10 Dec 2014

Doorway to my Holiday - Day 1

Travel means different things to different people. For some it is an adrenaline rush while for some it is just a break from routine. It makes people happy, ecstatic or just keeps some entertained. And I have been looking forward to know what it is to me for quite a long time.

Basically, I love to travel (oh now let's not mention about the aching body after my road trip). Since I didn't get much chance to explore places, I have been nagging my people to plan a trip for so long. Even a weekend getaway would give me that pleasure. For some reason or the other, family trip seems to be a distant dream for us. It’s always difficult to bring my brothers and cousins together and arrange for the trip. One day it all fell in place. The doorway to my holiday finally opened and offered me an excellent travel experience. We started our fun road trip to Wayanad from Bangalore.

Wayanad, here we come!

Day 1

It was an exciting 6 hour fun on the road where we enjoyed the scenic beauty and awesome weather throughout the journey. In between we stopped for lunch and then again we drove continuously playing some great music.

My first time to Kerala. No wonder it is the God's Own Country. It is one such place where the nature spreads its joy everywhere.

Muthanga forest welcomed us as we entered our destination but we didn't stop there. Since we started off late, we decided to reach the resort before it gets dark. So no sightseeing at Wayanad on day 1. But that was totally fine as we spent that whole evening sitting in the terrace refreshing ourselves with delicious hot tea and mesmerized at the beautiful view of Chembra Peak.

We were very pleased with the reception and felt special and very welcoming at the resort. A good collection of books were greeting us in the reception hall and I am happy to meet Harry Potter after sometime. :P

Later we got busy with taking selfies and recording our memories. After the delicious dinner, we played dumb charade for an hour or so and then I smoked Shishah for the first time.

Doorway to my holiday

Beautiful view of Chembra Peak from our room 

The day 1 of our trip was filled with awesome memories. Day 2 and 3 pictures are in my Instagram. J

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24 Nov 2014

A Lonely Traveler

Drifting as a lonely nomad
Under the evening sun
She is all alone and stranded
Sailing up and down
Like a pearl in the oyster,
To the never ending music of waves...
Or is she a jelly fish idling in the water
With painful desire, she craves?
Hope and fear in her painted black eyes
'Oh, where is my man?'
Who left her behind to break the ice
Making her wait for someone.
Let the prince show up to give one true kiss
To guide her swim ashore
And make her life a real bliss -
Till then...
She is a lonely traveler,
Gently striding along the tides...!

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21 Nov 2014

Mosque in Taif

Two years back during our Umrah journey to Mecca, we went on a day trip to Taif, a hill station in Saudi Arabia. This historical mosque in Taif  - Masjid Abdullah Ibn Abbas(ral) have a library inside. Our time well spent looking at the display of ancient inscriptions, scriptures and one of the first few handwritten Holy Quran.

This picture post is also shared in Thursday Photo Challenge - Theme Architecture.

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30 Oct 2014

Beyond Boundaries ~ Dell with INKTalks 2014

Centuries ago, connecting with a person of common interest behind a different boundary was an impossible task. But as the time and technology evolves, now we can work with an artist in Rome to paint a portrait in Chennai with the technology of telecommunication.  Telecommunication has been successfully growing and connecting people beyond boundaries. It has also blurred the lines which used to separate people. From telephones to internet, from telegrams to video calls, technology’s evolution has been a journey filled with connecting people around the globe.

Nowadays, becoming an expert in any field is much more of a social process than it used to be. Being an expert is no longer about what we know so much, as understanding what questions to ask, who to ask, and applying knowledge contextually to the specific situation at hand. Instead, it has often been associated with teaching and mentoring. So today it's more concerned with learning than knowing.

Because of the development in technology, the nature of knowledge is changing, and that affects not only what we teach, but also how we teach.

Dell partners with INKTalks

The INKTalk 2014 conference is going to start from 31st October in Mumbai on the theme 'Beyond Boundaries'.

Dell always is a pioneer in technological advancement and creative ideas. Now Dell India partners with INKTalks for their 2014 conference in Mumbai. And it is no surprise, Dell come up with this amazing concept in association with INKTalks.

Dell has always been at the forefront of technological advancement and creative thinking, therefore it came to me as no surprise when they partnered with INKTalks for their 2014 Conference in Mumbai. The tie up with INKTalks is an addition to Dell’s inspiring ideas which emphasize the commitment with the younger generations.

