22 Apr 2013

My Umrah Journal - Madinah

Thinking of what to write for my 50th post, I wanted it to make very special to me. Hence I decided to type down something that is very close to my heart - my trip to Umrah, a smaller pilgrimage to Mecca and Madinah.

Masjid al Nabawi - Mosque in Madinah

Around this time last year, we were busy thinking of what to pack while I was giving my wise (?!) suggestions and helping my umma, ummama, my brother n my cousin, getting arranged for the trip to Saudi Arabia. They all wanted me to join the trip but for some personal reasons, I was not able to, at first. So I was already started planning in my mind to take care of home and the feast we had to prepare when they all get back from the holy trip, Umrah. Then one morning suddenly, I don't remember how but it all fell in place. And the day before issuing the visa, I gave my passport to the travel agency who were arranging our trip. Rest is. Alhamdulillah, God’s grace.

Here comes this very special moment in my life, visiting the holy land. Certainly, I believe it was the personal calling from Allah. He is the only one who makes it happen when we least expect it and bring us joy and satisfaction from every corner. I thank Allah for letting me to have this trip to salvation. (btw, a small fact I'd like to mention here... many people think that Allah is the name of God, we Muslim worship. Allah is not the name but the Arabic meaning/translation of singular God).

I was glad that I had been showed the best among the way to lead my life ever since I am born. But I am not going to exaggerate as if I were a true n down to earth person instead I am filled with this duniya entertainment and somebody who is materialistic and fall for her nafs. Well, we all do, isn't it?. But when this trip happened, I started analyzing about myself. Being a Muslimah all my life, have I done justice to it? I wonder and I was truly scared. May God bless me and you in every ways, and forgive our sins and grant us Jannah, The Heaven. Aameen.

In this package tour, including my family, we were a group of 15 people. Sharing the food and our experiences, it was like we were one big family. Our journey started from Chennai airport. My younger bros and my relatives came for the send off. It was a nice feel and also trembling inside when I was reminded about the purpose of the journey.

Our first stop was in Jeddah Airport. A hot summer day it was and we had to wait there for more than an hour. The organizers served us with chill refreshments. They arranged a small bus for all of us to travel to Madinah. That was uncomfortable for all we 15 to sit inside with our luggage. I don’t want to go into detail and complain cos that was the trip of pilgrimage. I know we all have to bear some troubles n ordeals during any pilgrimage. So that didn't burden us because the thought alone is intriguing to all of us - traveling to Madinah to see our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Inshaallah.

En route to Madinah, the history of Hijrah (migration) of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) came to my mind again and again. That day we were traveling in comfort by a vehicle after a small hiatus though. So very different from the time when this journey was actually undertook on camels in the scorching heat of the desert some 1400 years ago. Thinking of that, our 7 hour journey became less tedious.

We reached Madinah in late hours. The illuminated City… The calm and peaceful atmosphere of Madinah was just beyond imagination, for surely this is the place of the dwellers who invited the Holy Prophet (pbuh) to be their guest, reciting welcoming song -  Thala-al-Badru Alaina. This was where our Nabi spent the last years of his blessed life and this is the place where Allah has chosen for him (pbuh) to rest until the Day of Judgment.

The Entrance

Writing of the feelings still brings goosebumps to me. We were glad that our hotel was just opposite to Masjid Al Nabawi, the mosque where our Prophet resides. We rested that night and next morning we woke up for Fajr - early morning prayer. It was Friday. We all got refreshed and walked to the mosque. Words will do no justice to the feelings of that particular moment. My first step on the mosque. I was completely thrilled. The Prophet’s mosque looks so beautiful, grand, illuminating and very welcoming. MashaAllah. I couldn't help my tears in this place. I felt so close with my Prophet (pbuh). Remembering that was the place where he used to walk, pray, spend with Sahabas - his friends. I felt the urge that I miss him so much and I wish I could see him again and again in my dreams and in real. We spent there praying and reciting Quran. During the Friday noon Jum'a prayer we already made friends with some sweet Jordanian girls who helped us translating the lecture that was going on in Arabic.

The Golden Gate
Next day, the trip planners arranged a day trip to visit few historical mosques and to Mount Uhad. Also we visited Badr Valley, the place where the first battle of Islamic history took place, and the burial place of those martyrs.

Badr Valley
Mount Uhad

That night we went back to the Masjid al Nabawi. How many times I talk about this mosque, I always fall in love with it. The massive marble corridor under the huge electronic umbrellas, the ancient green Quba (dome) to identify where prophet (sal) resting under are awesome. The minarets and the golden gates welcome us grandly. The moment we enter there, we can feel the sense of tinge growing inside that reminds all are one and equal in front of God.

E-Umbrellas open during day time & close at the sunset
Lobby of the mosque - Closed Umbrellas look like Minarets

Talking about Nabawi mosque won't complete without mentioning Ar-Raudah Shareef. This is an area in the heart of the mosque which extends from the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) tomb to his pulpit. Its like a little piece of heaven, if you pray there and ask for anything, Inshaallah, your wishes are granted. Women have special schedules to enter. While my brother went inside through the Gent's section we were waiting for our turn. When the time came, people were sent in as batches according to their countries. As wheelchair users and one attendant can get the entry without much hassle, having my grandma in the wheel, I entered into the Raudah easily. It was a delight and mesmerizing. Umma and my cousin joined us with no much delay. So we all set inside. I squeezed in to the crowd and reached near the back gate which is the only Ziyarah sight from the ladies' section. People said it will be difficult to pray there because its packed all day, yes it was full, but Alhamdulillah, I managed to secure a place in front and prayed longer n nearer. I opened this Burdha Kithab, gifted by my another grandma from my home town, and started reciting it. Next to me was standing an Indonesian girl, and she too joined me in the recitals, glancing at my kithab. It was one unforgettable experience.

A glimpse inside the Mosque

Later we surfed through the shops outside the mosque and we bought some prayer rugs and abayas. Also a gold locket, since I have heard many people saying that buying gold (like an investment) from the Prophet’s land bring all the prosperity to us.

The Green Dome

The next day after lunch, we all set ready to travel to Mecca. I started feeling sad already for leaving Madinah while I just couldn't wait to see Ka'bah, the dream place to visit once in his/her life time of every Muslim.

Thanks for reading My Umrah Journal.

To be continued... My Umrah Journal - Mecca


  1. OHMYGOD! You are so lucky!You have done Umrah!<3 Beautiful post Meera(the chhupi rustum) My father has done Umrah too, and InshaAllah i'll do it some day too.... Reading your post,i am tempted to go asap :) When The pictures are so beautiful what about the reality!

  2. Such an inspiring post! May my wish to visit Mecca will be fulfilled one day...

  3. Mashallah !!! Amazing !! and I know what it means when you explain every bit about your trip to the holy Mecca :)

  4. A very special post indeed!

  5. I believe the experience should be wonderful. It 'll be a unforgettable experience to see pilgrims all around the world

  6. Comprehensive and quite a good overview on the meaning behind the trip and the purpose fulfilled .. was totally into it from the starting (besides it shared a common purpose too) but amazing !

  7. An engrossing read and must be special experience for you.

    And congrats on the 50th post.

  8. That a beautiful dream come true for you I guess :) beautiful post :)

  9. Inshaallah, may all your wishes and prayers are granted. and Jazakallah. Thank you all so much for reading and also leaving behind your finger prints :-)

  10. Very special 50th post! Gave me insight into the Madhina pilgrim
    process. Thank you!

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