29 Sept 2013

Oh my sweet little thing...

Oh there you are my sweet little thing
Drenched in the coat of snowy piping
Evil, enticing and devilishly sweet,
Here comes my delicious treat...

Inside me, a hungry tone
Wide opened eyes, I see you gone
Greedy me, this ain't suffice 
As I give you my full price

Now devoured in my whim
Urging to work you off in the gym
Chocolate brownie with whipped icing,
Oh there you are my sweet little thing.

20 Sept 2013

Nibble Promptly..! - Results

I am happy to give you all a red carpet welcome on this special night.

Hey wait... don't rush to the end of the post... go slow and don't skip my presentation speech :-)

Basically a writer without readers is like a person talking to one's own self. Being said that, I am glad I haven't been shipped off to some asylum yet. Thank God and thank you, I am still here sounding sane with my usual touch of insanity.

Here I am thrilled to write this post for so many reasons... In every way I wanted to make it special. Firstly it feels really wonderful to write my 100th post on my birthday. and that too announcing the winners of the first contest I hosted in my burrow.. wow.. what a way to celebrate my day. Growing up with a birthday that falls in the midst of my term exams almost all the time, I had no much mood to party back then. But today, this is one of the birthdays I actually feel like celebrating, well, in a long time. It is indeed a birthday bash for me.

Before I announce the winners, let me take this opportunity to thank all the participants.

*A big round of virtual applause to all of them for they have entertained us with their creative juices*

The big things of concern when conducting my party is to find the good cheese for the winners and I am glad our judge Ms. Sandra Tyler lends her hands to give us a platform through The Woven Tale Press. And above all these, getting people to participate in the contest is one big time job. Since blogging contests are getting so popular and as well as common, I was in doubt if anyone will step in to participate. So I wanted to make my party something different and noticeable.. something special in my own way. And that’s when Ï happily woke up with a dream of ‘Nibble Promptly...!’

Btw, at this hour, since it was my first contest in my blog,  I must mention that I haven't eliminated anyone even though some of them haven’t nibbled promptly as per the contest rules. So in that case, even if the judge had liked your entries, she was hand-tied with my little nibbling rules to pick yours as her favorite.

And here I am ready to announce the winners. Since this post is solely for them, let me stop singing my own song...

Ladies and Gentlemen, by now you are all shuddering in anticipation, waiting to find out who won the very first Super Nibbler Cheese in the history of universe..... :D

Here it goes..

   Super Nibblers By...

Judge’s choice    –      Spells of Chocolate  by Anil Krishnanunni

Reader’s Choice   –       Hermetic Order Of Golden Dawn  by Arish Dhawan
Caged  by Bushra
                 The Black Forest Trip  by Jack My Say

Many Congratulations Guys.. So you have won the trophy cup from A Rat’s Nibble and the Cheese from me... you will be receiving your gifts soon J

Grab your Super Nibbler badge from --> HERE

Anil, you are the one who is going to get published. And you will be contacted by the judge soon for further details. Cheerz.

Here is the list according to the votes received in the comment section. You can check it out.. and the comments are no longer awaiting moderation... And this includes my vote too J

Caged – 5
The Black Forest Trip – 5
Hermetic Order of the golden dawn – 5
Incredible Cupcake - 3
Rattled Ratty Party – 3
A Magical Dream Indeed – 3
Spells of Chocolate – 3
Nostalgic For Thou – 2
Of Flowers in the Hair, English-speaking Cup Cakes and Other Things – 2
The Mysterious Bite – 2
Into the Wonderland – 2
A Birthday bash and an adventure – 2
Lesson in Disguise - 2
Page 3 : Celebrity Bites - 1
In search of True Love – 1
The Humble Feed - 1

You are all amazing writers.. and there's a long way to go. Happy writing. Cheerzz.

God bless you all. Have a wonderful life.

Thank you. And that's all for today...WooHoo!! It's Pa.. Pa.. Pa.. Party Time...!!

15 Sept 2013

My Award Moment

I have been generously bestowed with decent number of blog awards from my super sweet blogging friends few weeks.. err.. few months ago.

Firstly, a little apology for being a lazy rat and also pretending to be too busy to acknowledge while still I took the liberty to flaunt the awards in my blog... well. I am indeed very grateful to those who thought of me deserving enough to share their winning moment with me. I feel the luxury comfort here enjoying with my awards. When I found I was recognized here as a blogger with my first Liebster, it brought me immense joy like I have achieved something great.. and to answer my question, am I creative enough with my scribbles, my two best blog buddies said yes you are and handed me the Creative Blogger award.. Aha.. I was already flying up in the air without any wings attached but certainly with my parachute on.. :p With my high, I definitely should avoid falling down with a big thump, you know ;)

The Liebster from Panchali ji, Kamalika, Ashwin and Arish. The Creative Blog award from Anjali and Bushra.. My simple words are not enough to describe my gratitude.

Congratulations to you... and Thank you so much...

Panchali ji -  a wonderful lady and the first blogger I ever interacted with. Ma’m, I don’t know if you could remember our little chat in write-up-cafe during that Tibetan contest, well you did brighten up my day then. Your words always mean a lot to me.

