31 Jul 2013

Butterscotch Pudding

One of my Iftar delicacies. Today I made this butterscotch pudding and thought its worth to share it here with you all. Butterscotch is one of my favorite flavors esp. when it comes to dessert n puddings. It tastes like a milk toffee cos of the caramelized sugar. Here is my homemade recipe of butterscotch pudding. Bit tricky you may feel, but it is indeed simple and tasty.


100 g butter
1 cup sugar
2 ½ cup boiling milk
4 eggs, yolk n white separated
4 tsp gelatin dissolved in ¼ cup warm water
1 tsp vanilla
Cashews for the decoration


Heat the butter in a saucepan, add ¾ cup sugar and cook till the sugar caramelizes or turns into golden brown color. Be careful not to let it burnt. Quickly pour in the boiling milk and stir well. Cook till caramel is completely dissolved. Remove from fire and add the dissolved gelatin. Beat the yolks separately and pour in it. Also add the remaining ¼ cup sugar and the vanilla and stir into the milk.

Bring it to boil stirring well and then remove from fire. Cool the mixture by keeping the saucepan in a bowl of cold water and stir well.

Now beat the egg whites separately till soft peaks form and fold it in the cooled mixture. 

Slightly grease the pudding mould or cups with butter. Now pour mixture in cups and keep in freezer for about 15 minutes and then remove and put it in the refrigerator.

After it is set, loosen the edge with the help of a knife and turn it upside down.. Voila.. Ready to serve.

Decorate it with nuts and serve chilled.

Happy Eating!

29 Jul 2013

My Best Trip Ever

Basically I love to travel a lot but sadly I dint get much chance to discover new places. If I have to write about my best trip, well, here it is.

I have many reasons to choose this as my best trip. Foremost, it is the first... er... the only entire family trip till date. Second it is my first ever road trip. It has every element a trip needs - family, fun, craziness, petty fights, adjustments, altogether learning from our experiences.

It was during our vacation, when my dad and uncle family coming home from abroad after a year. We were so excited looking for this long awaited family tour. A dream road trip...

Our journey started from Chennai. Scorpio started vroom-ing in the national highway in that scorching April heat. Later in the evening, the weather started to cheer us as we almost reached Bangalore. We spent there a day, then headed to Jog Falls. Actually Falls was not in our agenda. But since we were in Karnataka for the first time and remembering our geography lessons about India’s highest waterfalls, we persuaded our dad to take us there as a study tour ;) but only to see the waterfalls similar to this... Never mind, after all we had a wonderful long drive. Entire journey we had lotsa fun karoke-ing, playing riddles, name-place-things and dumb charades.

Jog Falls in No Monsoon Season :(

On our way back to Mysore, the road was along the coastal side with awesome view. This was the trip where I discovered my craze towards sunglasses. Every time we set out, immediately I felt like wearing my coolers. One day I wondered *what if people think I am showing off* so to avoid that, I said aloud fluttering my hands, ‘ah... my eyes are burning yaar..!’ Everyone burst out laughing and started teasing, ‘ok.. ok.. now we all know you’re going to wear the sunglasses. ippo indha scene thevaya?’  Since then it makes me smile every time I wear my sunglasses. B-)

Coastal drive on our way to Mysore

Mysore Palace

Tipu Sultan Palace, Mysore

Brindavan Garden, Mysore

As we reached Coorg, it started drizzling with a weather apt to travel. We stopped in many places to simply enjoy the scenic beauty and to take family pictures. Throughout the journey, we were pretending like TV anchors presenting a travel show and talked about the places, recording in our handycam.

Boating, Coorg

Elephant Sanctuary, Coorg

at Nisargadhama Forest, Coorg

Raja's Seat, Coorg

Finally, the trip ended at Raja's seat with a note... ‘ayyo, the tour is over already..’ sigh!

Besides all those first time fun, do I've to look for any other reason to say this is the best trip I ever went?

Being grownups, we went again to trace back our old cherished memories to the same places last year and the pictures were taken then...

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27 Jul 2013

Say Cheese!!!

This was the curious reaction of this adorable li'l Maram, a Sudanese kid whom I met in Mecca during my Umrah journey, when we tried to click a picture of her. She was like a real doll, Mashaallah!

