31 May 2013

Sky Watch

When seeing those birds, it occurred to me as if they were trying to form some images in the clear sky. One of my Sky Watch days in Bangalore, India.

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30 May 2013

The Wheel

Thursday Challenge – Wheels
(Bicycle, Car, Wagon, Ferris, Steering...)

This photo was clicked by my brother in an Antique shop near Galle, Sri Lanka.

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23 May 2013

White Blanket

Shivering mountains,
Nature’s white blanket
Spreading warmth

Cloudy Hills of Kodaikanal, India.

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22 May 2013

It's Tea Time @ Societea

As my cousin n I were walking and surfing the shops in that 100ft Road looking for Chai Patty, we saw an old rusty board carrying the name Socie-Tea. The name itself caught our attention. Do I have to say it is a tea shop? We immediately made up our minds to visit there soon.

We landed in the Socie-Tea after our power yoga session the very next day. Both were hoping this would be a better place compared to the previous day experience.

As we entered, we found it’s a small decent Tea Kadai (shop) with some tiny tiny images painted all over the wall. There is this one wall painted in black and they have written their menus with chalk. We found the wall art and the accessories of this chai shop carries its own DigniTea, IntegriTea and SpecialiTea. And so as we saw one of the quotes in the frames, we too wished one cup of tea will restore our NormaliTea.

It was altogether a nice interior, trying to make a difference. One thing that caught my eye was the newspaper stand that was made of bamboo ladder. Interesting piece of accessory to the room it was.

We surfed through the menu and ordered Socie-Tea and Samosa Chat for the snack. Yeah after yoga session eating samosa.. hehe.. couldn't help it. as we were bit hungry for snacks :D We placed our orders and sat in our table. There were also bamboo stools n mats as a settee to sit n relax. It is a great place to hangout with friends for a cup of Chai.

As we sat down, they served us the masala peanut in a small bowl as the complementary starter. While we were eating it, in less than 15 minutes, they served us our orders. The chat samosa and the tea. Usually it seemed for the other teas they serve the sugar separately  without mixing it but Socie-Tea is a cardamom flavored ginger tea perfectly brewed. It was served in a terracotta cup. Warm and freshly brewed Chai with tasty aroma.

We were very impressed and had visited couple of times after that day. And ordered the same societea. For a great cuppa chai in an affordable price having friendly atmosphere with nice people to attend, this is the place for you to remember.

Socie-Tea.... Tas-tea... J

Location -   Societea - 13th Main Road, Dupanahalli, Domlur.

My Food Journey Continues...

16 May 2013

Catch Me If You Can

Thursday Photo Challenge - Trees
(Leaves, Branches, Bark, Roots, Birds, Squirrels...)

This Squirrel was taking its morning walk after his breakfast. He was moving too fast as if it was telling me - catch me if you can - in your lens. Well, my click got shaky in the 3rd picture and hence this little gimmicks. In fact it is bliss to watch these cute creatures playing in the big Neem tree just outside my balcony, while I sip my morning tea.

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15 May 2013

The Blessing of Joy

Aisha walked in hurry as she was almost late for her appointment. She gave her name to the nurse in the desk, while she was surfing the shelf to fetch her case file, Aisha scanned the room for the empty seat. The entire place was strangely quiet. She glanced at the entire room and the faces of some 50 women waiting at Dr. Kundavi, Gynecologist’s reception at a famous hospital. Everyone was there for the same reason – They can’t get pregnant without a doctor’s help.

No one cared to speak or even acknowledge to one another, yet having so much in common. Everyone was sitting in their own world, reading a magazine, fiddling with their cell phones or adjusting their sarees and dupattas. Those few who are accompanied by their husbands or mothers — they didn't seem to be in a talking mood, either.

Aisha, a 33 year old IT professional, was there for her pregnancy treatment with her husband Sam, who was also in the same field. He was trying hard to hide his nervousness and holding his wife's hands with hope and comfort. As the clock ticked, Aisha sat there silently and lost in her own thoughts.
It was 2005 May, 5 years before that day, Aisha, a lovely, vibrant and a religious girl, got married to Sam, the love of her life. Happily married with her loving husband and caring in-laws. But after few years of marriage, what more she or her family could ask for – a baby to show their affection and to prove as a symbol of their love? Or do you think is it too much to ask for?

For every married person, however rich and well settled they are, the question they couldn't escape is – 'How many kids do you have?'