I believe the INKTalks 2014 is going to be insightful, inspiring and entertaining. This conference is an annual celebration of thinkers and doers from diverse walks of life. World visionaries – CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, scientists & more – gather under one roof for a cross-pollination of ideas and chance encounters for the next big breakthrough.

The INKTalks conference is known for its exciting ideas and maps out the future innovations through creative thinking. The conference encourages interdisciplinary collaboration where the opinions and ideas of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and film makers, to name a few come together on equal footing.

With this partnership, Dell aims to engage students in a year long conversation with Dell and INKtalks to encourage a strong sense of social orientation and bring student communities together to share knowledge and ideas with peers and work on collaborative projects, all to prepare them for real life challenges.

Here’s a short video that’ll give you a taste of INK2014.

Click HERE to know the exciting range of speakers and follow the session schedule.

While you tweet, do add #DellAtInkLive regarding the conference.

Do not miss to catch the flavor of Dell Session on How to Create a Brand on Social Media that will take place on the 1st of November, between 3 and 4 pm.

19 Oct 2014

The Winter

The winter is coming..
Whispers in the cold breeze
Goodbyes from tender leaves.

From heavens unseen
Calmly floating in the air
Silver snowflakes.

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18 Oct 2014

Jeddah Seaside

Seaside view at Jeddah. I clicked this 2 years back during my Umrah journey.

And when I saw the prompt for Saturday Photohunt, I thought this would be apt for this week's theme Rock.

Have a great weekend!

16 Oct 2014

Dinosaurs, Dodos and Notebooks...

Weather is hot and sunny. Here I am sitting under this dull lifeless tree, lifting my head up to see the leafless branches. Hot sun shines straight into my eyes. I bend down my head as I cannot bear its brilliant light. So many things have evolved in a matter of time. I am here to get away from everyone, far away from this techno world, just so I could listen to my thoughts without being interrupted and feel human again. Sweat dripping down my forehead. I stretch my legs and lean my back against that tree. I took my laptop and plugged in my pen drive which has my study materials. I am tired. I am hungry. I unwrap my lunch and take a bite. I stare at the laptop screen and then start typing my words. Eventually, I am drowned into my own mutely screaming mind.

That day.. when I witnessed the beginning of an end... haunts me forever.

‘Help.... Helll-.......’ A man, who was screaming with his lungs and running head over heels, got his head plucked from his body before even his words were complete. His voice disappeared in the air and his headless body stayed there motionless on the ground. And I, in the midst of a frozen crowd, stared in disbelief at that metallic giant sized Robot.

We, the supposedly clever humans created super-brained robots to help assist us in controlling the world but at the end of the day these robots turned maniacal and over-powered us. They have taken over the world, yes, but they too had their worst fear for this ONE thing, which could shut them off if they ever exist. Because the algorithms with the basic commands and instructions on how to control and shut down their race were registered on it.

‘Shred all the Paper monsters into bits and pieces and throw away from our world’, the master exclaimed.
Revolution began. Libraries were set on fire. Bookstores were raided. Bonfires made of papers. World filled with commotion and chaos. Not even a single-ruled exercise book, a bible or a fictional novel was left behind to say its name. Now the idea of paper or a book seems so alien, so unknown.

‘Ban the Writing.. Scan the Typing....’ became their loud motto.

Time has flashed past us like a shooting star, and I am still here lost in space, with no clue why I ever exist. To survive in this grey earth, I need to gain knowledge to ignite my dying hope and courage. But I realized studying seemed pointless as much our living. Listening to these automated, metal-coated professors does not feel genuine enough. Oh, how much I crave to hold a pen and write instead of this typing. I once even dreamt of becoming a writer but even the term 'write' becomes so ancient nowadays.

They say there was this one notebook hidden away from the robots, kept in a metal box and buried under a pine tree which would be the key to open the door to our long gone world. They call it the Mother of all books, the only notebook that ever survived the heart wrenching carnage. But this story became folklore. Like Dinosaurs and Dodos, Notebooks have gone extinct.

There were days, when I run for hours into the woods, hoping I would stumble upon that book. I have been fantasizing for too long. Reminiscing this makes me laugh. So many dreams I would chase after like fireflies and butterflies. Now they all seem so bizarre. I could not think anymore. I am living a life of a robot, but covered in human flesh and blood. Sigh..!

Before the satellite spots me and the security robots hunt me down, I should get back home. It is getting dark. I get up from soft turf of land, brushing off the sand stuck my pants and the sticky moss that has plastered itself on the backside of my jacket from leaning against the tree. I hate it when that happens. This means I need to go back home and do my laundry. Robots should have been invented to do my laundry instead. I grabbed my bag and looked my muddy shoes. I bend down to tie my lace...

