1 Jan 2013

Trust - Is That Really A Big Word?

It's only words
and words are all I have
to take your heart away…

Boyzone’s song lingering somewhere far away…

Words are such an amazing thing we have got in the way of communication. Whatever our mood is, we must pick the right word to express it because small or big, it does make impact in everyone’s life. One can give and achieve so many good things with the words, when rightly used.

Some words make you smile. Some words make you cry. Some makes you inspired. Some leaves you confused and some helps you get motivated. But there are few words that frighten us too.  Among them the most haunting ones, which come in my mind right now, are death, hell, torture, sin, loss, failure…

However, is there anything more startling than to hear someone asking you, 'Do you trust me?'

The other day in the midst of a serious conversation with my relative, she suddenly popped up with the question, ‘Don’t you trust me…?’ The very moment I was perplexed. Do I really trust her or at least for the topic we were discussing then? Or should I simply say yes I trust you, even when not sure, and that too to make her happy?

That was the most awkward question to reply to, I felt, or perhaps the question I don’t like to face it at all. I was simply sitting there waiting for her to bring the next topic so I can skip answering this one. Phew!

But strangely, if it is I who is asking the very same question, I for sure don’t want to hear them say No. Or do you…?

There are moments in everyone’s life, when we want to trust or to be trusted by someone. But how often is it that we can find safety in the eyes of someone we barely know? Someone who isn’t really a friend and yet who isn’t really a stranger, or even if they are well known, but their words contradict to our thoughts and that too when they stand in front of us, asking us to trust them for certain matters to take important decisions in our lives.

That very moment I realized, if we can’t trust someone that means we are not allowing that person to be the one, we need them to be. Hmm, now that made some sense, right?

As we all know, trust is like a mirror once you break it, you never look at it the same way. It takes years to build yet a matter of second to shatter. So to maintain that unbreakable trust, we must learn to keep our promises first. Those who know me good are quite well aware that I don’t usually like to make promises and that’s because only I fear of keeping it.

How many of us have ever thought about how often we sabotage our relationship or the dreams we weave with our loved ones, by not fulfilling the commitment? So let us all make a resolution this year (though I know most of the resolutions left undone or simply forgotten) by promising to ourselves that we stay with honesty and integrity, and stick to our words, IF we are about to give any.

Even small words we say to others like, ‘yea, I will do it next week’ and totally forget it or simply turn ignorant. Or the words to one’s own self like ‘I will start exercising from tomorrow’, ‘I will quit smoking’ but still we find it hard to follow it. Well, it happens to all. Its kinda tough thing to do, I know, like taking a risk or facing the fear, but yeah, I now realize it’s certainly worth to have the faith in you first and what you say. So do what you say and say only what you can do because every broken word leads to an unhappy situation.

Well, so before we extend our hands and expect others to trust us, let’s ask ourselves - ‘Are you trustworthy?’ and try to get a positive answer. Because that will improve the quality of any relationship we are into. Try it, it will pay you better.

Trust me, don’t you?

And that’s it from me today. My first-post-of-the-year hopefully made some sense, I guess. I shall sign off for now.  And oh yeah, before I forget....

A Very Happy 2013 J


  1. A question of self-introspection....
    'The answer lies within"
    PS- Happy new year rat

  2. Good one...to start a new year with...!!!

  3. Lovely post Rat!! I trust you :D
    Yes, we need to question ourselves! Liked your resolution, I will also try to implement it :)

    Happy new year!

  4. Thanks every one. hope we will follow this resolution :-)

    @ Shailu - finally...! glad you commented. :-)
    @ Angry Bird - welcome to my space. thank you for the likes and i am kinda addicted playing your game :P

  5. That's my favrt song. Infact my tag line. Happy to know u too like it. Well!!! you said it very rightly,"So do what you say and say only what you can do ". Abiding by the words means living to the words felt deep in heart.

    ALthough I'm late but HAPPIEST NEW YEAR :)

    Surbhi Bafna
    Silly smiles..Take you miles :)


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