25 Jan 2013

CoCo…CoCoNuT aNd Me

COCO'S NUT - A Small Poetic Story

Once there lived a little girl, Coco, with her messy hair and bumpy skin, she has no friends. She reached her teen, all guys treated her so mean. Coco grew sadder and prayed…

‘Pimple pimple go away
Never come back as I say
God! Help me this day
Make me special in every way.’

God landed in blue Parachute… handed her the hairy brown nut.

‘A genie inside
Stay by your side…
Wish for health and beauty…
He will grant as its his duty.’

Wished for beautiful hair… She got it…
Wished for a silky skin… Yes, she got it…
Wished a healthy figure… She got that too…

Now looking for a friend to play,  
She went out one bright day
Her new look
Kept the town hooked

Charmed with her smile
News spread every mile
They asked for the secret
She showed her wonder nut…

Cast with spell,
They called it ‘Coco’s nut…’
She lived merrily with friends
That’s where Coco’s story ends…

That’s how the Coconut story begins… :)

My memory sprang to those days when I dint want to wake up on Sunday mornings especially for one messy ritual. Sitting in my backyard with coconut oil applied from head to toe… it was such a boring time… then I realized how it worked wonders to my complexion.

My granny says coconut oil is the healthiest oil on earth. Its minerals & vitamins make the best medicine for attaining blemish free skin… At 78, she has a good skin J  I owe her big thanks for introducing me to those oil marinades ;)

When I stayed in boarding school, my seniors used to admire my hair and wanted to braid it everyday and they were awed with my clear skin… With no exaggeration, I even had a fan club then… lol… When my friends treated me like a princess, what more could I’ve asked for? :D

Coconut is not only best for skin n hair but also good to reduce your weight healthily.

My Granny’s Tips

Coconut milk is a good rejuvenating moisturizer. Mix it with honey & powdered almond. Apply on your face for 15mins. Rinse with coconut water for a glowing look.

Drinking coconut water immediately after exercise or illness helps to regain the energy. Also helps treating kidney stones and improves the functioning of thyroid gland.

Massaging with oil provides relief from sore nipples occurred due to breastfeeding. Oil prevents blood sugar.  An excellent detoxifier that cleanses & nourishes body cells. Helps to restore health and guides for natural weight loss.

If you’re healthy inside naturally your skin glows outside…

Nowadays we have wide variety of beauty products. But with their chemical ingredients it may even cause side-effects or no difference as they advertise… In all these years, Parachute maintained their reputation. As we see they give us the products nothing less than natural…

Parachute’s body lotion - Skin’s best friend in any season…


  1. Hi Rat,

    Hmmm, so I see, you've been into Fan Club business since school days. It seems Granny's advise is not that bad, I hope you listen to whatever she has to say now. :) :) :)
    Lovely poem you've made up for the Parachute oil container and the oil. Loved it. :)
    Wish you luck :)


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    1. Yeah I should listen to my granny more often.. hehe :-) well after all those wonderful things happened only cos of her oil marination on me... Glad you liked it, Jay.. Thanks a ton... :-)

  2. Hi Meera! Nice article and cuuuteeee poem! loved it!

    1. Hey Aparna... Thank you so soo much. :-)

      Infact i wrote it bit lengthy.. but with the word limit i had to reduce few lines :-( anyways, i guess it did make an impression... am glad you liked it. :p

      Have a happy weekend. :-)

  3. Nice post, Meera, and cute photo at no.1:)

    1. Thanks alot sir.. am glad you liked it.. :-)

  4. wow ...lovely post and equally sweet poem ! All the very best for the contest !

    1. Thank you Tomato. Welcome.. and am glad you're in my home.. :-)

  5. haha...you had a fan club ??? guys dont believe it :P

    1. well.. well.. no one is gonna believe you, crazy guy... :P

  6. coconut husk is also a good scrubber for feet ;)

    1. yeah quite true Saro.. Kalpa viruksha, as they say.. each and very part of it is very useful in every way to us :-)

  7. The poem was such a lovely rhyme that i'm gonna read it again and again. Reminded me of nursery poems. :)

    You are gonna have fan club everywhere RAT!!!
    The name itself brings people to your place :)

    Surbhi Bafna
    Silly Smiles.. Take you miles :)

    1. Thanks Surbhi.. I am happy you liked it.. btw, rat is my nickname at home and hence i am comfortably using it here to blog. i dint realize that it will become an attraction to bring the people here to my little world.

      Big smiles :-)

  8. liked it...........great going


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