31 Dec 2013

Falling In Love

Strange feeling creeps inside him
As she walks with a shy smile.
Her kohl filled eyes speak a lot today,
Asking is she looking good.
Stunned by her elegant beauty,
He nods smilingly
While he is left alone in that crowd,
Watching his best friend getting married.
Too late to realize what he's losing

Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year!
God Bless!

26 Dec 2013

Colorful Chickens

We bought these chickens at home sometime last year and I had a good time spending with them while practicing on n off with my little camera.

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24 Dec 2013

The Night Affair - The Climax

Read the Prequel  here...

He stood in front of the mirror applying the shaving gel. Holding the Gillette razor against his chin, he grinned to himself thinking about the previous night sensual encounter with her at the party.

It was already late. She was standing alone in the corner of her street in that icy cold night waiting for him. Since it was her first night out with him, she was bit anxious about it. She rubbed her palm and pulled her thick cloak and held it tightly against her body. Adjusting her hood, she lifted her head up slowly and glared at the moon that was shining brilliantly at her pale face making her glow in the spotlight. She could sense nothing but her racing heartbeat in search of him. Suddenly in the darkness, she spotted a tall figure rushing towards her wearing a black over coat. Her heart missed a beat as he came near. He flashed a smile with his sparkling white teeth.

He took her hands and pulled her closer to feel his cold breath, ‘Sorry honey, I am late’. He pecked on her cheeks. He looked super hot but his touch sent the chill through her spine. She shivered and then gradually melted in his embrace. She gazed at his deep red eyes and caressed his smooth glowing face with her slender fingers. His clean shaven look bowled her over, once again. Had she not seduced by his killer look then, she wouldn't be here at this hour with him now. They both stood in each others arms under the moonlight kissing passionately. She pulled back and huskily whispered in his ears, ‘I am thirsty’. ‘Come let's grab a drink’, he winked. They both grinned showing off their sharp fangs, now waiting to bury them in their prey’s neck.

The End

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Merry Christmas...!

22 Dec 2013

The Night Affair

Scene 1

With a cool attitude, he walked inside the party hall. As he settled in the couch, an over made-up girl wearing a skimpy dress sat next to him and started stroking his face. Shoving her away, he grabbed the drink and glanced at the pulsating scene of the dance floor. He almost lost his vibe as none perked his interest. That’s when he spotted her sitting alone in the bar counter with a drink in her hand. He felt she was the one.

Scene 2

He walked towards her and asked, ‘Hey wanna dance?’ Her jaw dropped as she turned to look at him. His clean shaven look bowled her over. She gazed at his eyes and nodded as if she was hypnotized. He grabbed her hands and took her to the dance floor. While they were dancing to the soft number, he gently kissed her. It was just a fraction of second but she felt as if it lasted an eternity. When he broke the kiss, she stood there with her closed eyes and her lips craving for more. ‘Come with me’ he whispered. Mesmerized by his charm, she followed.

Scene 3

Hanging the ‘Do not disturb’ tag in the knob, he shut the door behind and saw her sitting in the bed nervously. Something in her kept tantalizing him. He couldn't control himself. He pushed her and slowly started to unbutton her. As it was her first time, she covered herself shyly and letting him explore her. He hugged and kissed her bare shoulders. He lifted her hips and tightened his grip... His teeth gently buried in her neckline.... She cried out loud. Feeling the pleasure and pain together, she rested in his arms tiredly... Brushing her hair away, he smiled, 'You are my girl now...'

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The Night Affair - The Climax.

19 Dec 2013

The Charm

You cast me under the spell
Making my mind go twirled
Your smile had so much to tell
Driven me into a fantasy world

Trapped in emotions I wanted to yell
My head said No No
But my heart rang the bell.
Every time I thought of you...

Dream was where I used to dwell
It was you Mr. Ryan Gosling
Who made my eyes swell,
As if you were my Prince Charming...

Being a crazy stupid lover,
You had been my huge crush
Watching you in the shower,
Once you even made me blush...

Mister Boyfriend grew jealous as ever
And sported a look like you
Now his clean shaven look bowled me over
Time to stop my cravings with you...

