8 Mar 2014

Road To Limeroad ~ Surprise Giveaway

Hi Buddies....

Today I bring you yet another surprise element through this post as a Women’s Day Special. So continue reading to discover what I am talking about..! J

Are you a shopaholic who worries about your money management?
Looking for some fresh and fun cotton outfits to cuddle up in this hot summer?
Wanna double check the stylist within you?
Or are you looking for some special gift to buy for your woman?
Do you love to impress others by simply ‘mix n match’ items from your wardrobe?
Wanna make some earnings to shop in the luxury of your home?
Or simply you are the person who’d love window shopping?

Well then don’t hesitate to walk with me while I show you the road to the lovable and the most happening hangout place - one stop destination for all women clothing & accessories – Limeroad.com
Let me remind you once again about me and ‘My LatestAddiction’ -  I may not be the 'Fashionista' who is so up and trendy but like every woman I too have my own dressing sense to appear good and presentable. Like how I choose my outfit to suit me, how I mix and match my dresses and dupattas, how I pick my accessories... well, now all this come in handy while I explore some cool dresses n accessories to create the look which eventually makes me a designer.

And if you are someone who fits this like me, then I bet this program benefits you much more than you expect.

A quick word about this program – First you need to register with Limeroad.com with your FB id / Email id. Have a tour around the shop. Glance through the products on display. Click.. Drag.. Create your own unique style. And most importantly, you will get paid for this. What more do you want while you do all this in your leisure hours? You have a chance of earning free shopping worth Rs.1750 for the first month and Rs.1000+ for the rest.

In the past 4 months of my association with Limeroad, I have created.. shared.. earned.. and of course shopped generously. Yes I mean the word – Generously! I will write a separate post soon to showcase my Limeroad Haul cos this post is not just enough to display my huge shopping bag. ;-) I am also happy to share with you all that I have won Style Council contests twice and also a contest in their Facebook page.

Now I, being an official member of the Style Council Team, have new sets of goals and responsibilities to add up the style quotient while am also entitled to work on some exciting projects.

I’d like to invite you all to join my team to discover the designer in you and to have some wonderful shopping moments that you ever can dream about. Here comes the surprise element along with my invitation - As the First Giveaway in my blog, the lucky ONE out of the first 10 who joins my team and creates most stunning scrapbooks will get a giveaway which could be of your choice worth Rs.1000 from me via Limeroad. Exciting, isn't it?

Now what you have to do is -

Follow my blog A Rat's Nibble here.
Visit  A Rat's Nibble @ Facebook and hit the Like button.
Sign up with Limeroad.com.
Contact me to join my team.
Create 10 interesting looks to impress me and the team Style Council.
Share your scrapbook looks in your Facebook profile.
Then again share with me your scrapbook and your FB links.

Simple as that..!   I'll do the rest..! :D

This offer is open from today till 29th March 2014 and the gift can be sent only to Indian residents. 

Remember nothing comes to you easily but you have to earn it! ;-)

And the lucky ONE will be announced by the second week of April.

So if you are interested to be that lucky ONE or still want to inquire more details about how this works, do drop me a word in the comment section below or reach me via contact form given at the end of my blog page, along with your name and your email ID. I’d be glad to guide you with the program and also assist you to create more stylish looks for the team. J

Get ready to Create. Share. Earn. Shop and have fun @ Limeroad.

Happy Women’s Day!

I have finally unpacked my shopping bag, you can take a look at them here --> My Limeroad Haul. :D


  1. Congratulations for finally being a part of the style council sweety :D Hi5! You have evolved a lot and I am so happy for you! The style council thingy didn't serve so good for me but I wish it works wonderfully for you! :) Love the giveaway! Will share it and invite my friends too :)

    Psst! Umm.. I know I am being silly...well really silly but yet I am truthful when I say I felt a bit dejected in the end on not finding my name mentioned :( When I saw your post in my mail box I jumped in joy for you! (Aha! Meera bhi style council was my thought) par thodi si dejected :( Hehe... anyways! No probs! Guess it's human nature :)

    1. haha human nature.. quite true and we cant help it.. it happens. :P
      thanks Bushra. and I must say I was happy to see your name and the scrapbook in limeroad magazine. Its cool uno. :-)

  2. Congratulations on being a part of the Style Council. All the best for more and the pictures of your styling look wonderful.

    Joy always,

    1. Thanks so much Susan. I'm glad you dropped by.. :)

  3. Congrats to our new designer. Happy for the prizes & accolades you have won, Meera!
    That explains your absence from Blogging as your creativity has found another outlet!
    Continue the good work & keep it up!

    1. Thanks Anita.. but certainly Limeroad was not the reason for my absence here because I do it only in my free time :)

  4. Replies
    1. Good to see you here after a while, Kislaya. Welcome back!. :D
      Hope you will join my giveaway to have some fun shopping moment. :)

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