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21 Jul 2013

...And I Blushed!

The waves slapping the shore
And the sun rose up above,
I jogged past him to glance more
Springing with so much of love...
Out of the corner of my eyes
I watched him exercise
Butterflies flying over to fill
The scent of daffodil...

With morning sky so cloudy
And the soft rays sizzling on me
I sat down in the beach
Having my urge beyond the reach...
I started to build the castle in the sand
When he walked to me asking for my hand
He pulled me closer and hugged me warm,
While I safely snuggled inside his arm...

We danced in the sand dune
Trying to carry the romantic tune,
He brushed my lips leaving me stiff and numb...
And I blushed with my goosebumps.
As he caressed my cheek
Making me grow weak,
I felt the first droplet of rain
When he whispered, ‘I love you...’ lifting me again.

I smiled in a little shy
Filled with passion I can never deny
I craved to say ‘I love you more’
But it started to downpour.
Closing my eyes, my vision was blurred
All went vague, yet my emotions stirred.
Heavy wind pulled him away
Leaving me shaky, shiver and sway...

Pouring heavily on my face, I sigh
And slowly opened my eyes...
‘Wake up...’ mommy shook me in anger
Carrying a jug full of water...
‘5 minutes mom....’ my eyes shut in lazy mellow
While I snuggled with my soft pillow -
Trying to catch a glimpse of him,
Sigh... I had to wake up from my dream...!

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19 Jul 2013

Coco's Nut

This is a story of Coco or you can say, this is a story of the Coconut!

courtesy - Google

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl, named Coco. With her messy hair and bumpy skin, she left all alone with no friends to play. She reached her teen, where all guys treated her so mean. Coco grew sadder and prayed…

‘Pimple pimple go away
Never come back as I say
God! Help me this day
Make me special in every way.’

God dressed in white, came down in a parachute… handed her the hairy brown nut.

‘A genie inside
Stay by your side…
Wish for health and beauty…
He will grant as it is his duty.’

She wished for beautiful hair… She got it…
She wished for a silky skin… Yes, she got it…
She wished for a healthy figure… Wow, she got that too…

Now looking for a friend to play,  
She went out one bright day
Her new stunning look
Kept the town hooked

Charmed with her smile
News spread every mile.
They asked for the secret
She showed her wonder nut…

Cast with spell,
They called it ‘Coco’s nut…’
She lived merrily with friends
That’s where Coco’s story ends…

And well, that’s how the Coconut story begins… :)

16 Jul 2013

Fruit Salad With Custard

As we are in the month of Ramadhan, it actually gives us a new routine to follow till Eid arrives. Standing for the special night prayer called Taraweeh and reciting vithriya shareef and then attending religious lectures after that. It becomes very late to sleep and then waking up at around 4 am. Well, this whole month is the time for late dinners and light meal at sahar (jus before the dawn) and then the whole day, we have to abstain from eating, drinking and other worldly pleasures. And at the time of sunset, there comes the waqt to break the fast, where it is likely the time to feast. So with this routine, obviously most of us will give importance for food. Of course eating good food is important so that we will retain our energy level throughout the day. Usually at my home, Iftar table is served with kanji, vadas, and variety of fruits. Here like kanji, fruits are also a must serve.. either as juice or salad or pudding or milk shake or simply as it is...

Today I made this fruit salad with custard. It is a simple and a delicious dessert with the creamy texture and crunchy chopped fruits with a dollop of ice cream. So I thought of sharing this yummy recipe with you all.


Fruits – 1 cup
Milk – 1½ cups
Custard powder (vanilla flavored) – 1½ tbsp
Sugar – 1 tbsp
Condensed milk – 2 tbsp
Vanilla ice cream (optional)

You can use any fruits as per your taste. Today I used apple, banana, mango, orange, mozambi, grapes and sprinkle of chopped dates.

I don’t like to use pineapple cos I feel its sour taste may spoil the dish.


Chop the fruits into small cubes and keep it ready. In a small bowl, take custard powder and pour ¼ cup milk. Mix well without any lumps. Keep it aside.

Boil the remaining milk, then add the custard mixture, sugar and stir well. The milk will start thickening once the custard is cooked. So keep stirring continuously till it forms a creamy consistency. The custard will get thickened after chilled, so let the consistency be a bit runny.

