20 Feb 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery - VIII

Thank you for taking part in the Guessing Game. Let's see who unveiled the mystery as the story proceeds. Don't forget to let us know your views too. Happy Reading!

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Chapter 8

Later that evening

Jennifer was sitting inside the interrogation room rubbing her forehead and going through the post mortem report of Dr. Ravi. She glanced at her watch and then looked at the door. She was waiting for them to arrive.

Suddenly she heard a loud bang on the door. Two cops were dragging someone into the investigation room and made that person to sit on the chair. Ayesha, preoccupied in her thoughts, was viewing them in the monitor from the next room along with Officer Sharma. Jennifer began her interrogation.

‘Welcome Meera. I’ve been waiting for you,’ said Jennifer.

‘Do you realize what you’re doing, Jennifer? You’re surely gonna pay for this.’

‘Shut up. You are accused of first degree murder in double homicide. And I want you to confess your crimes.’

‘This is ridiculous. What are you, a cop or a clown?’

‘Watch your words, Meera.’

‘Oh really?’ she snorted, ‘On what basis did you arrest me?’

‘Ah, now you have come to the point... I guess you know that we have a record of your possession of Methyl Parathion. Don’t you?’

‘So what? I have a legal clearance to use it for my research.’

‘And you have it safely with you, huh?’

‘Yes of course, none other than me and the police department know about it here.’ Meera said it with confidence.

‘Mm.. Hmm.. But how come Dr. Ravi’s dead body had the traces of Methyl Parathion?’ Jennifer leaned back on her chair, ‘Things are getting complex for you, isn’t it?’

‘What?’ She was shocked on hearing that. No way... That’s impossible.

‘It’s not possible for someone to sneak into your lab and steal it. Am I right, Meera? Moreover no one out here possibly knows what Methyl Parathion is and how it works. Only those who have the exact knowledge about it could use it and.... there are only two people in this town who knows about it - Dr. Ravi and you. Dr. Ravi is now dead leaving you as a possible suspect in this case. Fair play, isn’t it?’ 

Meera was confused about all this and she was staring at the wall in silence.

Jennifer continued, ‘And do you think you can flee the town that easily after committing two murders in my jurisdiction, huh?’

‘Ôh no... Please.. Just because you found some traces of chemical on his body, you can’t accuse me.’

Jennifer took out a plastic pouch with a sample chemical sprayer inside, ‘Recognize this?’

Meera did not expect this at all. She could clearly see all the evidence was against her now. Feeling trapped, she was filled with so many thoughts running inside her head.

‘It’s yours, right?’

Meera nodded silently. ‘I don’t know ho-’

‘Your finger prints all over this and I think you forgot to collect this after spraying that toxic chemical on Ravi.’ Jennifer gave a big smile as she caught her attention.

While Meera was sitting there with a fixed gaze, Jennifer was waiting for her to talk.

To be continued...

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17 Feb 2014

Miracle in Cell No 7

Lately I have watched few interesting movies that I feel like I can suggest others. Most of them are foreign language films. Last night I watched this awesome movie and I still can't come out of the impact it created.
And now I am writing this with a satisfaction of experiencing some wonderful moments by Miracle in Cell No 7 - This Korean Box Office flick brings you a sad tale woven with a light-hearted spirit throughout the story which will make you smile and cry at the same time. It reminded me of I am Sam/Deiva Thirumagal because of the half witted dad’s love towards his smart little girl. But this movie theme is totally different. With the name itself, one can guess it is a prison bound film. Wait. I am not gonna tell you the story here instead I am recommending you to watch this movie and experience yourself.

I was watching with my tear filled eyes while I laughed out loud in many parts. The casting was superb and their performances were amazing. Oh my.. that little girl.. Chance é illa..  She is such a darling and I am so much in love with her. <3

Kudos to the director and the team for giving us this heart warming tale. No wonder this is one of the top 3 blockbusters in Korean Cinema of all times.