Kamalika – a beautiful poet. I love the way she rhymes n chime with her words. One day it came as a total surprise when I got a message from her that she shared her Liebster with me. wow. I wasn't even aware that she read my li'l nibbles then. A pleasant surprise indeed.

Ashwin – a brilliant story teller. Thanks to Awesome Writers which gave me a chance to stumble upon his works. He is one such narrator who can make me easily glued to his 'roller-coaster ride' stories, even with my readers block. I admire his writing style and I always enjoy visiting his blog. He never failed to entertain me. One of my favorite bloggers and a good friend I met through blogging.

Arish – an awesome writer and the Mechanchis himself, who always in a killing spree with me. I hope I’ve settled the score with him now :P A versatile blogger, who amaze me with his poems. I started visiting his precious blog regularly only after I know about his lil pet Eric, my one of a kind.  ;)

Anjali – one of the sweetest bloggers around. She always brings me smile with her posts and of course whenever we catch up with each other. She is one adorable girl. :)

Bushra – the famous fab blogger. She interests me with her versatile writing. I still worry that I couldn't understand her *wah wah* shayars.

I am totally honored and elated for collecting my share from these wonderful people.

Let me directly start with the rules of these award.

Few random things about me... well, why restricting to the rule of 11 or 5? Read some 50 things about me here...  I, Me, Myself.

Btw, I can hold many secrets and so I prefer remaining under the veil for now..  ;)

I now take the liberty of answering to those questions by randomly picking from the list that was destined to me.

  1. What is your favorite genre of music?   Anything that soothes my mood.. but recently I am not listening to music like I used to be.
  2. What is your favorite hobby?  It changes from time to time.. From Books to Movies to Painting to Sewing to.. well, recently Writing and Photography.
  3. Why did you start your blog? To escape from my mood swings.
  4. What was your favorite story/book as a child?  I grew up reading Siruvarmani, a weekly Tamil children’s magazine.
  5. What is the most memorable gift you received? A small ceramic book case from my Grandpa which now I am using it to keep my jewelry.
  6. Say 'hello' in a language other than your native.  Assalamu Alaikum.
  7. If you were to write an autobiography, what would be its title? Hmm haven’t thought about that… how about  Life is not just a Cheese Cake? not good eh? :(
  8. What's your favorite thing to do when you’re upset? I like to eat and watch movies silently.
  9. How many languages do you speak? List them out.   Tamil and English, but I am not very much fluent in the latter.
  10. What is your favorite book? Explain why it is your favorite.   The Firm by John Grisham. I love reading thrillers.. and it served me with the right dose. And it was one of the first few books which sparkled my interest into reading.
  11. '10 days Antarctica cruise expedition' or '12 days Europe tour' - what would you choose among these two? Explain the reason.   Since very long I have been craving to take a backpack tour all around Europe.
  12. When your blog was just a new born baby, what is the craziest thing you did to increase your followersThe craziest thing.. umm. I nagged a friend to follow me. yeah, believe me, only one.. no one else.. :)
  13. That one word which describes your life.  Right this moment, I wonder if it is Blessed or Complicated.
  14. Idea for a perfect life - Just try to understand nothing/no one is perfect.
  15. If God asked you three wishes, what would they be?  1. Good Health 2. Happiness in my family 3. And whenever I wish to meet God, He should come and grant me 3 more wishes...
Done with my answers!! Now is the time to pass on my awards...

I share my Liebster with..

I love each of your blogs.. you all are quite unique and fabulous writers. And you deserve this Liebster and much much more...

Have fun answering my li'l questionnaire..

1. What is the best word to describe you?
2. Tell me your wildest fantasy.
3. What scares you the most?
4. What is the best trick you think you have done to impress your crush but turned the other way?
5. One ingredient for happiness.

Creative Blogger Award

I share this award to all the Cool Nibblers who Nibbled Promptly. This time I am not going to follow any rules. Never mind. At times rules are meant to be broken  :P

So I haven’t prepared any questionnaire for you, because I believe all of you deserve every bit of this creative award, without any second thought. For sure you are deliciously creative.

Congratulations... Enjoy your award moment and have a delightful week....!

And wait for few more days to know who has won the Super Nibbler Cheese.  ;)

Don't forget to vote for your favorite nibbles. To vote, click ---> Here.

10 Sept 2013

Nibble Promptly! – Voting Time

Whoa..! My blog's birthday party comes to an end. I am so very glad now that it went all lively as I wished and also overwhelmed with your response to the ‘Nibble Promptly’ fun contest. I believe it also served as a platform to get to know some wonderful people from this blogging world. Thank you buddies for your support and interest. Indeed it encouraged me to think about hosting some more parties.. will see what's in store... J

I must say, your adventures were like a collage of fun, romance, misery, mystery, comedy, comical and some wonderful lessons learnt too.. altogether it was a delightful and entertaining mix to read. Creativity at its best..! Hats off to you guys!! Okay.. now I am not going to dilly dally in this post, while I straight away come to the point.


