25 Feb 2013

One Phone Call

Tring Tring…
He was too sleepy to open his eyes…
‘Hey Dad, whazzup?’
‘Son, you’re on TV’
Click… phone went dead.
‘Damn… should never drink again
Rubbing his eyes, he turned on the TV curiously.
Astounded, ‘Me…??
He stared at his father smiling on the wall.
Flash News - Drunken Businessman Dead in Car Crash.

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22 Feb 2013

Destination Kerala

Kerala -  God's own country

Some scenic marvel of the state when my family went for a vacation couple of years ago. But sadly my travel story isn't available as I couldn't join them. One of the must see places in India. And I am still looking forward to explore this beautiful place. So here are few shutter stock by my mom and my cousin.

Boat House -  Alleppey

A perfect honeymoon destination for the newly weds...

 Yummy Cuisine

Ginger Tea and Banana Bajji

 Cochin Fort - Fishing Net

These Chinese Fishing Nets (Cheena Vala) are so unique to Cochin.
These nets are found only in here, outside China.

An Antique Shop in Jew Town, Cochin

Hand Woven Embroidered Wall Hanging
 Kathakali Show

Hope you like these random clicks...

20 Feb 2013

Sshh.. Secret

                                          A Little Secret in My College Lab…


Jamie asked for the 100th time, ‘why big fuss… tell me your password?’ 
Rolled my eyes, I said ‘Don’t ask again. Its secret’. 
She frowned :-/ ‘As if its a top secret…’
‘No top secret baby… but let it remain secret’, I winked. 
When she left, I smiled to myself and typed my system password… 

17 Feb 2013

In The Shadows

A couple caught in my lens during the evening sunset.. In Raja's seat, Coorg, Karnataka.

Picture shared for the Black and White Weekend Photography

I write...

Writing to me is…… hmm…

Writing to me was an alien
Before I nibble this crunchy bite…
Now I write only to realize
What a delicious meal it is.

I write to savor what I taste
Both sweetness and the sour
What my heart whispers,
The words so loudly, I can hear.

I write to visualize what I see
But not only with my eyes
And to voice my thoughts
That I hardly raise.

I write to breathe and smell
The scent of love and lust…
Mainly to sense the way I feel
With what my soul is touched.

I write to forget my past
And let my ideas enrich
Ever since my dreams were lost,
It helps me carving my own niche.

I write to know that I am aware.
As the time flees
I picked the words with care,
To elevate my degrees.

I write to see my hopes
Gleaming in my eyes
With the passion that pops
Like a shining star in my sight.

I write to know the power of word
That gives my mind the needed peace.
Making me a free bird,
And my stress relieves…

Hence writing to me is… a new and a happy chapter of my life…!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

14 Feb 2013

A Valentine Spirit

I meant to say I love you
Before it was too late
But even before I met you
I am already out of date.
You sent me the breeze
And gave me this beautiful feel
That filled with lovely dreams
From head over the heels…

I meant to hold you close
Tightly against my heart
While my mind failed to propose
I had to tear myself apart.
Falling by your charm,
I want to hug you right away.
Inside, you made me grow warm
Yet I wander alone day by day.

I meant to whisper many things
Time and time again
Spreading my mighty wings
All went in vain.
What all I wish to do
Ever will I get to say?
Wonder can I come to you
And forever, I stay…

I meant to leave a happy note,
That brings you joy and cheer.
Then I realized am late
So never want you to fear.
Now I know life there is short
Let me wait till you can fly
And your ashes afloat.
Until then, I am a nomad in the sky.

I meant to take the backseat
As my wishes go craven
That’s the only way I retreat
Hence I am already taken.
For now, let you not know
That I ever exist…
But always, my love for you,
Will never resist…!

Happy Valentines Day!

13 Feb 2013

My Bucket List

I know it’s been sometime I actually thought about my blog before this liebster happened to me. I could say I've been too busy to think about it, but actually No… I've spent an embarrassing amount of time on the couch. I am much more of a curl up with a book in a comfy bed (whether I have completed it or not is another story) or sit with a movie or game in my lappy kinda creature. Probably, its just like I ran out of things to talk, or perhaps get bored with my own thoughts, or I really don't know. I am seriously looking for a change or any some (of course, good and) interesting things to happen to spice up my life.

Getting bored with a routine lifestyle, I decided to come up with a list I want to amuse myself with or at least to do before I grow too old to lift my walking stick. When I thought of jotting down my ‘so called’ bucket list, my bucket will get pretty heavy to carry that I know of. But these are the first few things randomly came in my mind when I started typing down . Not very hyped ones though. Most of them are quite ordinary, yet I fascinate to do.

1. Learn to ride a bicycle.

2. Go scuba diving.

3. Learn to speak a foreign language fluently, preferably Arabic/French.

4. Travel to Middle Eastern Countries.

5. Buy a chalet and live by the hill top.

6. To write a fairytale.

7. Go ice skating in Alps.

8. Do a voice over for a cartoon/animation film.

9. To win a jackpot.

10. Learn how to whistle.

I have to wait and see which one I am going to fulfill this year… J

11 Feb 2013

And The Award Goes To…

Halt - This is a bit lengthy post… My award speech… So have sometime to read it fully... And many thanks for going to continue with patience.  J

I took a week long vacation from writing and so didn’t scribble anything new in my dear blog but only returned back to find out that I have been nominated for not one, not two but THREE Liebster Blog Awards. My humble thanks to my blog friends Akash Govind, Saro and Anjan Roy for this nomination. And my heartfelt Congratulations to them too.

The Liebster Blog Award is given to new or up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. ‘Liebster’ is a German word means ‘favorite’. So that means this is awarded to the nominator’s ‘favorite blog’. And this award is then passed along to other bloggers in the same category to help spread the word, which also to encourage and support one another.

