3 Mar 2013

A Little Girl In Me

I am scared
I am tired

To stay
Inside this maze


New voices
Every day

Strange and Weird

Trying to get
My attention
Changing their identity
Every now and then


Each emotion
New person
I see
Inside Me

Thinking of my past

I was having a fairy tale life
Perfectly written words
With a happy note

I was this little girl
Once upon a time
Who lived happily

Until the evil witch
Cast a spell on her
And that little girl of me
Has gone down the wrong path
And is lost in eternity


A little girl
Clutching her toy -
A big bunny of her height
Sitting in my couch
Looking Sad

Hey wait
That looks like my favorite bunny.
Surprised Is that me?
Uh oh I used to be her

‘Why are you sad?’
I asked her

‘I miss you…’

My young brown eyes
Stared back at the older me …

‘You used to hold my hand
To walk in the beach sand
Building our own castle
Collecting the shells
Playing with the bubbles
With those innocent giggles…

I miss you a lot
We used to be closer
But not anymore
Don’t you miss me?’

Those small eyes gazed at me.

‘You moved on
And never looked back…
Going with the flow
Carrying your grievances
Jealousy with other women
Confused about relationships
Worried about men
Angry at yourself
Thinking only about tomorrow…

You forgot your happiness
You forgot to play
You forgot to enjoy
This simple day…

You are lost
In this bigger maze

Angry girl
Worrying woman
Greedy person

You became friends with
These bogus people
And you seem to forget me
The real you
Oh, it’s your complicated life…’

I looked at her in silence
Tears in my eyes
Lost in my own thoughts
Or for the sake of other’s wishes
I don’t know.

Every fairy tale has a happy ending
But it was left untold, a mystery,
What those princes and princesses did…
To make their life happily ever after?
If only we know,
We too can stay happy.

I wonder how much I miss her.
I am in a dreamy state.

She is here with me now
To remind me what have I lost
And to bring back the real joy
Once again in my life…

Determined I am -
Never want to take a step
Without her by my side.

She was the best in me
Innocent and curious
She loves me
For what I am.
The only one who, believes in me
And never gives up on me…

I hug her
I hold her tiny hand
Walking through the beach
Standing in the shore
Playing with the waves
Looking at the endless sea
And will never leave her…

No jealous
No anger
No greed

No more guilt…

Living this very moment
I am simply enjoying being myself
After a long time

The lost little girl is back on the right track again.

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  1. wow! expressed so amazingly...

    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

    1. it was my writing at the eleventh hour.. with no editing and shaping up i posted it just like that, as the time's up.. am happy you found it good. thanks so much Himanshu. :-)

  2. Loved it...
    So often I wish to bring back my life of a little girl...free of all the wickedness of life..

    Hope you read mine too.

    1. yeah, should be free from all the wickedness of growing up.. how wonderful it will be if we manage to bring back our childhood at least once in a while for being happy and true to ourselves.

      Thanks a lot Manjulika. will sure read your post :-)

  3. Aww!! Sema cute poem you have expressed!! Childhood is the best primarily because we don't worry about anything and no rules or regulations to follow. :)

    1. Childhood is the best part in everyone's life. free from worries and responsibilities. growing up causes.. ohh.. how much stress...Very true Akash, if only we could go back to our old days... :-)

      oh cute poem ah.. *takes a bow* ... even though it needs a bit editing and shaping up lolz. but am gonna leave just like that. Glad you liked it. :-)

  4. hmm! deep thoughts emerging from inside ......childhood memories ..blurred and yet so prominent...very nice lines !! Interestingly, we normally remember the good things only...but i recall few bad ones as well.. like the maths problems and the cruel teacher who beat the shit out of me for not being able to understand maths(which he never explained,anyways ) yet ... lot many fond memories as well.. the feeling of behaving like a grown up.. just for self satisfaction...

    Very very nice poem !!

    1. yeah that's true. we do like to talk about goody goody things but still we do laugh at our mischief and troublesome subjects too. cos those things filled with innocence. we all have the child inside us.. but as we grow, we hardly listen to it.. we have to act matured for the world we live in. if only we let out that child once in a while, we will be enjoying the beauty of life.