His naughtiness that I have seen
The mischief behind his tempting smile,
His voice lusciously serene
That lulls me all awhile...

His gaze makes me melt
Breath carries the sensuous touch
Wrapping his hands around my belt
Standing and kissing as such...

Snuggling inside his arm
Titillates my senses, making me shy
His hug so gentle and warm
The comfort I can never deny

Hooks me with his boyish charm
Allures me to lift my veil
Having no more stubble to harm,
Life becomes a happily ever after tale...!

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16 Dec 2013

The Shave

*Knock Knock!!*

Adhav opened the door and glared at me.

‘What'ya doing here?’

‘I thought you might need some help,’ I smiled innocently. ‘Diya told me what’s going on.’

‘She did?’ he exclaimed.

I nodded. ‘After watching you with her that day, I was wondering what made you so twitchy.’

‘She noticed too, huh?’

I stepped past him. ‘I doubt it. She was pretty much twitchy herself too.’ I winked.

He smiled a little wider. ‘Am really nervous today’

‘mmhmm.. I can see that’, I grinned teasingly.

‘Jus stay here. I’ll be right back...’

While I was waiting in the room, he called, ‘But if the words 'I told you so' cross your lips, that’s it...’

‘Haha.. will see.’ I started arranging his scattered clothes, ‘Does she know what’s coming?’

‘I dunno. Maybe she must’ve guessed but she didn’t show anything’, he shut the door behind.

After few minutes, he came out of the bath and stood there wiping his face. His clean shaven look bowled me over.

‘Stop staring at me like that, will ya? It’s so embarrassing...’ He smiled sheepishly.

Scratching his cheeks, he paused in front of the mirror and gave me an anxious look. ‘What d’ya think?’

‘I told you.. it’ll look great’. Finding his anxiety somewhat cute, I left there letting him get ready. ‘It’s your special day. C’mon hurry up’.

When he came down, I tossed him the bike key and he started to leave.

‘Hey you forgot something?’ I handed him the pearly white box encasing a diamond ring and kissed his smooth cheeks.

‘Thanks, Mom’, He hugged me.

I felt happy for he found his love and the reason to give up his favorite 'unshaven' look, as I watched him heading towards the bike... to propose his best friend, Diya.

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9 Dec 2013

Top Secret by Ashwin Kumar

Hey Rat,

I have readied a 'spoof' on your story 'Sshh.. Secret', with a 'twist'. I hope that you don't take this seriously as I prepared this just for fun..! :P

I have got this mail from one of my blogger friends ‘The Writer’ Ashwin of My World... My Words, who has written this short story with an extra twist in the tale based on my first 55 word story - Sshh.. Secret. I enjoyed reading his Top Secret even though the end was unfavorable to me. Then I asked him to let me have it as a guest post and so here it is. Thank you, Ashwin.

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I did.


Jamie asked for the 100th time, ‘why big fuss... tell me your password?’
Rolled my eyes, I said ‘Don’t ask again. It’s secret’.
She frowned :-/ ‘As if it’s a top secret…’
‘No top secret baby… but let it remain secret’, I winked.
When she left, I smiled to myself and typed my system password…

To my surprise, it threw an error message ‘password invalid, please enter a valid password’

A few minutes earlier

Jamie asked for the 99th time, ‘tell me your password?’
I said, ‘It’s secret’.
Jamie sat there irritated while I left the place to purchase some groceries at the supermarket.


Jamie sat there staring at the computer. All she wanted to know was the password and she figured out a way to retrieve it. She rushed to her cupboard and found a disc which had ‘Windows 7 installation disc’ written on it. She opened the DVD drive and put the disc into it. She rebooted the system and made a quick reinstallation of the operating system. At the end of the installation a dialog box appeared asking to set the password. Jamie, with a smile on her face, typed ‘you don’t mess with me’ in the password box.


‘Password invalid, please enter a valid password’

‘Password invalid, please enter a valid password’

System crashed!! 


3 Dec 2013

Moral Of The Story

With these ‘confused’ hanging boards, it looks like the tree is trying to teach us a moral....

'Don’t park here and pollute me. Park there... Because the toilet is in that direction.'

What do you think? :P

Clicked near Jog Falls area, Karnataka.

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