30 Jun 2013

You Are My Love..!

courtesy - Google

On a rainy day, I wake up lazily...
Sitting in my garden
To enjoy your falling silver thread,
Weather so misty and morning hazy -
I sip my hot tea, letting the warmth comfort me.
All alone and dazed, looking at the fresh daisy,
Your drizzle splashes on the window pane,
And sprinkles over to refresh my brain.

You are my love, who
Pours down joy and cheer,
To brighten my mood and make me smile.
Dripping from the sunshade,
You delight me with your dance show.
Painting my heart in the foggy window,
And humming softly your melody, plop... plop..
I kiss you... I taste you... you’re so sweet.

I poke you lightly and splash into the air,
I walk onto you with wide-spread arms,
Jumping in your puddle and make a hop.
I twirl along with you
And embrace your drizzling hymns -
When you slide gently over my skin
And wash away my stress within,
I realize, you love me more...!

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28 Jun 2013

Shop Time at DesiDime...!

Ah... here comes my peaceful time,
While she shops with DesiDime..!

Woohoo...! This is how the persons accompany my shopping spree got rejoiced when they heard about the one n only DesiDime.com.

You know, I love to surf shops more. No matter I buy or not, I simply enjoy window shopping looking for the best deals, simply forgetting my meals. Usually before I want to buy anything, be it a tiny earring, I don’t pick it that easily without looking into more than one shop to know their price and also not without a bargain. But ever since my lazybones restricted me to stay at home, I got introduced to this online shopping. Well, now from books to wallet to dress materials to dangling jewelry and even furniture, I started liking to buy them online. Its that easy, you know. Shopping is just a click away. And I am happy till date that I haven’t had a moment to regret with their service. But the thing I resent was I had to visit more than one site to know about the products and their best offers. Even though it was bit time consuming, I still had to do it cos I wanted the best in everything, even the price range.

Until one day when Ritesh aka Rats, my one of a kind blog buddy, introduced this site which lists down the best deals on variety of products from various online stores to choose from... 'Oh.. its just another review', I wondered, what's so big deal about this site people are talking so high of.. hmm.. out of curiosity I clicked the link and I realized I  was lucky and thrilled to land there and found immensely useful and time saving. Click this to know what he said about the site.

A little Intro to those who wonder what is this DesiDime I am talking about?

*Guys.. I must say... you're lagging behind...*

Recently, there is this website which is creating waves in the online market. A completely free and user friendly online shopping forum created, 'by the users, for the users and to the users', especially to provide them a platform to make the best shopping decisions. It is a fastest growing online community that allows you to discuss with other shoppers who have similar taste of yours. And it is nothing but a one-stop solution for all your shopping needs.

Just like I thought at first, even now you may think the same - what made me talk about this community this much, after all it is just another shopping site. Well, no.. it is not 'just another' instead there's so much in it.

Read more.. I bet you’ll agree with me when you visit their page just once.

  1. DesiDime team do a lot of research and list out the best deal of products from various genuine online markets - lets choose from flipkart to homeshop to snapdeal to myntra to Goibibo to firstcry to.. etc etc.. (If someone else do all the survey and research on the products we want to buy and that too for free of cost, what else can we ask for?) Here's an option to pick your store.
  2. Best offers through out the year. (Who doesn’t want to purchase when a sale is on, huh, and that too almost all day? With such inviting offers... wow... what a reason to shop...!) Choose from the Daily Deals.
  3. Availability of the price comparison from different stores for each n every product they list, that helps us to buy the best of the best. Be it a hi-fi gadgets or as simple as a fountain pen, you’ll get it for the best price. (we wont be getting this comparison in any other online store sites or not in your local stores, I bet. Perfecto..!)
  4. Discount coupons (Ah.. now don't tell me that you're not interested in getting discount coupons? C'mon grab it, you can even buy your holiday trip. What are you waiting for? Voila..!)
  5. List of the Popular Deals from each stores. (Forget about shopping with Google's help and visit this site to know what's the best selling product of the season)

