15 Sept 2013

My Award Moment

I have been generously bestowed with decent number of blog awards from my super sweet blogging friends few weeks.. err.. few months ago.

Firstly, a little apology for being a lazy rat and also pretending to be too busy to acknowledge while still I took the liberty to flaunt the awards in my blog... well. I am indeed very grateful to those who thought of me deserving enough to share their winning moment with me. I feel the luxury comfort here enjoying with my awards. When I found I was recognized here as a blogger with my first Liebster, it brought me immense joy like I have achieved something great.. and to answer my question, am I creative enough with my scribbles, my two best blog buddies said yes you are and handed me the Creative Blogger award.. Aha.. I was already flying up in the air without any wings attached but certainly with my parachute on.. :p With my high, I definitely should avoid falling down with a big thump, you know ;)

The Liebster from Panchali ji, Kamalika, Ashwin and Arish. The Creative Blog award from Anjali and Bushra.. My simple words are not enough to describe my gratitude.

Congratulations to you... and Thank you so much...

Panchali ji -  a wonderful lady and the first blogger I ever interacted with. Ma’m, I don’t know if you could remember our little chat in write-up-cafe during that Tibetan contest, well you did brighten up my day then. Your words always mean a lot to me.

Kamalika – a beautiful poet. I love the way she rhymes n chime with her words. One day it came as a total surprise when I got a message from her that she shared her Liebster with me. wow. I wasn't even aware that she read my li'l nibbles then. A pleasant surprise indeed.

Ashwin – a brilliant story teller. Thanks to Awesome Writers which gave me a chance to stumble upon his works. He is one such narrator who can make me easily glued to his 'roller-coaster ride' stories, even with my readers block. I admire his writing style and I always enjoy visiting his blog. He never failed to entertain me. One of my favorite bloggers and a good friend I met through blogging.

Arish – an awesome writer and the Mechanchis himself, who always in a killing spree with me. I hope I’ve settled the score with him now :P A versatile blogger, who amaze me with his poems. I started visiting his precious blog regularly only after I know about his lil pet Eric, my one of a kind.  ;)

Anjali – one of the sweetest bloggers around. She always brings me smile with her posts and of course whenever we catch up with each other. She is one adorable girl. :)

Bushra – the famous fab blogger. She interests me with her versatile writing. I still worry that I couldn't understand her *wah wah* shayars.

I am totally honored and elated for collecting my share from these wonderful people.

Let me directly start with the rules of these award.

Few random things about me... well, why restricting to the rule of 11 or 5? Read some 50 things about me here...  I, Me, Myself.

Btw, I can hold many secrets and so I prefer remaining under the veil for now..  ;)

I now take the liberty of answering to those questions by randomly picking from the list that was destined to me.

  1. What is your favorite genre of music?   Anything that soothes my mood.. but recently I am not listening to music like I used to be.
  2. What is your favorite hobby?  It changes from time to time.. From Books to Movies to Painting to Sewing to.. well, recently Writing and Photography.
  3. Why did you start your blog? To escape from my mood swings.
  4. What was your favorite story/book as a child?  I grew up reading Siruvarmani, a weekly Tamil children’s magazine.
  5. What is the most memorable gift you received? A small ceramic book case from my Grandpa which now I am using it to keep my jewelry.
  6. Say 'hello' in a language other than your native.  Assalamu Alaikum.
  7. If you were to write an autobiography, what would be its title? Hmm haven’t thought about that… how about  Life is not just a Cheese Cake? not good eh? :(
  8. What's your favorite thing to do when you’re upset? I like to eat and watch movies silently.
  9. How many languages do you speak? List them out.   Tamil and English, but I am not very much fluent in the latter.
  10. What is your favorite book? Explain why it is your favorite.   The Firm by John Grisham. I love reading thrillers.. and it served me with the right dose. And it was one of the first few books which sparkled my interest into reading.
  11. '10 days Antarctica cruise expedition' or '12 days Europe tour' - what would you choose among these two? Explain the reason.   Since very long I have been craving to take a backpack tour all around Europe.
  12. When your blog was just a new born baby, what is the craziest thing you did to increase your followersThe craziest thing.. umm. I nagged a friend to follow me. yeah, believe me, only one.. no one else.. :)
  13. That one word which describes your life.  Right this moment, I wonder if it is Blessed or Complicated.
  14. Idea for a perfect life - Just try to understand nothing/no one is perfect.
  15. If God asked you three wishes, what would they be?  1. Good Health 2. Happiness in my family 3. And whenever I wish to meet God, He should come and grant me 3 more wishes...
Done with my answers!! Now is the time to pass on my awards...

I share my Liebster with..

I love each of your blogs.. you all are quite unique and fabulous writers. And you deserve this Liebster and much much more...

Have fun answering my li'l questionnaire..

1. What is the best word to describe you?
2. Tell me your wildest fantasy.
3. What scares you the most?
4. What is the best trick you think you have done to impress your crush but turned the other way?
5. One ingredient for happiness.