And wait. Just wait. Does this look like a pine tree? 'Err. No, it cannot be. You’re being delusional. This is what happens when you muse too much. It is not. Stop kidding yourself.' My screaming mind argues with me. 'Think of all the pine trees that have fooled you. What you need to do is get your eyes checked, and maybe your brains too.' But wait. What if it is.. It is a myth. It is an old folklore that people say to amuse each other. But it would not hurt to find out, would it?

I straightened my back and looked around. Not a soul in sight. I slowly dug the soft sand with my bare hands. I kept digging and digging till my hands turned dark brown. The undersides of my nails were black and filthy.

‘See, did I not tell you? Keep fooling yourself with your hallucinations’, my mind snapped me again.

But then it happened. My hands hit something hard. My heart was pounding. My head started screaming excitedly. My legs started to shake. And I half managed to pull out something that was so rusty and surfaced with worms. I pushed away those wriggling worms and tried to open the box. It was stuck. It felt like eons had passed as I opened and there it fell out, onto my lap. Dark blue in color, leather bound something that would have passed off as a notebook back then. I got goosebumps as I touched it. The magic, I felt. I removed the thick dust on the cover. MATRIKAS.. I read out loud. As my lips moved, I felt some powerful energy passing through me. Is this it? I wondered as I turned the pages. Foreign language of handwritten letters swam in front of my eyes along with few empty pages. The language looked like Chinese to me.. after all in the back of my head, I remembered Chinese invented the Paper. A look-a-like pen coated with dust fell on my lap from in between the pages.

I looked it for a moment. Does this hold the answers that will take us back in time.. back to where we once belonged? Could this be it? I threw back my head and chuckled. I looked at the dusky sky. Clouds were turning grey. I stood up and started walking back home with my eyes full of hope. I smiled as the first droplet of rain touched my cheek.

I jerkily open my eyes, only to see my laptop lying next to me. The half bitten burger is still in my hands, and the saliva drooling from the corner of my mouth. I quickly wipe it off and rub my eyes. I am lying under the pine tree with lush greenery and a beautiful lake view. I noticed my nails. Why are they black and filthy as if I have played with the mud? Was it a dream or what I just saw was real? Did I just return from the future? For a moment I am confused.

I straighten myself and take my bag. Surprisingly, a book fall out of it. On the impressive cover page, it read MATRIKASThe name sounds so familiar. I open it and caress its smooth soft white paper. Neatly ruled and perfectly bound papers brings me back to life, the moment I touch it. The sparks flying inside me as I opened the first page.

                                      This Book belongs to .....                                              

My stomach twitches as I realized not even one word I have written on it. I feel a cold shiver inside. I immediately take my pen out of my jacket and steadily I write... MEERA, my name on it.

Like a sweet intimate touch
Of the bride and the groom,
My pen kisses the paper...!

The notebook thrive me to scribble my heart away. My ‘technormal’ lifestyle needs a life too. Now this is my book. The writer inside is determined to create a magical world in the traditional way, with my pen and the paper. My screaming mind mutely reminds me, 'After all you have a long story to write...'. I smiled to myself and penned the title of my story, 'Dinosaurs, Dodos and Notebooks...'

The rain now starts to pour down with a soft plop. I quickly stuff my notebook and the laptop inside the bag and walks back home briskly, which seems like the longest walk of my life...

I received a package from MatrikaS with few amazing set of notebooks. I was totally pleased to see their creative cover pages and the quality of the product. On Eid day, I gifted couple of notebooks to my cousin who has entered the university this year and she was overwhelmed with joy by looking at the colors and cute doodles and called me, 'Santa'. Their notebooks buzzed me like a wake up call as it has been a while I actually wrote on one. Inspired, I feel the urge to pen down my thoughts and also to create stories with ink, of characters and worlds that would take you far, far away. And I share this story as a part of their ‘Scribble your heart away’ campaign.

Thank you, MatrikaS..! (which means Mother in Sanskrit, denoting powerful energy.)

I bet you don't want to miss their interesting range of notebooks, diaries and journals. For more details of the products click MatrikaS and also visit their FB page.

10 Oct 2014


I clicked this shot while we were heading back home after a long drive in Bangalore.

