20 Sept 2013

Nibble Promptly..! - Results

I am happy to give you all a red carpet welcome on this special night.

Hey wait... don't rush to the end of the post... go slow and don't skip my presentation speech :-)

Basically a writer without readers is like a person talking to one's own self. Being said that, I am glad I haven't been shipped off to some asylum yet. Thank God and thank you, I am still here sounding sane with my usual touch of insanity.

Here I am thrilled to write this post for so many reasons... In every way I wanted to make it special. Firstly it feels really wonderful to write my 100th post on my birthday. and that too announcing the winners of the first contest I hosted in my burrow.. wow.. what a way to celebrate my day. Growing up with a birthday that falls in the midst of my term exams almost all the time, I had no much mood to party back then. But today, this is one of the birthdays I actually feel like celebrating, well, in a long time. It is indeed a birthday bash for me.

Before I announce the winners, let me take this opportunity to thank all the participants.

*A big round of virtual applause to all of them for they have entertained us with their creative juices*

The big things of concern when conducting my party is to find the good cheese for the winners and I am glad our judge Ms. Sandra Tyler lends her hands to give us a platform through The Woven Tale Press. And above all these, getting people to participate in the contest is one big time job. Since blogging contests are getting so popular and as well as common, I was in doubt if anyone will step in to participate. So I wanted to make my party something different and noticeable.. something special in my own way. And that’s when Ï happily woke up with a dream of ‘Nibble Promptly...!’

Btw, at this hour, since it was my first contest in my blog,  I must mention that I haven't eliminated anyone even though some of them haven’t nibbled promptly as per the contest rules. So in that case, even if the judge had liked your entries, she was hand-tied with my little nibbling rules to pick yours as her favorite.

And here I am ready to announce the winners. Since this post is solely for them, let me stop singing my own song...

Ladies and Gentlemen, by now you are all shuddering in anticipation, waiting to find out who won the very first Super Nibbler Cheese in the history of universe..... :D

Here it goes..

   Super Nibblers By...

Judge’s choice    –      Spells of Chocolate  by Anil Krishnanunni

Reader’s Choice   –       Hermetic Order Of Golden Dawn  by Arish Dhawan
Caged  by Bushra
                 The Black Forest Trip  by Jack My Say

Many Congratulations Guys.. So you have won the trophy cup from A Rat’s Nibble and the Cheese from me... you will be receiving your gifts soon J

Grab your Super Nibbler badge from --> HERE

Anil, you are the one who is going to get published. And you will be contacted by the judge soon for further details. Cheerz.

Here is the list according to the votes received in the comment section. You can check it out.. and the comments are no longer awaiting moderation... And this includes my vote too J

Caged – 5
The Black Forest Trip – 5
Hermetic Order of the golden dawn – 5
Incredible Cupcake - 3
Rattled Ratty Party – 3
A Magical Dream Indeed – 3
Spells of Chocolate – 3
Nostalgic For Thou – 2
Of Flowers in the Hair, English-speaking Cup Cakes and Other Things – 2
The Mysterious Bite – 2
Into the Wonderland – 2
A Birthday bash and an adventure – 2
Lesson in Disguise - 2
Page 3 : Celebrity Bites - 1
In search of True Love – 1
The Humble Feed - 1

You are all amazing writers.. and there's a long way to go. Happy writing. Cheerzz.

God bless you all. Have a wonderful life.

Thank you. And that's all for today...WooHoo!! It's Pa.. Pa.. Pa.. Party Time...!!


  1. Yes! So Happy! :')
    This is the first time I'm getting a prize for a blogging event! :D


  3. congrats Anil, Arish, Bushra and Jack..
    and Happy Birthday Rat :)

  4. Wish you a very very happy b'day..
    Keep in touch,

  5. Firstly, A wish you a VERY Happy Birthday dear :D You deserve all the happiness in the world! May Allah Ta'la Bless your soul! Amen!
    Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS on your hundredth post! It's a real big achievement! :D Super timing it is! As i write this...i can actually feel what all of this means to you...:)

    Lastly, and most importantly, THANK YOU Meera for such a wonderful experience! :D So glad that i have won some cheese too :D ;)

    Love and more Love,
    Bushra :D

    1. Gee.. sorry abt the typos- real happy you see B-)

  6. Many Many Happy Returns of the Meera.. :)
    May you get all the Happiness of the world..Party to banta hai.. :)

    And Congrats to all the winners...Especially to Bushra and Nitesh.. :)

  7. Congrats Meera for Ur century and Many many Happy returns of the day :)
    Congrats Anil for Ur award. Also congrats to Arish, Bushra and Mr Jack.. Bohut bohut Badhai aapko bhi:)

  8. Congrats to all the winner :)) ! and congrats meera for your 100th post :))

  9. Congrats to all the winners and Congrats Meera on the century!!

  10. i loved the way u rung in the birthday and the 100th post!! way to go girl! congrats to the winners...

  11. Congrats to the winners and a special applause for you Rat for arranging this event so methodically...and a very happy birthday once again

  12. Congratulations Meera for you Grand Centuary Post and A Very Happy Birthday to you :) :) You are such a sweet gem in this blogosphere and really deserve all the applause down from my heat!!!

    & Congratulations to Anil, Arish, Bushra and Jack and congratulations to all the one for your participation :) :)

  13. Congratulations.
    Keep writing.

  14. congrats to the winners!! very well deserved :) congrats meera :)

  15. congrates to winnners and happy birthday to blog..
    following u dear <3

    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/2013/09/mac-magenta-pencil-review-and-swatches.html

  16. congrats winners! and a big thanks to you, Rat, for coming up with this. i am immensely proud that I wrote what I did, and I would never ever have thought of this without your prompt :-) hope to see more contests in your blog soon. and happy bday once again!

  17. Hi Meera, Congrats to Anil for getting the award .. applauds !! :) Congrats to you for organizing such a wonderful contest... and thanks for the love of public vote..I feel overwhelmed standing with Arish and Bushra.
    I apologize .. my office is keeping me too busy to stay around updated ..
    I may quit my job soon :)

  18. thanks everyone for the wishes and made this small party a delightful one.. happy me! :)


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