They too did come across such phase in their lives. But at first they weren't much worried as they have decided to wait. So they both didn't give much urge to start a family, instead concentrating on their profession and earning money, like any newly married couple.

2007 – As their second anniversary passed by, they decided to start a family and started trying for a baby. She naturally thought getting pregnant would be as easy for her as everything else that had been in her life. After all, when she really wanted something and worked hard for it, it always seemed to have fallen in place. Few months passed by, nothing happened. She eventually started getting tired and depressed as she spotted the redness month by month. Two more years passed in the blink of eyes. Being religious, they believed that God would bless them naturally with the bundle of joy.

2009 – They started feeling more worried but they both didn't show it explicitly and pretended to be happy. But when they have lost almost all their hopes, their family friend suggested this hospital. And they visited Dr. Kundavi, but after the basic tests, nothing seemed to be wrong. She prescribed her with Folic Acid & other hormone pills and asked her to come for regular monthly checkups. After several fruitless months passed by, doctor advised them to go through further detailed procedure and advanced treatment.

Meanwhile directly n indirectly, their relatives started questioning about her fertility. Now, those talks and questions made Aisha grew depressed. Because it is expected from you, from the woman when she gets married, it is an unwritten rule. With her growing depression, Aisha became weaker and feeble day after day. She quit her job and stopped going out. She stayed most of the time in her room and avoided talking to people. She hid herself from the society. She built a void around her, as she started feeling that her life has no meaning without a child to give her love and care.

Even though Sam was a loving and supportive person, her own wishes and dreams of getting conceived, made her go down with stress. For her, nights grew longer than ever. When Sam was asleep, she sat crying in the bed for hours in her anguish and despair. She couldn't sleep properly and found difficult to concentrate on anything. When his parents started insisting him to remarry for the sake of heir to the family, Sam felt restless and started working for long hours simply to avoid being at home and face the issues.

One day when he returned home late from work, he found Aisha swallowing sleeping pills to end her life to give a peace of mind to everyone she loved. He slapped her hard and hugged her tight.  As she started losing her conscious, they took her to their family doctor immediately and gave her first aid. Later she apologized for her madness and they both cried at their incapability.

When she recovered from it, Sam took her and other kids in the family and neighborhood to picnic to uplift her mood but at the end of the day they were both gloomy. He insisted her to go to work again to get rid of her void. And they waited for God to answer their prayers some day soon.

But only later did they realize that God will not just come down and grant their wishes but He has provided the facility and already showed them with the possible way through modern medicine.

It was May 2010, Aisha and Sam were waiting outside the doctor’s cabin clutching their test reports in her hands.

Whole room was in silence until the nurse called for Aisha. She came back to her senses, stood up and walked slightly tensed holding Sam's hands towards the doctor's office, with their final hope alive.

Dr. Kundavi, a very nice lady in her 50s, smiled as they entered the room. ‘How are you Aisha? Please have your seat...’ As they sat down, she went through their reports for few minutes and said, 'Everything seems to be normal but it is diagnosed as unexplained infertility'. She looked at both of them, 'Now it's been 5 years you got married, no symptoms of pregnancy even after we tried the medications n other treatment. We tried our best to make it naturally but as you’re getting older Aisha, I advise you to undergo the IVF treatment.'

Aisha and Sam both were bit hesitant at first but they have no other options to refuse as they saw it as their only hope. When Doctor explained about the procedure, it was like a light lit in their dull gloomy life. They started their treatment in the following month. Aisha got conceived. The whole family floated in joy. And the following 9 months was like a mixture of happiness, anxiety and also a difficult period for her. She was in bed rest and every month she underwent Ultrasonic Scan test where they able to see the movement inside her womb. Finally yeah, God has answered their prayers by blessing the whole family with the bundle of joy.. not one but two.. a boy and a girl - blessing to fill their emptiness and a meaning to their life.

PS - This story is loosely based on a true incident. And the babies' pictures are from my personal collection.

13 May 2013

The Black Beauty

                                              -  My April Vellvette Box.

It was so good and much more than I actually expected. I fell in love with that box, the moment I laid my eyes on it. It was neatly gift wrapped with a cute ribbon. I opened with all my bubbling excitement to look whats in store for me. Inside I found truly amazing products waiting for me to explore. In fact it was very generous for the amount I paid. Lucky me, to catch my WOW moment!

