11 Mar 2014

My Limeroad Haul

As I said in my Surprise Giveaway write up, here I come up with this post which I solely dedicated to my shopping experience @ Limeroad. Being a happy shopper let me unpack my shopping bag and show you the items I purchased in a period of past 3-4 months. All the items were pakka genuine and perfectly fitted to the descriptions & the colors they mention in the site. I did not pay a penny to buy all these from my pocket but all through the LR credits I have earned via Scrapbooking. Let me not blah blah instead let the pictures speak today.

 Tribal Wall Hanging

Whole Set Of Bed Spread

Earrings and Printed Scarf 

Done By None Cross Body Bag

Rosey Floral Sandals

All items were couriered and reached me in less than a week from the date of order placed. At the end of the day, I am a Happy Shopper with a big satisfying smile..! :D 

But oops... I was unable to give you the chance of taking a look at their superb and safe packaging as I was too eager to open and see my purchase. :P

Adding to my shopping cart, how could I forget the Kurta I am comfortably wearing now.. Well, its little bit late to click and display at the moment :D

Interested in joining for a delightful shopping ride along with me? Then click here --> to join my First Giveaway. J Offer closes by the end of this month. Don't miss it!

Enjoy Scrapbooking..! 

Happy Shopping..!


  1. Really Rat, that is a brilliant loot....I am so happy for you

  2. Great taste, Rat. Kharis Macey

  3. Nice choice, Meera :) Surely, anyone will be happy with such goodies :)
    I can imagine how eagerly we open packages! Am sure the Kurta will be great & comfortable too :)

  4. Cool Loot ... just like rat! The chappals are really cool :)

  5. Wow :) I must say you have great taste.

  6. I love the scarf and the earrings! :)

  7. Thanks all for dropping by n ur kind words. :) Now I'm even more excited to read your comments saying that I have a good taste lol :P


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