  6. Check out for all your shopping needs under one roof. From household things to Gizmos to stationary to jewelry to baby products to what not.. The list goes on n on n on.. Phew.. I am tired listing them out..  I'm hungry and its time to nibble... hah.. they have Pizzas too (yum.. yumm.. mum.. mumm..) for the offer you cant even imagine. Well, as they say - it is the offer you simply can't refuse.
  7. Easy to access - time saving and worth your money spent. Even you can discuss, review and also find new friends in their forum. (Best shopping experience in your finger tip.) Stop wondering.. just click DesiDime.
  8. No traffic.. no buzz.. no queues.. no blues. Just sit, relax and pick the best deals around. The best way to enjoy your purchase with Premium Deals.
  9. Wait... Who will give you money just like that without even asking you a question? But Desidime gifts you Rs.50 simply for registering in their site, where you can win exciting gifts too. Be in trend and learn how to earn your dimes. (still waiting, huh? Go.. Run.. Register.. get your dime and start your best shopping experience today) Its like a cake-walk. Bingo..!

  10. Finally and selflessly (?!), to give a peace of mind to the person who accompanies and handles my shopping spree. So that they will let me shop more in their happy mood.... (ah, what an idea Rat ji...!) :p :p
Well, now you know my rating for this site, obviously - 10 on 10. I can suggest you to shop through this fabulous DesiDime without any hesitation or delay.

Be smart. Save money. Buy best. Visit DesiDime.

Hey, what are you still doing here? Din’t check out the site yet? Uff.. I was asking you from the beginning to go n visit, nah... Sigh..! If you’re not gonna listen to me, don't blame me later that I haven't warned you for you’re going to lose your savings little by little. So Run.. Lo! Run...!

Happy Shopping with DesiDime!

27 Jun 2013

Button Roses

Thursday Challenge – Flowers
(Colorful, Close-ups, Gardens, Arrangements...)

Flower arrangement in my pantry. The tiny roses floating separately in those small glass cups were kept inside a plastic cookie holder to make it appear like an elegant flower arrangement. A simple yet appealing way to decor your home. 

This picture post is shared in Thursday Photo Challenge – For Fun and Learning.

Have a great day :-)

22 Jun 2013

I Have Something To Tell You...

I have something to tell you...!

Hmm.. Go on..

You know.. I am thinking of it...


...How to say it...

Mokka.. Don’t create a scene.. What’s up?

Umm.. I don’t know.. I am just wondering...

Come to the point, idiot.. :@

Yeah. but that’s what matters...

Uff... At least you tell me what its all about?

Er..  Something...

Ahem... What’s wrong with you, today?

I don’t know but still..

Grr.. are you going to tell me or not?


Hey, you fell down again anywhere.. Seems this time you injured your head, eh?

Er.. What.....?? Nooo..!!

Then... Whats your problem.. huh?

I dono how am I going to... L

Umm.. Going to...?

Write this week’s WoW post...

Grrr.... What’s the topic?

'I have something to tell you..'

:@  x-(  :-/  :-I

Hehe... Now I think I have got something to write about ;-)

Wait, I’ll post and come back..  :D

AARGH.. @?!#

21 Jun 2013

Serene River

Thursday Challenge - Outdoors
(Parks, Trails, Rivers, Playgrounds...)

A day at Nisargadhama Park, Coorg, Karnataka. With the serene river flowing along with the long bending bamboo trees and the Elephant and Deer Sanctuary makes it more of a forest-like than a park. And it is like an island which is connected to River Kauveri with a hanging rope bride. To explain my day there in one word is - 'Awesome'.

This picture post is shared in Thursday Photo Challenge – For fun and learning.

15 Jun 2013

Happy September

A fairy tale, not Once upon a time
But only a few weeks back...
Far far away, there lives September,
A charming girl, dressed in black.

Looking forward to be a stunning bride
Ready to get married in the country side,
Grand wedding round the corner
Sitting bored and worried, like a mourner.

The girl next door with big dreams
Pretending to be a princess in her realms
Only day where she must shine
As the glasses dangle with the wine...

Her frizzy tresses and unfinished dresses
Made her grew sad and stuck with I-Pad
When her little bird brought the WeChat
She invited her friends, for a peppy chat.

Those who lived happily ever after
Came on the line to make her feel better
Ariel teased her from the underwater
And the dancing fishes made her wonder

Giselle’s enchanted singing and designer dresses
Tangled with Rapunzel‘s recipe for beautiful tresses
Alice in her wonderland wide awake,
Wondering, 'where is Aurora?', eating her cake...