I adore this all purpose Figs & Rouge Aloe Mint Balm. Perfect time it has arrived to make me cool and moist, as I am already growing dry this Summer. The Spearmint Body Wash makes me feel refreshingly minty after the shower. I tried this lovely Motives eyes and lip shades, with moisturizer in it. Its already looking good on my complexion. All the products are purely organic. With more discount coupons inside, it is simply awesome. Now this pretty black box is sitting proudly in my dressing table as a centerpiece and making my friends n cousins grow jealous :p

I ordered for only a month's subscription to try on this product. Since am overwhelmed, now that I have decided to order in coming months too... 

Looking for more black beauty boxes on my way... :-)

9 May 2013

Ready To Get Wet?

Thursday Photo Challenge - Wet
Rain, Swimming Pool, Fountain, Puddle, Water..

When I tried to click this beautiful rainbow in my camera, it dint come out properly. But then it was caught so well by my brother at Coorg, Karnataka. One of my favorite pictures.

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8 May 2013

My Food Journey in Bangalore - Part 2

Its been already more than 2 weeks I actually started writing my food journey. In between I took a break and diverted into few other topics and so I felt like I was postponing it. Well anyways today I found some time and let me share my yet another food journey in Bangalore here.

On my first weekend in Bangalore, my brother took us to Hotel Nandhini in Domlur for lunch. Famous restaurant for Andhra cuisine rendering tasty hot n spicy meals. Good ambiance and good serving. I liked the way they mix the plain rice with podi (spicy powder) with dhal and papad for side dish. It included few varieties of vegetables too. Delicious and stomach filling lunch. But I dint click it properly that day. So the pictures may not be tempting but it will be in real.

After our lunch, here comes our dessert time. We drove to Corner House Ice cream Parlor, which is almost 10-15 minutes drive from Hotel Nandhini, to gobble ice creams J Be it cakes or ice creams, chocolate is my favorite flavor. So we placed our order - Chocolate Nut Sundae and Lychee with whipped cream.  It has a nice open space to sit around and a great place to hangout with friends. We enjoyed our time there. Do try this chocolate nut ice cream if you go. It was like their specialty.

Then we decided simply to travel around the city in Metro. My first time in metro and less crowd since it was Sunday. So it was like we were travelling alone in that compartment. Nice view of the city with colorful flowers flourishing all around the city depicting the spring with a beautiful sunset.

Finally at the end of the day, we went to Forum mall. Where we hanged out a bit and did some shopping. Dinner at Sahib Sindh Sultan Restaurant. The place was huge and it was a warm and dimly lit restaurant. The interior took me to another era and it was like as if we were traveling in a train compartment. Lovely experience and superb food. We ordered Prawn Pulao and Chicken Biriyani. The service was good. So as the quantity of the food and the taste too. Bit expensive but worth an experience.

After the meal they served us the sweet jeera and tamarind balls. Finally they offered us Paan for dessert. While we refused it at first, my cousin was so curious about how a paan tastes. So we both ordered for Sweet Paan, while the boys kept their mouth shut. It looked really tempting when it arrived with silver foil and cherry decoration. I put it in my mouth. One gentle bite. A blast inside my mouth.. lol. A new taste I don't know how to describe but it was ok. kinda 50-50 likes.. I had to tightly seal my lips to avoid that liquid oozing out and stain my scarf. hehe. Thus my food journey that day ended with a sweet blasting note.


Hotel Nandhini - # 154, 2nd Stage, Domlur.

Corner House - 12th Main, 8th Cross, Next to HDFC Bank, Indiranagar.

Sahib Sindh Sultan Restaurant - 2nd Floor, The Forum, Koramangala.

My Food Journey Continues...

6 May 2013

Number 55

Story of How I Wrote My first 55 word fiction…

‘One… Two… Three…’
My mom asked, ‘What are you counting?’
Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen…’
She gave me a puzzling look.
I continued
‘Twenty-three… Twenty-four…
My first flash fiction is getting ready, Ma…
Thirty-five Thirty-six…
Oh… it’s tough to write a story with just few words…’ Sigh!
Three more…
‘Whoa… Fifty-five…!’ J

Mission Accomplished!

PS - This is my 55th post... So I made this number 55 as the theme for it.

2 May 2013

Standing Alone

Thursday Photo Challenge - Nature

A glimpse of Kodaikanal, India.

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