Put the fruit in a large bowl and pour down the custard, condensed milk and mix well. Refrigerate till it become chilled. Fruit salad is ready.

Serving Options

Sprinkle pomegranate or chopped dates and nuts or serve with ice cream or with jelly or simply as it is.

Here I served with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream and a mango piece to top it.

Happy Eating...!

12 Jul 2013

Quench Your Thirst

On the way home from our weekend trip to Bhatkal, we stopped by this roadside shop to quench our thirst with sugarcane juice in the outskirts of Bangalore, India.

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11 Jul 2013

A Lonely Walk

While I was clicking this empty street during my visit in Bangalore, this old lady came out of a building walking alone, bit dull. Suddenly I feel now, it is kinda tell-a-tale photo. what do you think?

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10 Jul 2013

Ramadhan Mubarak!

Oh, you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may learn piety and righteousness. [Al-Quran 2:183]

Come, let us greet Ramadhan 
At the first sight of the moon.
Welcome the month that is blessed 
And cherish it is the best.

Doing some good deeds 
Controlling our urge and greed,
Refrain ourselves from the bad things,
And start our journey free from sins...

Dawn till dusk, its time to fast and pray
Wait for Iftar to eat, at the end of the day.
Raising our hands to Allah for Dua,
It is the best time to repent, ask for Tauba.

Give Zakaat, the charity to those who needs,
And come forward to spread the peace...
May the righteousness come into our hearts
And help us to lead our life a fresh start.

Recite the Quran to strengthen our Iman
May Allah bless us with joy through out
Accepting our repentance and grant us Ihsan. 
Come forth to pray and together we say...


Wish you all a very delightful and meaningful Ramadhan Mubarak!

6 Jul 2013

The Home

‘Ssh I know. Don’t say a word...’ removing his gloves, Peter softly covered her lips with his cold trembling hands and stopped her before she uttered another word. It’s been almost 10 years now that he left. And today he came back again for her.

She hugged him tight the moment she saw him, for she was afraid of losing him again. The touch of him after so many years revived her memory so fresh and alive. It was like everything happened yesterday...

‘Come let’s go for a walk...’ he took her hands gently. Peter and Elizabeth started walking along the riverside.

‘The river looks serene more than any other day, isn’t it?’ She asked.

He smiled. They seated in the wooden bench and facing the calm river at that silent hour. The moonlight reflected in the river and made the water to glow in gold and silver. She felt that it was a perfect scenario to fall in love with, where the shimmering moon romances with the calm river. A little far away they saw a young couple carelessly entwined in each other's arms kissing passionately, without aware of their presence. She smiled shyly at Peter.

'Thanks for bringing me here, dear... Feels so refreshing..', she smiled, 'Its been so long we strolled like this, hand in hand.. just you and me... Sigh.. I missed those days.. Pete, I am so happy today and I feel I am reborn’

He looked at her wrinkled grey eyes and cupped her cheeks in his trembling hands, adjusted her stole and planted a soft kiss on her forehead and smiled.  ‘You look really beautiful today...’

'Hah, you always say that. Now I know you have poor eyesight...' she chuckled, nudging him and leaned against his shoulder. This was the day she hoped to arrive, all these years. For he's here now, she could feel the long lost warmth and comfort, after a decade.

Closing her eyes, she thought about their past. The day when he proposed to her kneeling down, singing her favorite song. It happened in this very same location. And later one day, sadly this was where he left her in misery. She tried to recollect what made him to leave her. Tears rolled over her cheeks.

‘I missed you...’ she whispered softly.

‘I missed you too, babe...’ he wiped her tears gently.

‘I never expected you would do such a cruel thing to me. How could you leave me, Pete?’

‘I am sorry dear. I never meant to do it. But whatever it takes.. from now on, I will never leave you. I swear.’

The thought of being reunited with him brought her much delight as she could feel the true love in his eyes and his hug. Nothing more she needed but his closeness.

He covered her with his long overcoat and pulled her closer to him. She opened her mouth to say something. ‘Pete..’

'Don't say anything. Now I am here...' He looked at her eyes.