A captivating movie on the whole and I assure you an experience that you will remember for long. Have a great week ahead. :-)

14 Feb 2014

Shortbread Cookies ~ Recipe Time

Today I baked my favorite shortbread cookies at home. These are rich and tender cookies. Here is a simple and easy recipe to follow.


1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup unsalted butter
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence


Mix the salt with flour and strain separately and set aside. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Beat the butter until smooth for about a minute. Add the sugar and beat until creamy. Mix in the vanilla essence. Gently stir in the flour mixture until just incorporated. Wrap the dough and chill it for atleast 15-20 minutes, so that the dough becomes firm to knead and press in the cookie presser.

On a lightly floured surface roll out the dough and press the dough in shapes using cookie cutter. Place on the flour dusted baking sheets. Bake for about 15 minutes or until cookies turn slightly brown on top. Cool on a wire rack and store in an air tight jar. This recipe makes about 15-20 shortbread cookies.

Variations - To this basic recipe, add 1/2 cup of chocolate chips to make chocolate chip cookies. Or add 1 tbsp of instant coffee powder for the coffee favor or enough cocoa powder to make chocolate flavored cookies. This time I added Boost in the dough. The output was delicious. J

Enjoy your homemade shortbread cookies.

Happy Baking…!

11 Feb 2014

The Missing Piece

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle where you try to connect
To form a perfect picture out of what you reflect

Solve the puzzle with mysteries a few
where each of the pieces leads to the next clue

So many pieces, too many to know...
How would they fit, where would they go...

Neither you are aware of the number of parts
Nor the final picture till the pieces stay apart

Some are hard to find, some are already there...
Some fit in the right place, some you have to spare...

I was there but not the way you wanted me to
You tried to bend and squeeze me to fit in to

Too much demands to handle, that’s where it started out
You have thrown me away with your confusion and doubt

My body is tattered, my soul torn apart
You should have realized it hurts me from the start

No matter how you mend there is always an empty space
It is the same puzzle but with a different pace

I am nothing but the missing piece
Once tried to make your life at ease

Insignificant I may seem yet my purpose was far from it
Without me, your picture remains incomplete.

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7 Feb 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery - Guessing Game

Hello Buddies,

Hope you all are doing great. And here we are happy as you are enjoying the story. So far this series is going good and we are delighted with the reception. Thank you for your feedback in the comment section and the love you showed via Indivine votes.

Now that the series is coming to an end, well, with few more chapters to go. I came up with yet another harebrained idea of conducting a Guessing Game in my nibbling burrow. When I shared my idea with Ashwin, he was too excited about this and here we are bringing you some fun element.  Are you ready?

Its time for a commercial break. :P

Hope you have read all the chapters till now. If you are new here and haven't read it yet, then time to click the link – ENIGMA: A Tale Of Mystery and start reading. We assure you this is going to be exciting.

Okay here comes the fun part...!

Scratching your head, I am sure there is this one question running in your mind as everyone is curious to know -

Who killed Arianna and Dr.Ravi?

Yes.. We want you to guess and solve this murder mystery..! 

Now isn't that fun? I told you know :P

Game is open from the moment this post is published till the next chapter’s release. We are planning to release Chapter 8 on 20th Feb 2014. So till then you have time to play this game.

Those who solve the crime tactfully and guess the culprit right will get a 100 Rs Recharge at the end of the series.

This guessing game is open to all but recharge can be done only for the Indian numbers.

No big rule for this game but make sure One Person One Guess

Be ready. Bring out the detective in you. Guess. Solve and Get Recharged. ;-)

You can leave your guesses in the comment section below. Participate and Have Fun..!

Happy unraveling the murder mystery..!

Clock is ticking... Time starts now...!!!

Read Chapter 8 and let's see who guessed it right as the story proceeds. Happy Reading! :)

5 Feb 2014

Beautiful Home - Designing Ideas

One of the most praised possessions anyone can claim is a beautiful home. It is such a personal reflection on us, our tastes and judgment. After all it is our castle, where we can relax, sleep, be truly our self and be in control of the situations whether it is a huge mansion type house or a small one room flat, it doesn't matter. Planning and designing a home can be a great adventure only when we realize it is just a matter of using our imagination and creativity.