Flying with Aladdin in her carpet , Jasmine said,
oh, she is always late for the duty,
Our one and only sleeping beauty..!’
They gossiped, they giggled...

While Tiana was frying the yummy food,
Belle was trying to cheer up the mood.
Curious on how a country wedding would be,
Snow White gave the tips of make up and beauty.

Happy to find a way to get rid of the pimple
Which was spoiling her lovely dimple.
Rubbing her eyes, Aurora peeped in
To share the secret of her beauty sleep...

All girls’ talk grew more fun and deep.
Such a lively chat and singing,
With so much laughter and pinging...
Under the beauty of starry night.

Having Cinderella to plan it right,
And getting the bridesmaids, all perfect...
September’s mood lit up and went to bed,
Listening to the song of her chirping bird...

la la la la...
la la la la...

This is an excerpt from the story of September who is living happily since then...!

I have a thing for this name 'September' ever since my 2nd grade simply because I am a September born. And now I only wish this Happy September could be no one but me

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed writing it. 

The new way to connect...!!

Thanks to WeChat and Indiblogger to come up with this fun-o-fun topic.

13 Jun 2013

The Rusty Guitar

Thursday Challenge – Music
(Instruments, CDs, Live Performance, Sheet Music...)

This is my brother's guitar. He used to attend music classes during his school days but then quit half way. Since then it managed to find its place in our attic and grew pretty old and rusty. Now it rests there peacefully as a memory..

This picture post is shared in Thursday Photo Challenge – For Fun and Learning.

10 Jun 2013

Party Time..!!

Have you ever attended a ladies' social get-together or a party – big or small? Of course you must have, if you are a female!

Ladies usually love to dress up, get together and have a heartfelt conversation over sumptuous food. For a woman, getting together with her girlfriends is actually one of the few things in life that helps her to release stress and uplift her spirits.

Whether it's a group of little girls dressing up in pink for the tea party or spirited teenagers baking their first cake or vibrant college-goers taking a break after their exams, neighborhood housewives convening a potluck luncheon or a kitty party... We, the sweet and spice loving X-chromosomers, never get tired to come together to chat, eat and drink to our hearts content, with a splashes of what we love.
                                                   Giggles, Gabbing, Glamour
                                                          Gossips, Gourmet
                                                   Gifts, Get-together - Girls!

When I think of any party that too with delicious food served, the first thing that comes to my mind is Iftar and Eid Party - last eve of the fasting and the night of the festival come together with a reason to celebrate with fun and rich cuisine. Yeah, in my life n style, I couldn't think of any better party than this with delicious food and celebration. 

Conveniently, this year Eid is supposedly falling on a Saturday. And so the party will be on the previous night, for most of us weekend starts on Friday evening.

So let us imagine the big day arrives. And here I am getting ready to arrange the party... from the theme to food to décor to etc etc.. so much work to do. And with me fasting, I don't want to get tired instead make everything easier as possible. Since I always arrange any get-together at my home, I prefer to keep it easy to do but also grand for the ambiance of my hall. Yeah, I just said grand and easy... With Kitchens Of India, the food turns out so perfect as anyone can imagine. Well, its like half the work is already done.

I am all set to invite my aunts, cousins and all my girlfriends. Let me phone them personally and invite to my gourmet party.

    Venue – my home
    Date - Eid night
    Time – 6 pm (before the sunset)

With the festive night, there is a reason to dress their best. So no dress code needed to be mentioned plus I prefer them walking in their comfort zone without much hassle. 

The venue décor - I set my living room with Diwan and throw silky colorful Cushions and Bolsters over the Carpet which is already accessorizing my hall for the sit up. A wooden sofa in the corner is also accessorized with cushions, so that elderly people of my family could sit and spend time with us during the occasion.

Jasmine flower strings and ferry lights are hanged over the curtains and clusters to bring in the festive mood.

Placing the Attar perfume in the corner table and burn the Agarbathis (incense sticks) to fill the room with pleasant smell, I am almost all set.

When the guests start to arrive, I greet and lead them to the living room where they can make themselves comfortable. Now Dates n Dry fruits are served with chilled water, on hearing the Azan (prayer calling) at the sunset, to break our fast.

Then the congregational prayer is held. After the prayer session, now is the time to gobble our sumptuous food waiting on the table outdoor. Yeah, Iftar gathering is set in my garden. The hurricane lanterns hanging in the tree and the candles inside the decorative glass with wooden sticks kept as the table décor uplift the whole theme of the garden party at sunset. Low tables and chairs are arranged to have their food comfortably in groups.

