27 Apr 2013


Em Cee is back again with another wonderful piece of work. Well, if you don’t know who I am talking about, please do click ---> here to see his previous post in my nibbles. When he texted me his poem yesterday, the first and immediate thing occurred to me was one of his one liners which I found quite apt to the theme - Adrift yet Sunken.

Without any delay, here comes the Em Cee's CornerHope you all like it. Thank you. J

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Bushwhacking my way through the wilderness,

         Gliding past hordes and hordes of unfathomable hurdles,

Well aware of my impending doom,

          I seek and strive to meet the purpose of my birth,

For i am just a Dandelion, Afloat in the wind... 
                                                                                                                                                - Em Cee


  1. Excellent...adrift yet sunken is such an unusual yet apt description!!!!

  2. who knows the purpose of birth is well directed and rational being , humane .... what we see today in the world is nothing but the absence of thought .. the reason to be ... loved every line .. every word .. every meaning of it !!

  3. Excellent poem!!

    Guiding past hordes and hordes of hurdles,
    I seek and strive to meet the purpose of my birth!!

    Just awesome! :)

    Writing on the go

  4. Every one is destined for a path and only a fortunate few realize their goals and set off with their trails...nice one...!!!

  5. We all seek the purpose of ourselves....Very beautiful poetry Em Cee!

  6. Thanks Em Cee for sharing these beautiful lines in here. and thanks to everyone for dropping by and leaving your comments behind.. keep visiting again. :-)


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