14 Mar 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery - X

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Chapter 10

A couple of hours earlier

Meera was at Leela’s house after they got the news of Dr. Ravi’s death. Leela was in a shock and sitting unmoved in the swing at the garden. Meera prepared some tea and then went to the garden to guide Leela get back home. After taking couple of steps, Leela halted all of a sudden while Meera startled as she noticed a vicious rattle snake crawling near the doorstep. But she did not utter a word as she sensed something suspicious after seeing her immediate change of expression. Leela refrained from walking as if she saw it coming all the way towards her.

Pretending she did not see the snake, ‘What happened, Leela?’ Meera asked in a comforting tone.

‘Uh nothing.. Just a slight head swing...’

‘Come, let’s go in and have some tea. You’ll feel better’.

But Leela dared to make a move. The snake then crawled back on its way into the bushes, thus relieving them both. Even though she was not so sure, that particular incident left her to suspect on Leela’s eye sight.

After few minutes, she received a call. She then turned to Leela, ‘I’m sorry I have to go now. I have something urgent to attend.’

Leela nodded silently. Meera then walked back to her house and started packing her things. She was getting ready to leave the town. That’s when she heard a screeching sound of a vehicle halting in front of her house. She was stunned as the police officers barged in with an arrest warrant for her.

Back at the interrogation room

‘Do you really want me to believe your story?’ Jennifer asked after listening to Meera.

‘Believe it or not, that’s the truth.’ she then said to Jennifer, ‘I can prove it. After all I have no motive in this case. Can’t you just see? Give me a chance.’

Jennifer was not happy with this encounter while she was holding perfect allegations against Meera and so she remained determined not to accept this story. She could clearly see that she was trying to divert her.

‘No. I can’t let you walk out of this room that easily.’

Meera then stubbornly said, ‘Okay.. Then I need to talk to my lawyer.’

Jennifer gave a long stare at her and then finally uttered, ‘Alright, come with me.’

She then handcuffed Meera and decided to take her alone while leaving her subordinates behind in the station and instructed Officer Sharma to make some arrangements when they return. Ayesha walked to her friend and held her hands and assured her. ‘This is just a usual procedure. I will take care of it. Don’t worry. I trust you.’ Meera gazed at Ayesha thoughtfully and nodded.

To be continued...

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  1. cool!!!! i hope meera can prove her innocence and yeaa leela am suspicious!

  2. yeah .. going by the way story is unfolding .. i guess i'm going to win the guessing game :D ..

    1. Hold on tight to your guess! The suspense is yet to be revealed :)

    2. Haha let's see Ankur.. you'll know that in the next chapter.. :D till then keep guessing!! ;-)

    3. i tagged you for My Most Memorable Memento' Contest here believe in 'me'mento

  3. Replies
    1. lol jus one more day.. wait for the Finale :)

  4. My guess could be right, that Leela is the culprit but the way you two are introducing twists and turns, anything can happen. Churn out the next chapter quickly guys! :)

    1. haha.. you got our pulse right.. wait for the twist! The suspense will be unveiled in the next chapter!


  5. Hello Rat,
    Hope you remember me :)
    Long long time i've been away from here..
    Hope you are doing fine..
    You writes beautifully..so much changes from what i have read the last time :)
    Best wishes

    1. Good to see you here on and off and to read your encouraging words.. Thanks so much. Sid.. keep visiting. and hey, looks like one more blog is added in your list.. :P


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