8 Jan 2013

Nachhnu 46..

AR Rahman, the man who redefined the contemporary Indian music and holds the pride of the entire nation and an idol for many... A legendary musician, who takes Tamil Cinema to the National level and then Indian Cinema to worldwide, needs no preamble. This modest guy who introduced more fantastic singers and opened the path to totally new dimension of the music. And those music is gonna last forever n ever n ever.

We call him The Oscar Nayagan or Isai Puyal but he doesn't like to have a nickname at all. Rahman, the one who reached his glory is an example for the modesty. My brother, who has seen him few times in the mosque where he comes to pray whenever he stays in Bangalore, said although being a trend setter he is such a down to earth person and we have a lot to learn from him. Maara cool guy, he is. :-)

Well this week it is his birthday celebration.. He turned to his 46th year on this 6th of January.

It was when he was 4 years old, he got introduced to the music. His young memories were like accompanying his father to the music studios. He is a school quitter after 9th std to support his family. Later when he started his career, by assisting the Maestro musician Mr. Ilayaraja, he supposedly composed a few short pieces of music in his movies, and a notable one being the theme music in K.Balachander’s ‘Punnagai Mannan’. Listen to this here, a wonderful evergreen theme music, which was a huge success then.

As he turned 46, I decide to list down his ‘Nacchnu Naapathi Aaru’ (46 in tamil) songs with my brother's help J Thanks Sul, for helping me out making an interesting collection of songs. I know the best of the legend cant be shrink to a number 46. Each n every song is a masterpiece. Be it a background score or the songs he walks like a cake. Even if the movie flops, his music never fails. More n more are there but today, I am listing the top favorite 46 Tamil songs of him. It is not in order of 1 2 3 but a random list I came up with. Tell me your favorite number of the legend. And let’s make it a tribute to him. 

Nachhnu Naapathi Aaru…

Enjoy listening to these...

Celebrating his birthday, we should forget that he increased a number to his age but, I think, it is only fair if we let him live immortal with his ever lasting music.

Many Many More Happy Returns Of The Day, Rahman Ji… May Almighty showers His blessings on you.

PS - I actually prepared this list on his birthday 6th Jan, and then i completed it by yesterday getting the links. but unfortunately, I couldn't post it cos of my net problem. however, it is now going to be a couple of days belated wishes to him...


  1. Belated wishes to A.R. Rahman!

    My all time favorite song New york nagaram...I'll die for this song! <3

    1. Cheerz. Thats my favvvorite song too :D and that's the only song I remember the lyrics.. lol.

  2. Hi,

    Wow, what a list you've compiled.
    Thanks for sharing this with all of us, I love to listen to music from various genres. Keep posting :)


    My Blog | My FB Page

    1. Thanks Jay. Sure, I will try to post some more interesting collection in the future.. btw, welcome to my space. :-)


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