17 Feb 2014

Miracle in Cell No 7

Lately I have watched few interesting movies that I feel like I can suggest others. Most of them are foreign language films. Last night I watched this awesome movie and I still can't come out of the impact it created.
And now I am writing this with a satisfaction of experiencing some wonderful moments by Miracle in Cell No 7 - This Korean Box Office flick brings you a sad tale woven with a light-hearted spirit throughout the story which will make you smile and cry at the same time. It reminded me of I am Sam/Deiva Thirumagal because of the half witted dad’s love towards his smart little girl. But this movie theme is totally different. With the name itself, one can guess it is a prison bound film. Wait. I am not gonna tell you the story here instead I am recommending you to watch this movie and experience yourself.

I was watching with my tear filled eyes while I laughed out loud in many parts. The casting was superb and their performances were amazing. Oh my.. that little girl.. Chance é illa..  She is such a darling and I am so much in love with her. <3

Kudos to the director and the team for giving us this heart warming tale. No wonder this is one of the top 3 blockbusters in Korean Cinema of all times.

A captivating movie on the whole and I assure you an experience that you will remember for long. Have a great week ahead. :-)


  1. trailer looks interesting,hope to see this film soon

  2. cute trailer...seems interesting..thanks for sharing...I have a huge list of movies pending to watch n write reviews :)

  3. One of the best movies. Most outstanding performance by that kid. The pre climax scene is a real tear-jerker. Hope you remember me telling about that pre climax scene sometime earlier (I guess it was me who suggested you this movie, if I'm not wrong) :P

    1. yes it was you who suggested. no doubt about it Ashwin.. :P and yes of course i remember how much you were excited when you shared this film with me.. its totally worth it :) :)

    2. haha.. remember the scene where one of the guy in the prison tries to read the letter sent by that kid? (word by word... while the guy sitting next to him gets pissed off) ..it was the most hilarious scene in this film..! :P :P

  4. Thanks for the review! The trailer is interesting. :)

  5. This is very heart touching movie..You should watch it.

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