‘I love you, Liz... I never stopped loving you... I have been waiting all this while for... umm..’ 

He stood and weakly knelt down before her asking for her hand and hummed the tune in his cracked voice, ‘...You say it best... When you say nothing at all....’, her favorite song. She giggled like a little girl happily while he leaned to kiss her pale dry lips. It reminded of their first kiss. But now this one true kiss brought her back alive... ‘I love you too, Pete...’ 

They sat there for long time in silence, cuddling and just feeling the comfort of each other, enjoying the serenity.

‘Shall we go home? Its getting colder.’ she asked in shivering voice after an hour.


They both reached the street where their house was located.

‘Liz, don’t trip down. No need to hurry.’ He laughed as she was trying to walk with unsteady steps. ‘You may need this..’  he handed her the walking stick he was holding.

She pushed that gently aside and laughed, ‘That’s for you, Old man.’

‘We must go home before it’s too late. Dave and Anne must be worried. Pete, you know they missed you a lot.’

‘Liz. wait’, he paused, ’I can’t come.’ He gazed at her.

‘Oh dear, they will be happy to see you again....’ she sounded worried.

Still holding her hands, he asked, ‘Come with me...'

'We almost reached our home. Let's go in..’

Standing outside the gate, they could see through the glass window, their son and daughter talking with their relatives and friends in the living room.

‘Look at them, they seem worried Pete.. they must be looking for me.’

She almost reached to open the gate when Pete called her from behind. ‘I want to show you something, Liz...’

The feeling of being with him was the only one she craved for all these years.

‘I will come now but only when you promise me to come back home. What do you say?’ she demanded childishly.

He nodded. Then they walked past their house and stopped at the other end of the street. It was too dark and the cold wind blowing at their faces. She was confused for standing in front of that huge building holding the name ‘Harley Trust’

‘Why did you bring me here now?’

‘I’ll show you... Come inside...’ He tried to take her in but she was reluctant to walk in.

‘Its so dark here. We better go back to our children. I don’t know what they are doing without me. Let’s go home, Pete.’ she wept.

‘Trust me, don’t you?’ 

She followed him holding his hands, afraid to step into the darkness.

They entered the building. No one was there. They saw a man working inside the security office but he didn't seem to notice them in the darkness.

‘What’s that so urgent you wanted to attend when no one’s here, shall we call that guy?’

‘No let’s not disturb him...’

They went inside further and reached the back side of the building. His sight fixed at the east end of the huge backyard...  

‘Now you are here...’ She turned her head to see what he was staring at...

She was dumbfounded at the sight...

In the loving memory of

A Wonderful Husband 
& Father

Peter Harley
May 15th, 1976 
Sep 1st, 2043

Next to him..

In the memory of...

Loving wife, mother
& grand mother

Elizabeth Harley
March 5th, 1978
June 7th, 2053

She now could picture the scene of her family looking sad and dressed in black, mourning.

She also remembered the accident which took Peter away from her at the bridge above that river and left her immobile for the past 10 years.

He held her hands tightly, ’Welcome home, Liz...’

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4 Jul 2013

The Light

Flickering naked flame
Dancing in rhythm
Dispelling darkness!

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2 Jul 2013

The Shopping Spree...!

Courtesy - Google

'Come, Let's go darling...!'

Oops, my eyes came out popping,
As she handed me the list for shopping...
I can imagine the scene where I go insane.
From skirts and jeans to chocolates and beans

Every kitchen things to fulfill the need
Gizmos, gadgets and more books to read,
Gifts, jewelry and baby toys make her gay
Oh... At the end, what a tiring day!

I am so exhausted carrying the bags
But casually, she asked me to sit and relax
Standing in the counter to pay the bills
Uff, not finished her purchase still.

As soon as she saw the make-up stuff
She couldn't take her eyes off
I whispered, ‘Can’t it wait till the summer sale?’
Her mind replied me the ‘Buy more...’ tale.

From clutches and coolers to shoes and slipper
Sigh, how could I forget the food for dinner...?
Every shop in the road, we roam
Ignoring my, ‘let’s go home’...

Tender coconut to quench my thirst,
Until my wallet goes empty almost...! 
Wonder if I find my time free,
Oh.. when will she end this shopping spree...?

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