8 Mar 2013

Excerpt From The Diary Of An Insomniac

 I am really delighted to welcome my friend, a talented designer, to my burrow. He is an exciting and an enthusiastic young artist, designer, writer and what not. Much to my knowledge, he often writes one liners. I have seen couple of his pencil sketches too and was awed by it. I sent him my invites earlier and today I am very glad he came forth to write in my little nibbling blog. I am sure he will bring inspiration and impress all of us. But for now, he wants to stay backstage. So I am gonna call him, Em Cee.

Well, he is going to guest post for me from time to time.  And so i need a name to make his 'Em Cee's corner'. (Hey Em, sorry I said this without your permission...) but am looking forward you will showcase your talent here and to moooorre audience. They will love it for sure. J

Let me not ‘dilly dally’ anymore. Here it goes... His pencil sketching and his poem. And the entire design template too.  (The picture he sent me was too big to post in here. So I had to compress it and have also rewritten his words below... )

Slumping into a dream as my thoughts meander,
Agonized by the turn of events,
Slipping into these now familiar woods,
Listening to the cries of the nocturnal beasts,
Looking tepidly at the inanimate trees,
I stand, awaiting dawn.

                                          - Em Cee


  1. Beautiful! Welcome to Meera's nibbles Mr X:)

    1. I notice u just changed the name well...let me change my comment too:
      Beautiful, welcome to Meera's nibbles Mr.Em Cee:)

    2. haha thanks.. but just now he asked me to call him Em Cee.. so changes made.. lets welcome 'Em Cee' once again :D

      Thanks Bushra!

  2. Beautiful composition. Hope to see quite oft the Em Cee.

  3. the ending is marvellous! brilliant piece of art. Loved the sketching too :) Hats off to Em Cee!

  4. inanimate tress... superb artwork mixed with these lines. Welcome Em Cee :)
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

  5. nice template nd a nice poetry :) Mr.Em CEE

  6. I loved the template...and the poem is mind superb...!!!

  7. lovely ! looking forward to lots of lovely posts from u and em cee !!!

  8. Very creative Em Cee!
    Beautiful sketch and lovely lines!!

  9. Em Cee.. Kemcho?

    Welcome, and very well written!


  10. Exquisite piece. I hope to see him more often in this space.

  11. Lovely poem and picture-- thanks for sharing!

    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

  12. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. and specially to you Em Cee. hope to see you here more often and with your interesting contribution. Thanks once again.. :-)

  13. There seems to be an underlying story here...intriguing!!


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