23 Jan 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery - II

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Chapter 2

The crows’ unusual cawing sound from the garden and the murmurs from outside stirred Meera from her sleep who stayed back with Leela that night. She got up from the couch and found Leela still sleeping. Without disturbing her, Meera slowly walked to the window and saw some huge crows perching on the branches and a group of people standing near the lake which was located adjacent to the house. Among the crowd, couple of them appeared to be police officers with a huge German Shepherd sniffing around the lake. She jerked and turned around as the doorbell rang. She looked at Leela and the buzzing sound did not seem to wake her up from her sound sleep. Meera quickly reached the door and opened it. It was her friend Ayesha standing out there talking to someone over the phone.

‘Meera,’ Ayesha was surprised to see her coming out of Leela’s house, ‘Hey, what are you doing here?’

Meera explained the whole scene that took place the night before. Looking at the situation at the lake, she asked curiously, ‘what’s going on?’

‘We have been reported a murder. We are in search of the dead body. That’s why I am here to ask if they have seen or heard anything.’ Ayesha, staring at the lake side, asked ‘Did you notice anything unusual at the lake last night?’

Meera thought for a second and said, ‘No, I mean, it was completely dark. I couldn't see anything other than what I just told you’

Ayesha heard someone calling her name. It was the chief detective Jennifer signaling her to come there. Meera accompanied Ayesha as she walked towards the murder scene. They saw the cops retrieving a dead body from the lake. It was a woman and the dark purple marks around her neck showed easily that she was strangled to death. And Meera could recognize her.

‘Ayesha, I have seen her before,’ Meera said in a lower tone, ‘She worked with Leela’s husband at the hospital.’

‘What?’ Ayesha turned to the chief detective and said, ‘We have a positive identification of the victim,’ and then signaled Meera to walk with her. ‘This is my friend, Meera’, Ayesha introduced to the chief detective, ‘and she stays nearby. She identifies the victim as the colleague of Leela’s husband.’

‘Er.. Leela.. who?

Yeah.. that blind lady...um..

Ah.. well, that made my job easier. So where is that woman now?’ the chief detective Jennifer asked before even she completed it.

Ayesha stared at her for a moment and then said, pointing to the house located adjacent to the lake, ‘She lives there’.

To be continued...

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  1. you have the opportunity to be better than agnya Agatha Christie!

  2. Meera, Now thinking- What happens next?! :)

  3. wow!! waiting for the next chapter!! itz going on really cool... great going guyz :)

    1. Thanks Anjali :) The next chapter will be out soon. Glad you liked the first two :)

  4. Quite good....it is fast paced...so that's a good thing.... looking forward to part 3

  5. Thanks everyone for dropping by.. keep guessing.. :)
    and enjoy your weekend..!

  6. Great cooking skills and writing skills; what a combination. Good luck with both skills. Kharis Macey


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