It was like a dream… ‘Am I getting my Liebster? That too 3 nominations in a row. How cool…!’ I thought when I saw their messages… as they honored me by choosing this little nibbling blog as their favorite. Wow… It's nice and encouraging when we get to know that there are people actually read and appreciate our writing and that too with an award. Yeah, you know, getting awards usually encourage and motivate people to bring out their best in what ever profession they are.

I’ve never been a writer in my life before this blog happened, but have always been interested in trying to do it on my own terms. Whether I’m any good at it is debatable but I will say, I most definitely enjoying the process. When I started this rat’s nibble, I didn’t even know if I am able to write some readable posts. Now I am happy that I made friends here and I too did impress few with my writings and also managed to get this favorite badge for my blog. Cool Nah... J

But this award doesn’t come with a gold statuette or like the black beauty in this Oscar season. What it does come with is a questionnaire to answer, i.e. for me it is supposed to be 33 different questions set by my 3 nominators which I must now answer to snatch my own favorite badge.

The rules for this award state that you answer the 11 questions asked to you by the blogger who nominated you. Since three nominations, 33 questions been posed in front of me… But I learnt I have the liberty to pick any 11 questions from the whole set. I had a good time answering them and also had fun preparing my own set of questions to my nominees.  Visit my ‘favorites’ and the great writers I felt cool and deserving…

Ok here is the scoop on the Liebster rules (I wonder why it’s not added in wiki yet…)

* Post 11 things about yourself. Well like an introduction… ok here my random I Me Myself.


1.        Meera, named after my great grandmother.
2.       Also a Rat…  Yeah, my brothers call me 'little rat' at home… hence becomes my nick here to blog.
3.       A September born - Virgo woman.
4.       A movie buff and a chocolate cake craver.
5.       A wavering minded person who takes more time to make a decision. And if I have to dislike a thing about me, it is this.
6.       An avid lexulous and scrabble player.
7.       Having a driving license but it’s been years I drove my car.
8.       Least interested in getting surprises. But indeed I am very much delighted with these 3 liebster surprise package.
9.       Interested in books but not an avid reader cos of my frequent reading block.
10.     Quite secretive, bit reserved but a friendly person.
11.      A sensible but quite a sensitive Tamil speaking Muslim.

* Answer 11 questions… Mixed set of questions from my 3 nominators.

1. Does art imitate life or life imitates art?
Art imitates life.

2. What do you really dislike about other people's blogs?
So far I like many blogs and keeping in track of it… but in my early days of blogging, I remember I happened to visit a blog randomly that had a post talking abuse things about another religion and its people. Even though it represents our freedom of speech, we shouldn’t be misusing it and hurt others beliefs and ideals… I think we should have some courtesy and deal with diplomacy unless otherwise it’s a social problem.

3. Will you want to spend all your life with someone who likes to be with you but doesn’t love you or someone who loves you but for some reasons ignores you?
I prefer that someone who likes to be with me… cos I don’t like to be ignored.

4. Have you watched any Rajinikanth movie? If so, which one?
Being a pakka tamil ponnu… I indeed grew up watching super star’s movies. Many movies I’ve seen and the recent watch was an old but my all time favorite - his comedy film – Thillu Mullu.

5. The person you miss at this moment.
My two grandfathers… who passed away 3 years back in a month’s difference. And it is their 3rd anniversary month. Well, I miss them a lot.

6. Which thing do you look for in a date, if at all you have had one before or in the future?
  (Money/ Profession/ Physical appearance/ any other)
If I am supposed to date, then I must feel the love more than anything.

7. Favorite hangout place to spend time with your friends.
Mostly I prefer for the friends get together at our homes. But recently I like to hangout in Skywalk, Chennai.

8. What's more important- earning money or spending it?
Spending money is more important. Cos we should act frugally while spending our hard earned money.

9. If you were given the option of naming a star, what would you name it?
10. If given a chance to go back into your past…Name one thing you would change in your life.
I don’t wanna change anything cos even the mistakes I have made are meant to happen and helped me learn something in the course of life.

11. Name one characteristics of a person which will enable you to judge him/her (in terms of good or bad)?
I don’t usually judge people cos no one can be categorized as black or white. All have their grey shades.

Done with my answering part… J

* My set of 11 questions to my nominees.

1. What is the best word to describe you?
2. Tell me your wildest fantasy.
3. What scares you the most?
4. What is your greatest achievement so far and why do you think it is so?
5. What you think could be the best way to eliminate poverty?
6. You are stranded in a life boat with Richard Parker. Do you think that Bengal Tiger would not eat you?
7. What is the best trick you think you have done to impress your crush but turned the other way?
8. Which movie’s climax you didn’t like and wanted to change and how?
9. What is your favorite example of architecture style?
10. Do you feel superior to your opposite gender? If yes, in what way? If no, why not?
11. What's your true and honest opinion about A Rat’s Nibble?

* And the Nominees are… 

You guys rock :P

In fact, many blogs inspired me. But I like to specially mention Valli’s Poetry My Feelings. With her beautiful lines and soulful poems, if not she exceeded her member’s list. I’d have chosen her for my liebster nominees…

* Whoa. I am almost done… Now the only thing is I have to drop my word in their respective blogs and make them come back here to collect their award…

Wait…  Yellow Signal…  Don’t go anywhere… I will be back in a jiffy ;-)

Cool… I am done with it too…

Once again… Thanks Akash. Thanks Saro… Thanks Anjan… for seeing this Rat's Nibble as your favorite blog. And many wishes...!

Now let me copy paste the badge… I can’t wait to flaunt my blog with my Liebster…

Get set... Ready... Go...   Party Time… J
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