing her, made me a complete turn off. Gosh! She is with un-waxed arms… I wish she had opted for her hair removal today. But how come she dint do her waxing, I wonder, of all days why today? This is certainly not her… What happened? Is everything alright? Or is she trying to say something with this?? Or was she too busy to pamper herself?? So many things rambling in my tiny head…

There was no enough time to simply ponder over my thoughts. So I hurried to the super market next to my home and bought her the Gillette satin razor and hid it in my pocket… cos I needed the right time to point it out and that too to make her feel special for the evening…. She is a cool and a sporty woman but you know, I must make sure that she doesn't feel any awkward about my irked feelings…

You may think I am bit selfish or greedy… what ever you call me, I don’t care… and that too when it is to make my girl look like a beauty queen to my eyes…

Well… well, I bet you should know how she persuaded me to sacrifice my stubble, why not I take some time now to tease her back… hmm, but still without spoiling our evening mood ;) I am all set… and the scene goes…’

Dreamy me… Oh… she is my darling,
I wanna wake up with every morning…
Creamy her, hmm... the one I crave
Who brings me the tidal wave.

For tonight, I waited all day
To be with her in every way
Just to hold her hands
And hug her to dance.

But oh… oh, my bad
Gosh, she isn't that fad
Sigh! My eyes turn blur
Oh no… this is not her…

How come she doesn't shine?
I wonder while I pour down my wine…
You know, she is too cool
The only one who makes me drool.

Today she let me confused
Here I sit like a bulb that is fused
All these time, I ponder why…
Uff, she is making me a fish fry.

Oops… is this a punishment…
To point me out what she meant?
Dazed and touched my cheek
C'mon, there is nothing to eek…

Yeah, today I was brave
And I did have my shave
But hey, this isn't like my stubble
She is no way to blast with a bubble

I can only think of a scary jungle
Where no time to merry a jingle…
Here comes my time to tease her
Baby, why wrapped in fur?

Yeah, I did sing the rhyme
To which she would never chime
Ba Ba black sheep have you any wool?
Oh Ma’m, fill my empty bags full.

Grrr, she went mad at me
Ha Ha, this ain't funny
She pushed me back to fall
Making her face, she rushed to the hall

I laughed and pulled her close
To smell her beautiful rose
I winked and touched her puffy lips
And kissed them to give her beauty tips

After all, she is all mine
If not me who else will entwine?
I slid in my pocket to hand her the Gillette
Hoping she wont fry me in the fillet.

Cos that’s the only way I let her rush
To become the painting I like to brush
Now she understood…
And ready to do what is good

She kissed me with romantic mood
There lies the candle lit table and the food
Thank God, everything fall in place
I give a nod as it goes in its own pace

Earlier, I did bravely what she asked for
Now comes her time to do what I craved for
We both had a big smile and gale
Indeed it is a happily ever after tale…!

‘Do I need to tell you the aftermath scene?? C'mon… Its Censored, Buddy…’ ;)

The Curtain falls…!!!


  1. Very romantic and cool poem with breezy light moments ;) :P....Loved the poem especially!

    1. Thanks Akash for your lovely comment and am glad that you're my blog buddy now. :-)

  2. I had fun reading! beautifully written :)
    All the best for the contest :)

    1. i know this is way too amateurish compared to the other entries in the contest lol. jus for fun i wrote this :-) will see if this is gonna fetch me anything nice ;-)

      Thanks Valli, and am glad you too had the same fun which I got when I was writing this. Happy Weekend. :-)

  3. Wonderfully written!
    All the best, Meera:)

    1. Thank you, sir.. your latest skywatch photo is simply amazing.. am speechless. :-)

  4. My initial thought was: 'Now here is a post that is going to have a rat's nibble woven into it... is it some horror story with Gillette playing a role in it?'

    But when I saw 'Ba Ba Black Sheep' as the title, I was, to be frank, a tad disappointed. The post, however, is not disappointing at all...it is full of human zest and verve and dreams. Loved it!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Even i too felt the same when i kept this title 'ba ba black sheep' - mysterious one isn't it? no one will expect such a teasing poem here when they click it.. :P its like some interesting caption to bring people here and to have a fun read..

      well now i guess that this title alone brought you here to my space.. am indeed happy you dropped by and left your comment. welcome to my blog, sir.. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. haha.. whats your awww for? happy or otherwise? ;-)

  6. WOW. That is wonderfully written indeed. My best wishes dear. :)

    1. Big smiles.. an appreciation from a poet himself. Thanks so much, Deepak. Welcome to my space :-)

  7. Hey...I have nominated you for the liebster award. Congrats!! :)

    1. wow.. am i dreaming?? ooh... I guess am not.. this sounds cool and honored.. :-) Thanks so much for the nomination, Akash. I will write my liebster post soon.. cant wait to flaunt my blog with its own 'favorite' badge.. hehe. ;-)

  8. I've nominated you for a Liebster award. To get the award as a badge, I think you need to come to my post and follow the instructions :) http://thisgreenplate.blogspot.in/2013/02/a-liebster-award-yay.html

    1. Thanks a lot Saro. I am indeed very much happy and honored that you chose my blog as your favorite :-) My award receiving post is on the way...

  9. Gosh!!
    Ba Ba Black sheep will turn like this. I have never imagined.
    It was a visual-like verse.

    Surbhi Bafna

    Silly smiles.. Take you miles :)

    1. Thanks, Surbhi. I am glad you liked it and also for you becoming my blog buddy. I welcome you to my blog with a smile and cheerz :-)

      Have fun.

  10. Hi, I am Anjan Roy. A scarcely known blogger of ‘Anjan Roy’s Vision-Imagination’ & I hereby nominate your blog for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. For more details refer to Liebster blog award post at http://anjan5.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-moment-to-cherish-2-liebster-award.html.
    I am awaiting for your comments, Thanks…!!!

    1. Hi Anjan.. How are you? Many congrats on your award. and I am glad you found me one among your favorites.


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