      Thank you so much :-)

  5. Beautiful Poetry Meera::)

    Your beautiful deserves the 'creative blogger award'...So Congratulations:)

    For more visit my post:

    1. oh wow... another award.. yay! am so elated at this honor, Bushra.. and congrats on your award time too. will soon write a post to acknowledge it from you :-)

      Thanks a lot.. :-)

    2. Your welcome dear:) You deserved it like soo much:)

  6. Beautifully expressed..well written!!

    Thanks a lot for visiting my space and leaving such encouraging words..keep visiting..

    1. thanks odyzz. welcome to my space. :-)

  7. Beautiful poem, we leave all those toys and innocence behind to learn dirty tricks of the world. Childhood may be past but do echoes through faint memories to keep us connected with our real selves.

    1. childhood is the best part in our life.. but still the world has molded us and given the grown-up-act-mature tag and so we are stuck in this complicated maze.. in a way, looking back mostly brings smile to us . thanks Meenakshi for your lovely comment. :-)

  8. Lovely words! kept me engaged :) nice read truly :)

    1. oh.. thank you soo much, Saurabh.. :D

  9. I really loved this poem Meera! Awesomely penned :)

    Childhood is the only stage, where we don't pretend, we don't wear any masks and just live life the way we like!

    This poem reminded me the poem once I wrote, lil similar subject...
    Please have a look when you get time A child in me

    1. very true. child has no pretence. no gimmicks. filled with innocence and joy. glad you liked it Valli..

      and your poem is adorable and cute.. :-) loved it.

  10. Beautiful poem ...wish I could bring back the child in me again :)

    1. yeah me too.... :-) glad you liked it, tomato :-) do visit again..

  11. Amazing...i read the entire poem...twice...beautifully expressed...loved the lines...!!!

    1. happy you enjoyed reading my lines.. thanks so much Anjan.. :-) have a great week..

  12. Awesome poetry, Meera. Childhood is really a treasure trove and we need it to safe keep in our heart against the odds of life.

  13. A sweet poem. The perfect way to grow up would be to retain the innocence of childhood while understanding the realities of life.

    1. very true, meenakshi. happy u liked it :-) keep visiting.

  14. Thanks for reminding us to keep the little girl in each of us alive

    1. you're welcome :-) keep visiting here for more nibbles..

  15. So... the little girl springs back to life again! :) Love the entire journey and the message you have weaved -- of taking in the experiences through the maze of life yet still keeping 'our' innocent selves alive, that is indeed the real beauty of living this life.

    1. a complicated maze though.. and we are striving hard to preserve the child in us.. welcome to my space.. do visit again :-)

  16. congratulation u have managed to write such a short poem :D :P

    btw it was lovely though hope d little girl in u stay always wid u :) preserve it :)

    1. haha... saikat.. am glad you called it as a poem. i called it as a poetic story. lol.. i am trying to write something short but its not working at all.. :( i ll post one poem very short soon :P
      but i am glad at least you managed to leave the comment even though you got tired after reading the entire story... and thanks so much for that :D

  17. wonderful!!!such is life, lost in its maze is not only time but also those priceless moments and ppl!! :)

    very well put!

    1. such is life..! quite true Akila.. thanks for dropping by.. and am glad you typed down your comment . keep visiting.. :-)

  18. A great engaging read!
    Loved to trace back into the childhood.
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. thanks so much Surbhi.. keep smiling and keep visiting here for more nibbles :-)

  19. Awesome poem!! Loved it. Brings out all the emotions with ease and yes childhood memories needs to be cherished. :)

    1. Thanks Hetal.. warm welcome to my blog.. :-)

  20. unakku kannu kolarunu irutha doubt clear aachu :P

    1. lol but its only the insight we need and not the 'soda butti' to see the child in us.. anyway thanks for dropping by and left your 'mokka' comment. :P

      btw, ya.. in a way ur true.. nethu than poitu eye check up pannitu vandhen. power same nu soltanga.. 8-)

  21. Yayyyy!! Love happy endings!!

  22. A nice read...a light poem with a heavy message.

  23. great poem....i dnt think i will never write such long ones....u have a talent for poetry :)

    1. Thanks Rats for the appreciation. The poem may look bit lengthy but if you notice, it mostly carries one word lines.. :p

  24. I never succeed in writing long poems....it's something which is an asset for you, and something which i can take inspiration from. :P


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