A refreshing new look for your home can always bring excitement into your life. It's never been so fashionable to lie back and relax at home. So take it easy with the decor. From my experience, I believe a beautiful and comfortable home does not require large space or vast sum of money. If we understand some fundamental things, well everything becomes easier to create a beautiful home.

Correct usage of space, arrangement of furniture, lighting & accessories and selection of Colors.

Basically colors play a vital role in our lives and esp. in our houses, be it a choice of furniture, curtains, wall, accessories etc. colors create the mood. 

Collection of everyday objects displayed like gallery also prove that home is where art is... Here I’d like to share with you all few basic ideas which we have applied in our home.

Tip # 1

Living room is where we spend most of the time with our family and friends. Let the room dictate the theme. This is where we have to exercise maximum amount of imagination to personalize our own style - from the furniture to accessories to window dressing to even a wall hanging/clock. Here in our living room, to accentuate those cream walls, we have used rust color curtains with golden leaf motif.

If you are tired with the same look of your wall and need a change, but still not the right time to paint your entire house, well then this trick would do - 
Designer Wall - Highlight one wall with a contrasting color to complement the rest of the color theme in the room, which immediately gives an alluring look in a day.

Bored with your sitting area? Updating is easier than you might think, and it won't cost you an arm and leg. Let's say, we don't even have to replace our beloved old sofa. Here this classic beige sofa is modernized just by changing the accent pieces. Those bright pink cushions which I once thought was a wrong buy is now lying in my sofa and making it right in every possible way. Bring in more colors and change the mood every season.

wall hanging which I bought in Limeroad recently is now an eye-catcher in my hall.

Talking about window dressing, I'd say it is best to dress the windows with floor length curtains (unless otherwise it demands a shorter length) which I personally feel gives a warm, sophisticated and a rich look to any normal room.

Having a Diwan set with comfortable cushions and bolsters in living area will also create a cozy ambiance. Also placing an accessory as a statement piece in the entrance gives a warm welcoming feeling. As my brothers are fond of playing Chess, here we have placed this big wooden chess board as a highlighting accessory in our living area.

Tip # 2

Lighting is very important to bring out the ambiance. Make sure to hang the right choice of light fittings that suits the mood and style of that particular room. Lamp shades are always a classic choice to spruce up your living room and bedroom.

Time to flatter your guests with simple lighting. You know, everyone looks better in candlelight. So if you are having a dinner arrangement, well time to place jumbo candles as the centerpiece along with dim lighting.

Tip # 3

Designing your kitchen is as important as you do with other rooms in order to make the cooking comfortable. Try to have enough shelves and keep your items maximum concealed. Fitting deep drawers are a good choice as they always help to hide away those frequently used utensils which could possibly be an eye sore in a beautiful home.

If your kitchen can be viewed from your living room, then hang a decorative interior curtain to hide away the mess while cooking.

Tip # 4

Bedroom is one’s own personal space. Use cool colors to accentuate the room. For the better storage access, under bed drawers are more convenient to keep your bed spreads, blankets, etc. Use heavy curtains for bedrooms as it helps to block the morning sun rays which disturbs our sleepy eyes. :P

The color theme that runs over this particular room is off white and sunny yellow. The wall being painted with textured coating using Asian Paints adds an interesting texture to the room. Throw some colorful cushions for more drama and play as much as you want with the color theme. Its all in your hands. :D

Tip # 5

Create a memory wall. Having a personalized wall by hanging your best moments captured adds warmth to the home.

Tip # 6

Let’s be creative. If you are interested in painting or crafts, then it comes in handy to decorate your home with your personal signature. These simple handmade pista shell flowers, glass art work and the Arabic calligraphy art are my signature at my home.

Tip # 7

A glass shelf or showcase in the (living cum) dining area helps you to display the beautiful and occasionally used ceramic items you have. Like say, a tea set, whole dinner set or cutlery items.

Tip # 8

We have planned and designed almost all the areas in our home with so much taste and theme but why not giving the same importance to bathrooms? It is time to make it convenient as well as elegant with the right bath accessories.

