7 Jan 2014

A Dawn At Dusk

My friend Em Cee is back again after quite sometime with his brilliant lines and a beautiful sketch. Hope you all like it. Thank you Em Cee, for sharing this with us.

Btw, if you haven't met Em Cee before, then don't miss to read his previous work - Excerpt From The Diary Of An Insomniac and Weightless.

Happy Reading..! J

Sketch by Em Cee

Benign skies bring me to life,
And the sun bids goodbye with a strife,
Casting, in crimson waves, clairvoyant rays,
That speak of jubilant days,
And nights of wonder with bountiful dreams,
And a doting moon with merrier schemes!

                                                            - Em Cee


  1. Your friend Em Cee is very talented! I enjoyed his sketch and the poem. Very cool!

  2. Beautiful lines and a lovely piece of art :-)

  3. Beautiful imagery with perfect words! :)

  4. Em cee...back after a long time. Awesome hai!...and should I say that I loved the title more! \m/

  5. Apt lines for the apt sketch. Welcome Em cee

  6. Nice words & sketch :) Kudos to Em Cee :)

  7. Hey!
    I have awarded you with the liebster award in my post
    Do check out :)

    1. Hi Anmol, I am so elated.. Congratulations on your award moment and thanks a lot for sharing it with me.. keep visiting :)

  8. Thank you everyone for reading and leaving your comments and votes.. :)

    Thanks once again, Em Cee for sharing this with me. I am soo happy to share your beautiful words in my lil nibbling space. waiting for more contributions from you this year. :D

  9. Em Cee, its beautiful.. and the sketch is brilliant :)


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