Yup.. and *YOU* are going to be one of the juries. While the special judge Ms. Sandra Tyler, of A Writer Weaves A Tale, is now having her tough time picking her favorite Super Nibbler, here comes an opportunity for you to choose your favorite nibbles. Check out this month’s The Woven Tale Press, an eclectic culling of the blogging web. Just like you all, I am also curious to know who is going to get published this time.

Please do remember to read all the entries before you choose your top 2 favorite stories and tell us what impressed you to vote for it. Most importantly, I request you to keep in mind to vote for your favorite stories rather than your favorite bloggers.

Vote in the comment section of this post.  And please don’t be ‘anonymous’ while voting. Here is the voting format.

  1. Story title.
  2. Story title.
Voting time starts from the moment this post is published here.. and it will be open till 19th September. I am going to moderate my comments from now on so that it will come as a surprise at the end to know which story picks the most favorite vote.

Being a host, I enjoyed thoroughly your adventures and so my vote is for each one of you. Since already you gained your first vote for your stories, now is the time to read others' entries, share your opinions and finally vote for your favorites too.

Btw, those who entered in this fun contest, please click HERE and collect your 'Cool Nibbler' badge and flaunt it in your blog, well, if alone you desire. You are certainly cool... and you rock!!!

Here are the links to those cool nibbles of 'Nibble Promptly...!'

  1. Incredible Cupcake
  2. In Search Of True Love
  3. A Magical Dream Indeed!
  4. Nostalgic for Thou!
  5. Caged! 
  6. Into Wonderland...
  7. The Mysterious Bite! 
  8. The Humble Feed..
  9. Of Flowers In The Hair, English-speaking Cupcakes and Other Things 
  10. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  11. A Birthday Bash and An Adventure 
  12. Short Story : A lesson in disguise
  13. The Black Forest Trip
  14. Spells Of Chocolate
  15. Rattled Ratty Party
  16. Page 3 : Celebrity Bites
Enjoy the fantasy out of the world experience...  Then get ready to vote and be a real good judge...  I am waiting to see who are all going to grab the trophy cup from A Rat’s Nibble and the cheese from me... J

With no doubt, I can assure you will have a good time with all these cool nibbles. So.....

Happy Reading...!!

6 Sept 2013

Shimmering Moon

This is a view of the Moon rise in the beach at my home town, located down south of the state. It was already 9 pm then. We packed our dinner and reached the beach. After few minutes of family chit chats, while serving our food, it was so surprising and such a delight to see the moon rise at that hour. We left our food behind and went near the tides to watch this beautiful sight. It was like the orange moon woke up from the sea, refreshingly spreading wonderful light all over, and slowly reaching its place in the sky. Its transformation from orangish color into a golden yellow to creamy white. And especially the light's reflection in the sea water in such a darkness. Whoa. It was truly a mesmerizing sight. Subhanallah. 

These photos were clicked couple of months ago.

This picture post is shared in Sky Watch Friday.

4 Sept 2013

Fragrant Memories

Smell can be mild, smell can be wild
Leaving my memories mesmerized
Smell can be quiet, smell can be loud
Entice to take me into the cloud, I enjoy...

                                    My granny’s chicken roast
                                    Breakfast bread and toast
                                    Tempering aroma of the fish
                                    With onion, curry leaves and mustard seeds, I smelled...

Sniff of petrol from the car
The smoke out of my dad’s cigar
Mommy’s Lux and Palmolive
Reminds me of those days, I lived...

                                     Nothing so riper
                                     Like a freshly pooped diaper
                                     Eww.. not every smell is good
                                     But still it brings me back that mood, I irked...

My little brother’s eau-de-cologne
The baby powder, I applied on
Soft touch of that milky cheek
With my first sweet peck, I kissed...

                                      As the rain touched the land
                                      Just enough to wet the sand
                                      That breezy aroma mixed
                                      With my first coffee brewed, I loved...

Night lilies of the spring
Which made my heart sing,
Whiff of attar perfume's pleasant tease
Brings me back my Grandpa, I miss...

                                       Newly painted wet wall
                                       It wholly consumed me tall,
                                       Fresh bundle of grass and hay
                                       Stacked then in my back yard, I’d say...

My first baked brownie in the oven
Smelled just like a heaven
Chocolate flavor filled the air
While I was waiting to devour, I inhaled...

                                        Peculiar taste I used to dwell
                                        By blowing off the candle and I smell
                                        Achoo.. That dusty attic room
                                        I once went to clean with a broom, I sneezed...

Latenight movie ritual with my family
Bowl full of popcorn to carry
Smelled salty enough to steal my diet away
Offered a perfect ending of that day, I rejoiced...

                                         So as you can now tell
                                         I have a keen sense for smell
                                         Thinking of all these fragrances above
                                         All over again, I simply fall in love... And I smile...!

To enjoy the smell and to have a big smile, try some irresistible fragrances from Ambipur. This post is written for Smelly to Smiley  Ambipur contest in Indiblogger.

2 Sept 2013


A warm kiss
In search of my prince charming
Yuck, his sticky tongue...

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