28 Jan 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery - V

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Chapter 5

‘He left the house last night. I was worried. It was not because he yelled at me. It was because I didn’t want to meet Alex,’ Leela sobbed as she explained things happened that night to chief detective Jennifer and Ayesha.

Without speaking a word, they both got up and walked to the door. Ayesha signaled Meera to meet her outside.

‘Meera,’ said Ayesha hesitantly, ‘Dr. Ravi has gone missing since last night. We have run a thorough check at the hospital. It seems that he did not even visit there and so did that dead woman. They both took their day off. Something fishy going around here.’

‘We assume he must have murdered this girl, er, whats her name..’, Jennifer looked at the papers for the name of the dead woman and continued, ‘um.. Arianna and he is gone hiding from the police. Looks like we need to trace him down soon. Only he can solve this mystery. We would need your help for the same. So don’t leave the town for next two days.’

‘But in what way I can be helpful?’ asked Meera.

Jennifer gave her a cold look, ‘We will get back to you, lady’ and left the place, without listening to Meera’s words, ‘I have nothing to do with this case...’

Ayesha followed the detective in a hurry. Jennifer said, ‘We should check with this Dr. Alex. I want his details on my table in an hour.

Meera watched them discussing something from where she was standing. Jennifer seemed to be annoyed with her assistant while Ayesha kept her mouth sealed.

After a minute or two, Jennifer drove the car leaving Ayesha behind.

‘What’s wrong with her?’ Meera asked her as she saw Jennifer leaving the place.

‘She has got her own problems. Ignore her, Meera. Anyways, we need you to stay in town for a couple of days till we arrest Dr. Ravi’ said Ayesha.

‘Are you kidding? What if you don’t find him in two days? You know, I am supposed to vacate the town tomorrow. I’ve been assigned to be a part of the Food Programme that is going to take place in the nearby village for a period of five days. And then I will be leaving to Mauritius to attend a seminar on biodiversity for food and agriculture. Ugh.. I have hectic days ahead. Am I being held here just because I helped that poor lady? C’mon you know me. It’s not that easy, Ayesha, not to leave town just for the sake of solving an unknown murder mystery.’

Ayesha pacified her and said, ‘It's been sometime we catch up. I am so hungry now. Let's go grab a bite. She literally dragged her and then they both drove to the nearby restaurant.

They ordered sandwiches and ate their breakfast in silence. After a few minutes, holding her steaming cup of hot coffee, Meera broke that awkward silence looking into Ayesha’s eyes and asked ‘Do I look like a murderer?’

To be continued...

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  1. One thing I know from Detective Novels is that - the person whom we least suspect is the culprit! :)
    Nice work Meera :)

    1. haha.. let's see what's in store ;) I'm glad you like this series.. thank you so much Anita.. :)
      keep guessing :P

  2. ‘She has got her own problems. Ignore her, Meera. Ayesha is behaving so much like a classic girl :P .. nice going through :)

    1. lol thanks, Ankur.. we are glad that you are enjoying the story :)

  3. Am totally hooked!
    Have you written the end already? Or are you also giving birth to the twists on the way? :)

    1. actually we have written the whole story even before I publish the trailer but we do shape up a bit if needed :)
      stay hooked.. keep guessing.. more exciting parts coming up.. :P

  4. Poor Meera, her life's on hold until Jennifer and the others catch the killer!

  5. Ok....Time for a random guess...hmm...Mr. Ravi & that dead woman had an affair...& I strongly feel , something's real fishy about Leela. I think she is involved. And I think Ravi's innocent.
    Must say , I am hooked. Off to the next chapter with great curiosity. :)


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