29 Sept 2014

My Cockatiel Time

Our cockatiel Nusi Kili was relaxing nicely after his luxurious shower with my brother. When I was trying to click him wet, he became so conscious and not giving me a pose, he started walking here n there. Then he became comfortable with my brother's company and that's how I managed to click these pictures. :P

22 Sept 2014

Sky Blue

I clicked this clear blue sky sometime last year when I was visiting Bangalore, India.

This picture post is shared in Sky Watch Friday and Thursday Photo Challenge – Blue.

11 Sept 2014

The Ballerina

Delicate ballerina,
Dancing in the air -
Chicken feather floats...

3 Sept 2014

Foodie Fun With A Jingbang

Yawning.. Drooping.. Slouching..  My typical lazy Saturday night usually end up with the habit of TV watching. Being a couch potato, the only thing that kept me going that day was the MasterChef. Looking at their mouth watery dishes and presentation, my hunger pangs struck me even more. Taking a bite of bread stick that I was feeding my cockatiel, my eyes were glued to the screen. It was now the time for elimination. So was that Colin going home or Kira or my favourite Tash? Just as they were about to announce the results, I could hear the noise of my rumbling stomach along with the fierce doorbell simultaneously.

‘Arrgh… Who can that be at this hour?’ I nudged my equally lazy cousin Sarah to answer the door but she was even more glued to the TV than me. The doorbell went ding, ding, dong endlessly. ‘Ayyo..’ My perfect lazy evening seemed to be ruined already. I grudgingly searched for my scarf and dragged myself to the door and opened. Some noisy Hellos and Heys and sweaty arms and legs rushed through the door, pushing me back with lots of stinky hugs. Grrr.. They are none but my 'creature' cousins - who else could get this kinda freedom at my home?

‘Heyy.. what’s on the TV? MasterChef, uh? As if you both gonna cook us so tastier like this..’ Sul grabbed the remote from Sarah and started his sports channel surfing while others found their comfort in our diwan spread.

They had spent the whole eve playing cricket and looking to crash at my place to relax. Landing on my doorstep surprisingly, demanding a grand welcome and of course food. Being disturbed by our over-friendly, loud and hungry cousins, Sarah and I both looked at each other helplessly, for two things. Firstly, we couldn’t get to know the results then and there. Secondly, we had to cook for that whole jingbang!! Phew!!

They started ransacking the kitchen and fridge and one of them even started looking in the dustbin! Because of my habit of procrastinating, I hadn’t refilled my grocery and so the only food left at home was some bread and butter.

‘Whaat eee thees? There is nothing to eat, men. Useless!. Why do you have a fridge in the first place?’, another cousin panted.

As the torrent of groans and moans greeted us, I witnessed hungry men are angry men. I didn’t want to cook something even if there were some edible ingredients at home after all it was a lazy weekend. My cousin was too eager to go out while I was too lazy to get ready even for that. How could I feed an entire army of hungry people now? Then someone from the crowd suggested calling a restaurant and placing order. Being an online shopping maniac and as the one who loves from fashion to food, it struck me right on the time.

‘Ok guys, let’s do it online’, I finally announced. I love online shopping, as you all know, and that too especially with a good bargain. After all free offers are temping! And when it comes to food, isn’t it even more tempting?

There was a big cheer. From being a gracious host, I suddenly became a waiter. Orders started to fly in for pizzas, burgers, garlic breads, french fries and not forgetting the dessert, of course. Chocolate Brownies and Apple pies were being demanded. I took my Dell Venue out while the guys started eyeing on my blackie.

‘Aha.. even a Rat got a tab these days.. ahem ahem..!’

‘Flash News : Nibbling Rat turns into a Techie Mouse..’  ‘Haha..’

‘Do you know how to use it, Rat?’

And their teasing went on and on... I became their scapegoat for a while. But I brushed away those comments as I was relieved for they dint remember about my slow and growing-old lappy. Still I must admit, I did enjoy those teasing moment as well, hehe. (Ssh.. let them not hear it :P)

I hopped into the CupoNation site where they offer wide variety of Food Coupons and best Restaurant deals, to see if I have my luck in there. Along with so many other tempting offers, Pizza Hut was listed under the food deals. Their menu also had everything we loved. So with a click of a button I placed the order. It was the best offer especially for my demanding crowd.

In half an hour time, even before the doorbell rang we could smell our Cheesy Zesty Chicken Pizzas and Garlic Breads. I opened the door to a box full of foody goodies and what was even more wonderful was the cheque.

‘Ooh.. you are the most awesome Rat in our family…’  Their teasing now changed to praising words. I raised my collar for I had saved a lot of money using the best deals from the site.

