27 Mar 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery – Celebrations

Hi Buddies,

Finally, the tale of mystery comes to an end. I am very glad with your support and appreciation while I also feel blue because I am already missing my Enigma days. I express my gratitude to the readers, for journeying with us through the series for little more than 2 long months especially when we tested your patience in many ways.

Today I am in a celebration mood.! It's my parent's wedding anniversary.!

On this occasion I am so happy to release our Enigma E- Book. And no better day I can pick to release my first e-book ever. I felt excited when I was preparing the PDF and I wish I can come up with better ideas & stories and publish more in the future. :P

You can download this e-book for free and enjoy the story in one go. Also I would be happy if you leave your ratings, opinions and reviews in that page. We are looking forward to that. J

Now comes the moment to thank once again to all those who took part in the Guessing Game. The question I asked was -

Who ‘killed’ Arianna and Dr. Ravi?

I don’t want to give any leads through this post to those who haven’t yet read the series. Even though you guys didn't guess the real ‘you know who ;) but the supporting ‘so n so’ - *You know who I am talking about* :P - I decided to give you only half of the prize.

Wishes to the Guessing Game Detectives who tried hard to solve the murder mystery within the given period of time and almost reached this close to crack the case -

Ankur, Jyotsna, Khushboo and Akash.

Akash sent me the guess in mail cos he was not able to come to my blog at that time.

Okay Winners, leave your name, your number and the service provider in the contact box below and get recharged with Rs 50 from me, as a token of appreciation. J

Don’t forget to download the e-book and tell us your experience on the whole. And if you think its worth the read, please do share the e-book link to your friends and let them have the thrilling ride too. :P

Thank you so much once again. Have a pleasant day. J


  1. At last yes!!! Congratzz to all the winners :) and yeaa a very happy wedding anniversary to your parents meera :)

  2. Yay!...Wow....this is awesome :) Publishing an ebook is just amazing ...And I am happy that this book is just perfect and the apt starting book to be converted to PDF.. :D Kudos \m/....Convey my wishes to your parents :) And finally, thank you for the free recharge :D

  3. Congratulations on publishing your very first ebook! Great job! And congrats to your parents on their anniversary. May they have many more happy, healthy years together!

  4. this is really awesome! Releasing our first 'E-Book' on your parent's wedding anniversary!! Convey my regards to them... and Cheers for our Ebook!! :P

  5. Congrats Ankur, Jyotsna, Khushboo and Akash.. :)

  6. Yippeeee! Thanks Meera and Ashwin. Congratulations on your first eBook. Definitely sending it to my friends :D

    Do wish your parents a belated Happy Anniversary Meera :)

    P.S. I sent my contact details to you through facebook.

  7. congrats to your parents on their anniversary :) ..Thank you so much :) .. it's feels really great now .. :)
    best wishes !

  8. Congrats Meera and Ashwin for a fabulous story and the e book. And yay me! Congrats to other winners too! Wish your parents from my side too :) And yes, thank u for d gift !

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and support. :)

  10. Congrats to your parents!
    Congrats to you & Ashwin for your mystery story!
    Congrats to the Whodunnit Qn winners :)
    Best wishes for future success :)

  11. Congrats on your first ebook ! And celebrate your victory along with your parents anniversary...all good things together :)


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