It was once a trend to use the glass wash bowl. As far as I have observed, try not to place it in the often used area unless otherwise you can maintain and clean/wipe it after every use. Because those dried water spots leave the stain which becomes an eye sore to that once beautiful wash basin.

Tip # 9

Let the Children’s room have its own theme and play with bold colors in wall n other accessories. Using recycled paper and baby ribbons, this handmade Merry Go Round, made by my me and my cousin, is attached to my nephew's crib as a part of the Jungle theme in his room. Cute, na?

Tip # 10

Now that you have painted and set your home in a theme. Whatever style it reflects, flower arrangements always bring cheer and freshness to the entire area. Even a creative and simple flower arrangement in kitchen/pantry makes the work area more pleasant.

We should give equal importance to painting and designing the exterior look of the house as much as the care we give to the interior to create the most beautiful home.

Finally, whatever the theme is, always keep it simple. Try to avoid clutters and too many styles reflected in your space. Remember not alone bricks and walls can create a home but your love and affection makes it a beautiful and a cozy place to live in.

Churn out your ideas and get ready to turn your valuable asset – house - into the most beautiful heaven on earth.

A Beautiful Home - Owner's Pride.. Neighbor's Envy.. :)

3 Feb 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery - VII

Read --> Chapter 6.

Chapter 7

That evening Jennifer and Ayesha were having a conversation over a cup of tea. After a holiday, this case brings me back in business. I think I arrived at the right time, isn't it?’, Ayesha said blowing on her hot tea. But Jennifer did not reply. So how is your son, Jenny?’ asked Ayesha as she saw Jennifer lost in her own thoughts.

‘Er.. Yeah, he is doing better now’, Jennifer paused a moment and then asked, ‘What do you think about this case?’

‘Well, I’m just trying to figure out possible clues about the whereabouts of Dr. Ravi.’

‘Hmm.. If only we trace him down, we can solve this case quickly. By the way, how do you know Meera?’

‘She is my friend from school days.’

‘Oh.. Um..  What is she doing here?’

‘She is an Agricultural Engineer and she is here on behalf of the government to conduct a research on certain crops. She has nothing to do with this, Jenny. Let her go.’

‘Ayesha, have you lost your mind? We can’t let anyone go until we get the murderer. After all she was the one who stayed with Leela last night and I feel something is not right with her’. She sipped her tea and then asked, ‘And what about that maid? Did you run a background check on her?’

Ayesha didn't expect that kind of comment on her friend, ‘Yeah.. erm.. I asked to make a call to her village police station and it’s been confirmed that she is there. So I guess its better not to waste our time on her. She now stays miles away and it is not possible that she would've done it’.

‘Still we couldn't take risks, can we?’ Jennifer thoughtfully asked her.

‘Well I think we better just concentrate on what we have with us instead of sidetracking with her.’ Ayesha said that sipping her hot tea. ‘Ah.. This is so refreshing...’

Their conversation paused as Jennifer got a call and her face expression changed as she listened to the other end...... ‘What..?’ ‘Ok.. don’t touch anything... We will be there in 10 minutes.’

‘What happened, Jenny? Is everything alright?’

‘No.’ She sipped her last drop of tea and stood up. ‘We have to go. Mr. Sharma called and reported another murder in town. And this time, the victim is none other than the one we are looking for, Dr. Ravi’.

‘WHAT??’ Ayesha was shocked with this news. They both left the cafeteria immediately and hurried to the murder scene.

The dead body was found in the woods and the lake from where they retrieved Arianna’s body earlier that morning was clearly visible from the murder site. The police could not find any evidence for the cause of death and also did not find any traces of blood on the dead body of Dr. Ravi. While Ayesha was answering to the media, she noticed Joshua, at a distance, coming out of Leela's house.

Jennifer was busy searching for clues in the crime scene and instructing her team of officers to send the body for post-mortem. She then turned to Officer Sharma, ‘Who saw the body first?’

The investigation continues...

Play - Enigma : Guessing Game.
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