Creative Blogger Award

I share this award to all the Cool Nibblers who Nibbled Promptly. This time I am not going to follow any rules. Never mind. At times rules are meant to be broken  :P

So I haven’t prepared any questionnaire for you, because I believe all of you deserve every bit of this creative award, without any second thought. For sure you are deliciously creative.

Congratulations... Enjoy your award moment and have a delightful week....!

And wait for few more days to know who has won the Super Nibbler Cheese.  ;)

Don't forget to vote for your favorite nibbles. To vote, click ---> Here.


  1. Thank you dear for sharing the Liebster Award and mentioning my name, I am honoured.

    and I loved your 15th answer to the Q.
    The best word that describes me is a mixture of fun and serious.

    Wildest fantasy is to go bungee-jumping.

    Lizards scare me most not ghosts.

    Never tried to impress anyone.

    My family's smiles -ingredient for my happiness.

  2. hey, congrats rat :) and thanks for mentioning my name :)

  3. Yay!!!!! My first Liebster! Thank you so much Meera. I am really honored.

  4. Hey...Thank you so much :D ^_^ .....15th one is too much I say :P

  5. Thank you so much for the mention...:)

  6. My pleasure, Li'l Rat....Congratulations on your award!!! Of course, I remember the interactions we had during those days. In fact, I found you through that contest!! :D :D It is so cool when people can connect on the internet!!!
    Your blog definitely deserves the Award. Love your postabout the Liebster Award - the best I've seen so far! Good luck with the blogging.
    I wish you the very best, in all of your endeavors!

  7. Many Many congrats Meera for so many awards. Thank U so much for nominating my blog for Ur Leibster award. It's really a pleasure and an honor!!

  8. Thank you Meera for sharing the Creative Blogger Award. Had so much fun writing, I mean nibbling, at your b'day party. :)

  9. Congratulations on your awards! You are very deserving of them. I'm honored to be nominated by you for the Liebster award, but I am told I must decline because I no longer qualify for it since I have over 200 subscribers to my blog. I accept the award wth my heart though. Thank you for thinking of me. xx

  10. Alhamdulillaah! :)

    The way you described me n my shayaris...awwww!' i have fallen in love with you Meera!' :D Thank you so much sweety :)
    Congos for the award, may many more of these beauties come your way.

    Bushra M

  11. congratulations Meera :) astonished to know you speak only two languages .. hence understood why Bush's shayaris go above your head :D ;)
    If Bush agrees we both can try teaching you Hindi as well.. ofcourse even you need to agree :D
    I am overwhelmed to know you find me creative .. Thank you so very much !! :)
    Pardon me .. for I have joined work after a gap 6 months and hence blogging has become a distant dream .. specifically blog reading :(
    I will try to squeeze out time out my angry boss's workload transferred to me :) to read the other participants .
    BTW.. belated Happy Birthday ( I suppose it was on the 14th right ? )

    1. I agree Meera! I can help you learn some hindi...trust me it's worth it! ;) :)

      BTW: Jack is so busy these days :/

    2. yeah i can see he is too busy lately.. caged in his office :p

      and am really glad to know that both of you expressed some interest in helping me learn this new language. there's no reason for me to say no... :

      and Congratulations to both of you :)

  12. Congrats dear!!!u r an awesome writer :)

  13. Congrats Meera..U deserved those Awards and Many more to come.. :)
    And Congrats to all those whose name are mentioned here and Especially to Nitesh(Jack) coz I believe I am pretty close to him..Lage Rahe Jack Bhai.. :)

    1. And Thank You for finding my blog worth for the award.. :)

  14. Congrats for the award , very well deserved..
    Keep in touch,

  15. Thank you so much! and congrats to you for your awards :)

  16. Congrats meera...
    And thank you for giving me my first Liebster award. I'll answer your question in a post and leave a link. :)

  17. Thanks a lot for sharing Creative Blogger award Meera :) I'm honoured O:)

  18. Thank you meera and congrats to you too :)

  19. Congratulationzz dear! You are such a sweet girl! Thankz a lot for the mention i just loved your words :) the saddest part is that i was not able to participate in your contest... yep... some other time may be:) Congratz again! keep smiling!

  20. Wow Meera, "The Firm"! Thats one of my favorite reads :D

    Oh Congratulations sweety...and I got to know more of you. yay :D

    And Thank you so much.. this would be my first ever "Creative Blog Award" *dances*

  21. Hey rat. You of course deserve your share of awards and with many more to come. And thank you for bestowing one trophy in my direction. That was so kind of you

  22. congrats Meera ji and thank you so much for the award. I hope not to dissappoint the award... :)

  23. Thanks everyone.. and wishes :)

  24. thank you once again for the award :) here is my post

  25. Hi there! I'm finally ready to share the award with some deserving people (yay!) but I was wondering where do I copy the badge from? Every time I try, I get a notice that copying has been disabled...?

    1. hey Dyane.. how are you doing? long time no see.. :)
      btw, oops i forgot to mention the link in the post. btw, you can copy it from here..
      Happy week ahead :)


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