Basically in my hometown, it is a tradition to serve Kanji (porridge) at Iftar.

The Iftar Table is served in Buffet system with -

Chicken Kanji
Cheese Cutlets
Cardamom & Ginger Tea
Apples, Mangoes and Grapes

With Kitchens of India comes in handy, now it becomes so easy to prepare the Chicken Recipe for the Kanji with Chicken Curry Masala Mix.

As the Iftar comes to an end and the Eid celebration begins. I have a plan to make my guests occupied in fun and yet interesting way. So I take them inside and gather in the living room where we sit, relax and sing Arabic, Urdu and Tamil Nasheeds. While singing, few of my younger cousins play Daf (a hand made drum like musical instrument) and others offer jasmine flower strings to the guests and shower rose petals over them as a tradition.

Party time at my home

With all this fully occupied evening, no one wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and suffer, missing this interesting event. So am I. But with the wide range of ITC - Kitchens Of India products , why worry? All work done in a jiffy.

The Dinner Menu

Main Course - Idiyappam (string-hoppers) and Parathas
Side Dish – Chicken Darbari and Dal Bukhara

Well, after the dinner its time for little more fun. Festival mood cannot be complete without drawing Henna on hands, right? Playing the soft ghazals in the background, the Mehndi Cone Tray is placed in the center table.

Attar and Henna Cone

While filling our hands with some simple n stylish designs, can we, girls stay quiet? With loads of chatting and the drying henna, now comes the time to serve Roohafza.

Finally, I should honor my guest nah? So I have giveaways on the occasion. A scarf and a Hazoori Petha Halwa packet in a handmade paper bag to everyone as Eid Gift.

Gift Bag

As they leave, giving big hugs to all my guests wishing, Eid Mubarak...!!! J

Thank you for making my gourmet party an easy, hassle-free yet so grand and delicious one, KOI...!

Thanks to Kitchens Of India and Indiblogger to come up with such a sumptuous topic.

6 Jun 2013

Colorfully Clean

Thursday Challenge – Cleaning
(Broom, Mop, Bucket, Vacuum Cleaner, Street Cleaner...)

When I saw this prompt, I remembered one of the the pictures of a lady cleaning a park that was clicked couple of years back. And I was looking for it in my hard drive but couldn't find it yet. So here it is I am posting this out of emergency... Colorful cleaning equipments at my home. :p

This picture post is shared in Thursday Photo Challenge – For Fun and Learning.

5 Jun 2013

My Food Journey In Bangalore - Part 4

Café Max – a typical German restaurant located on the 3rd floor in CMH Road. We actually went there to meet my cousin’s friend in short notice. It was a nice quiet place to spend your time with family and friends. The ambiance has European touch added to it and it's lovely and bright. I would suggest you go to this place in the evenings as it may be too bright n sun lit with glass windows in the day time. Bit expensive but quite an enjoyable place to sit, talk n relax with the light music playing soothingly. We simply had some veg sandwich, Penne Arabiatta and lemonade. I liked the way they served water with mint leaves floating on it. Interesting idea to garnish the water. That day with our tight budget or should I say our diet (?!) J we skipped our dessert. But I heard the cakes and desserts are delicious here.

Then another week we planned for a dinner outing when my brother had a day off. We set off to High Note Bar n Dining Restaurant, which is also located on the third floor above TDS baby shop in the 100 ft Road, Indra Nagar.

Dimly litted place and lighted candles in every table make it perfectly a soothing and romantic ambiance. Great place to spend an evening with your loved ones. I really liked the terrace area. The decor was simple with plants in the pot here n there. One may think it is slightly expensive, but the food quality and the quantity both are superb and its worth spending on here. We ordered prawn curry with plain rice, Penne Pasta Americano and Mushroom in White sauce. They are simply filling and delllicciious.

With good ambiance, quick serving and delicious food, High Note is a must try.

Café Max and High Note are both interesting restaurants we visited and also I can undoubtedly suggest you to visit there at least once. J

Happy Eating...!


Cafe Max  Max Mueller Bhavan,  716, CMH Road, Indiranagar.

High Note -  # 776, 2nd Floor, 100ft Road, Indiranagar.

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