22 Feb 2013

Destination Kerala

Kerala -  God's own country

Some scenic marvel of the state when my family went for a vacation couple of years ago. But sadly my travel story isn't available as I couldn't join them. One of the must see places in India. And I am still looking forward to explore this beautiful place. So here are few shutter stock by my mom and my cousin.

Boat House -  Alleppey

A perfect honeymoon destination for the newly weds...

 Yummy Cuisine

Ginger Tea and Banana Bajji

 Cochin Fort - Fishing Net

These Chinese Fishing Nets (Cheena Vala) are so unique to Cochin.
These nets are found only in here, outside China.

An Antique Shop in Jew Town, Cochin

Hand Woven Embroidered Wall Hanging
 Kathakali Show

Hope you like these random clicks...


  1. Wow ! Beautiful pics! I am really going to visit this place some day! Just loved it!

  2. loved the scenic beauty of Kerala...have always yawned to visit this place and the pictures were so amazing that i really want to visit god's own land with much more enthusiasm now...!!!

  3. Pics are truely amazing. Place seems so beautiful.

    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

  4. Nice shots, never heard of Banana bajji!

  5. Even I missed going to this place :/

    Wish I visit this beautiful place soon!

    Awesome pictures dear!! :)

  6. Perfect pictures reflecting the 'god's own country'.

  7. Anybody who hasn't visited Kerala, would want to do so now. Your mom and cousin brought back some superb pictures. :)

  8. Agree with D ...kerala is a must see ...esp the backwaters and the houseboat ...its a diff kind of an experience ... great pics ... the banana bhajji is locally known as pazham pori (yeah a bit of tongue twister :) )

  9. yeah!!! My Kerala... Proud to be a Keralite :)

  10. Really a beautiful place... I were there twice but missed the houseboat/backwater thrills in both occasions....


  11. lolz....pics look great.... good thing u didnt join d trip...or d clicks would have been made after atleast 1000 attempts lolz

  12. ya, its in my list of must-see places. Thanks for the pics...great ones

  13. Lovely pics of the beautiful backwaters

  14. Indeed that is why it is called god's own country...Nice pictures, Rat!! :)

  15. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.. :-)

    @ Meenakshi - banana bhaji is a sweet fried dish. heard it tastes good too :-)

    @TTT - Pazham pori.. not that tongue twisting to me :P and first time am hearing its native name. nice. :-)

    @Gowtham - grrr.. thanks once again for pulling my leg.. :-l I will learn photography.. newly added to my bucket list :P

    Thanks and do visit again.. :-)

  16. I'm so happy to see that there are people who love my Kerala.. :)

  17. So Beautiful photos and post.

  18. Aah this is the place I call heaven. Kerala \m/ Haha I didnt know pazham pori was also known as banana bajji :D

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