Within minutes, all the food disappeared into our growling bellies. Then we watched ‘Jigarthanda’, (which means Cold Drink), a Tamil Gibberish cool movie to end that lovely day with bowlful of home made buttery popcorn and coke.

My lazy Saturday night had turned out to be a lovely get-together with good company and even better food.

Do I have to say it again that it was one good food day?

Thanks to the couponing website for saving my pocket. And of course my blackie Dell tabbellet which made it handy.

Looking forward to more such fun with my cousins and my Bangalore days. :-)

Love you all, my Jingbangs!!

2 Sept 2014

My Eclectic Home

There is undoubtedly something magical in the words, ‘I am home’. Home is where I find my solace. Home is my slice of freedom where I can be truly myself. And it is one of the most the praised possessions, not only me but anyone can claim. Well, if we make it beautiful then it brings us pride and more happiness naturally.

Having somewhat a busy lifestyle where I juggle quite a few things every day, I am determined to have my home, the way I love.. the way I want. My home may not look like the picture of the magazine cover page but still I prefer to give an authentic style and way of living that works for me and my family.

I believe it is that little surprise touches here and there add personality and style to the home. Be it a traditional or a contemporary decor, a clever mix of accessories is one of the best ways to breathe new life into any decorative scheme.

When it comes to Interior designing, I always like to think out of the box and have a different style in my home. Thinking creative and stylish, I am interested to highlight a classic item in a contemporary room. In such way, following Eclectic Interior Decor I wish to add new decorative things in my living room to give an immediate uplift to the home.

Yes, living room.. cos it is where we spend most of our time and it is one of the main areas at home that speaks our taste, feel and culture. To give a new look to our home, not necessarily we need to renovate each and every room in a big budget but simply placing few decorative items redo the entire mood of the house in less than no time. 

Apart from the colors we choose from painting to furnishing, three basic pointers to keep in mind while redoing our home is - the reflection of our personality, the texture that enhances the theme and the memories we cherish.

Picking some of my favorite decorative pieces from makemyhome.com, I wish I give my living room a new feel right away.


First I’d like to give my home a new look with a Decorative Mirror. Because a mirror can make any room look soothing and sophisticated. They draw attention and also lend an extra sense of style to the home decor. In this mirror, the enticing Warli painting in its wooden frame provide the room with classic beauty. Not only can I actually see my look before I head out but also the light reflects in the mirror will give the sheen to the entire room and makes it look classy.


Texture adds a different dimension to any interior decor theme. Spreading a Keshan Carpet to a room serves as a quick way in uplifting the aesthetic value of the total space. It adds a quality texture to the entire room and also gives the theme an Eclectic feel to get inspired from. Carpets/Rugs are one of the easiest way to turn a normal looking room into a great looking one and gives the home a fresh look in no time.


Adding a personalized touch to our home is always a feel good thing. Placing the best moments captured add warmth to the home. Photo Frames are the great way to showcase our interests and love to our family and friends and keep our memories cherished forever. The high aesthetic appeal of this photo frame with a distinctive leaf design, adds a flavor to our favorite memories while enhancing the home decor.

There is no need to wait for the right time to make your home the best looking one in the town. Use your creativity and get ready for the change... because if you are not willing to change nothing, nothing will change.

So invest in small things that make a big difference and get ready to live in style today!

PS - This is a sponsored Post. The decor choices are mine.

21 Aug 2014

In Love with A Blackie

As the title says, I am in love with a blackie but better not to assume things now itself.. :P

The color black has associated with me in many ways. From my abayas to watch to accessories I wear, the color makes me sophisticated, subtle and stylish and makes me a Woman In Black!

Recently this WhatTheBlack contest at BlogAdda brought my Black desires out. Even though I was short-listed by BlogAdda, sadly I did not receive the gifts for that 4 day fun activity. I was eagerly waiting to pull the Sherlock out of my brain but oops.. my bad. Well, that's okay.. Three days back I received this as an answer to.... WhatTheBlack? question we all raised. At last, the surprise is the Charcoal Tooth Brush from Colgate. Hehe ^_^

As you all know, another blackie I have been associated with lately is Thee Tabellet.. Dell Venue. From playing to praying, it’s been a part of my day to day activities. Dell venue 8 serves to my every day browsing needs without any difficulty. Apart from these, as a blogger, it indeed helps me in many ways to stay connected with my blog almost all the time via Blogger and other social networking apps.

