4 Mar 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery - IX

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Chapter 9

Jennifer was looking at Meera’s eyes as she was sitting confused trying to figure out what exactly was happening with her.

With so many questions posing in front of her, finally Meera started to talk, ‘Why don’t you inquire Leela?’

‘Leela? Of all people huh...’ Jennifer chuckled and then said, ‘It’s highly impossible that she could have done it. Don’t try to divert me’. She pointed at that empty sprayer and said, ‘We have a clear proof sitting in front of us.’

‘How can you be so sure about Leela after all you don’t even know her before?’

‘Because as we all know, she cannot see. And how could a blind woman commit a murder, huh?’

‘Do you have any latest medical report suggesting that she is blind?’ Meera questioned calmly.


‘Do you have any proof that she couldn’t have executed this murder?’

‘What are you getting at?’

‘I am only asking you if you are sure that Leela is blind?’

Jennifer got confused now but still without showing it to her, she said with a straight face, ‘Yes, I am’.

‘Are you sure?’ Meera demanded a clear answer.

‘Yes, everyone knows that she is blind and so am I. But why do you keep firing me questions when I’m supposed to ask you, darn it?’ Jennifer got tensed and stood up from her chair.

‘Your assumptions have gone wrong, Jennifer. Leela is not blind.’ Meera smirked at her.

That left Jennifer in a state of shock. She did not want to believe her but at the same time she couldn't refrain from listening to her.

Ayesha, who was seeing all this from the other room, grinned in relief as she finally found out the missing piece in her puzzle. She dialed a number, Hello Commissioner..’.

To be continued... 

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  1. Nw I am really interested in knowing what happens next!

  2. I need more of them. These posts!!

  3. Interesting!!
    Next post Meera....and please notify me when you put up next part!

  4. Again!!! Suspense is in the roll!!!!

  5. Aah....this part I got correct...:) waiting for more !!

  6. Thanks everyone for your support and interest you show in this series. I am so excited. Do wait for more suspense and the thrill... :D


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