3 Feb 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery - VII

Read --> Chapter 6.

Chapter 7

That evening Jennifer and Ayesha were having a conversation over a cup of tea. After a holiday, this case brings me back in business. I think I arrived at the right time, isn't it?’, Ayesha said blowing on her hot tea. But Jennifer did not reply. So how is your son, Jenny?’ asked Ayesha as she saw Jennifer lost in her own thoughts.

‘Er.. Yeah, he is doing better now’, Jennifer paused a moment and then asked, ‘What do you think about this case?’

‘Well, I’m just trying to figure out possible clues about the whereabouts of Dr. Ravi.’

‘Hmm.. If only we trace him down, we can solve this case quickly. By the way, how do you know Meera?’

‘She is my friend from school days.’

‘Oh.. Um..  What is she doing here?’

‘She is an Agricultural Engineer and she is here on behalf of the government to conduct a research on certain crops. She has nothing to do with this, Jenny. Let her go.’

‘Ayesha, have you lost your mind? We can’t let anyone go until we get the murderer. After all she was the one who stayed with Leela last night and I feel something is not right with her’. She sipped her tea and then asked, ‘And what about that maid? Did you run a background check on her?’

Ayesha didn't expect that kind of comment on her friend, ‘Yeah.. erm.. I asked to make a call to her village police station and it’s been confirmed that she is there. So I guess its better not to waste our time on her. She now stays miles away and it is not possible that she would've done it’.

‘Still we couldn't take risks, can we?’ Jennifer thoughtfully asked her.

‘Well I think we better just concentrate on what we have with us instead of sidetracking with her.’ Ayesha said that sipping her hot tea. ‘Ah.. This is so refreshing...’

Their conversation paused as Jennifer got a call and her face expression changed as she listened to the other end...... ‘What..?’ ‘Ok.. don’t touch anything... We will be there in 10 minutes.’

‘What happened, Jenny? Is everything alright?’

‘No.’ She sipped her last drop of tea and stood up. ‘We have to go. Mr. Sharma called and reported another murder in town. And this time, the victim is none other than the one we are looking for, Dr. Ravi’.

‘WHAT??’ Ayesha was shocked with this news. They both left the cafeteria immediately and hurried to the murder scene.

The dead body was found in the woods and the lake from where they retrieved Arianna’s body earlier that morning was clearly visible from the murder site. The police could not find any evidence for the cause of death and also did not find any traces of blood on the dead body of Dr. Ravi. While Ayesha was answering to the media, she noticed Joshua, at a distance, coming out of Leela's house.

Jennifer was busy searching for clues in the crime scene and instructing her team of officers to send the body for post-mortem. She then turned to Officer Sharma, ‘Who saw the body first?’

The investigation continues...

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  1. Another twist? If you don't end the story soon, I am going to start losing my sleep over this mystery! :P

    1. haha.. you should hold your patience for the next few episodes until the mystery gets unveiled :)
      Keep reading!!

  2. Aah....another murder....this can't get any more better :)

  3. Ahh damn...Ravi's dead. Knew he was innocent but din't expect him dying this soon. Zeroing in on Leela & Meera now. Getting better as the story proceeds....keep it coming Ashwin & Rat...:)

    1. The forthcoming episodes will surely surprise the hell outta you :) I guarantee it :)
      Anyways I'm glad that you're involved into the story.. :) Happy reading!

  4. Dr. Ravi dead? Huh? Wow! The plot thickens even more! ;)

  5. Another twist in the story? next part next part :D

  6. OMG!!! another murder another suspense!!! Guys you are playing with our heart!!! suspense and thrill!!! more to come ryt?? grt!!

    1. haha.. yeah, more to come... more surprises on the way.

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