11 Feb 2014

The Missing Piece

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle where you try to connect
To form a perfect picture out of what you reflect

Solve the puzzle with mysteries a few
where each of the pieces leads to the next clue

So many pieces, too many to know...
How would they fit, where would they go...

Neither you are aware of the number of parts
Nor the final picture till the pieces stay apart

Some are hard to find, some are already there...
Some fit in the right place, some you have to spare...

I was there but not the way you wanted me to
You tried to bend and squeeze me to fit in to

Too much demands to handle, that’s where it started out
You have thrown me away with your confusion and doubt

My body is tattered, my soul torn apart
You should have realized it hurts me from the start

No matter how you mend there is always an empty space
It is the same puzzle but with a different pace

I am nothing but the missing piece
Once tried to make your life at ease

Insignificant I may seem yet my purpose was far from it
Without me, your picture remains incomplete.

This post was shared in WriteTribe Wednesday prompt - 6.
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  1. What a wonderfully written poem and finally i am able to post a comment on your blog. :)

  2. Beautifully written poem!

    1. thanks so much.. welcome to my space :)

  3. A nice poem....I guess everyone's life is an incomplete jigsaw puzzle...do you think a fully complete puzzle is possible or makes that person happy? In everyone's life we have to do away with certain people, na

    1. i agree not everyone has a picture perfect life.. lets try not to hurt our beloveds and so make our picture near perfect atleast.. thanks Akash :)

  4. Just like the children's book The Missing Piece by Silverstein.

    1. jus surfed about the book.. thanks Sandra :)

  5. Perfect, Meera:)

  6. wow :D i love this poem so much :)


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