One morning, I woke up with an idea (or is that what I saw in my dream?) I felt amused and so I wanted to give it a shape. But I was too lazy to get up from my bed in that wee hour and walk to my laptop and open it to type down. Plus my lappy is also growing too old lately for it takes time to open its eyes from its sleep mode. So whenever I get some interesting/fun ideas (after all I only get such spark rarely, I dare not to miss them), I decided I should note that down immediately. That’s when Dell came to my rescue.

Jus turning it on is more than enough and go to the notepad and type instantly. Good, that I din’t forget what was in my head that day. And one such post that I did enjoy writing in one flow recently was - Quest Of A Fat Little Brat. Click and have fun reading it. :P

Is it too much if I say Dell is very handy and designed for life on the go? 

I’d like to highlight one of its features today - Mobile Network. In Dell Venue 8, there’s a slot where we can insert a sim card and activate the mobile net in a fraction of second. Voila! It helped me during my travel days and especially with the monthly maintenance 'power cut' day in my hometown where there is no power for almost 12 hours n more. Thanks to Dell Venue, for I can stay connected to the world without lagging behind.

Check out the features à Here
Buy Dell Venue 8 in easy and secured EMI/COD payments à Here
To buy Tablet accessories click à Here

I have fallen in love with my Tabelleett for I hate to stay away from it even for few minutes. But as the days moving on quickly, I started feeling sad for they will take my Blackie from me. L

Right now, I only wish this Dell Venue stays with me for a long long time....!

18 Aug 2014

The Madras Song

This post is solely dedicated to Enga Ooru Madras.

Chennai based conglomerate, Murugappa group proudly presents #TheMadrasSong in association with The Hindu, on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of Madras. This song is a tribute to Madras. The video and the song portrays the essence of the city in the contemporary way.

Click HERE for more from the album of the private screening event and also you can visit their YouTube channel for this song that’s been released today.

Just watched the video. Its so cool and fun. I totally enjoyed watching it. This video also features some of the famous personalities from Madras.

I liked the short n fun intro given by RJ Balaji. Singer Shakthishree Gopalan has rendered beautifully the lyrics of Subu which was composed by Vishal Chandrashekhar. The lead girl in the video, Yasmin Ponnappa was good and the video was directed by Vijay Prabakaran.

I share this song video here for the love for my city, Chennai/Madras. 

Enjoy watching this number, Buddies...!

Kudos to #TheMadrasSong team for the effort you put to deliver us this cool song.

Keep Rocking!

8 Aug 2014

From Fasting To Feasting...!

On Eid morning, my mom tried to wake me up twice but I was too lazy to even open my eyes. I think it was sometime around 7 AM, I got that call.

'Rat, you've got a package. Open the door NOW!'

'Err.. What?'

It was like a dream. I opened my eyes fully and urged to the door in a hurry and collected My Borosil parcel with a big and happy smile from our regular and friendly courier man. He traveled all the way to deliver my package on a holiday for nearly an hour or two. Big thanks to him. I really did not expect it that day but I only wished. It was truly a surprise for me.. And it was...

My Perfect Eid Gift,
Very well packed,
Reached me safe n sound,
To uplift my spirit,
Without getting cracked..
And with the audience around...
WooHoo..!! Its Show Time!!

 I am excited and delighted to be the owner of these lovely set.

Welcome to my 'belated' Eid Feast..!!

I am too generous to offer my favorite Daim toffees and welcome you all to my wonderful home. ^_^


Now, pick your favorite color :)


Lunch is served..!

Tomato Pachdi


Fried Chicken

Raita & Pachdi

Delicious Biriyani

From Fasting To Feasting

Hah.. What a variety..! A hearty meal served in the beautiful Borosil makes me crave even more. :D
*Drools.. Nibbles.. Gobbles.. Dribbles..*

Try this hot and sweet traditional pudding called Vattalappam. Trust me, this is so yum. :)


*Slurrpp.. Burrrpp...!*

You : Ahem.. Ahem.. @?!#

Oh.. Hey You.. Sorry buddy... I was so hungry, hehe..  Don't be shy..! The table is all yours. Help yourself. Do I have to tell you to take a second helping? ;-)

Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. Where are you leaving? The feast isn't over yet.

A feast without an Ice cream, huh? If you still have some space in your stomach, have it. :P

Serving my festival feast in these most appealing crystal clear dishes makes me a proud host, indeed. 

Thank you, Borosil for deliciously presenting my Beautiful Food and tempting my guests to eat heartily. <3

This post is a part of My Borosil - Beautiful Food Round 2 contest at IndiBlogger.

Click on the images for better resolution.

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